One our wine trip to France, we went from one absolutely stunning Chateau, to another to yet another – the Château Belles Vignes (all of which were found on the amazing Oliver’s Travel website). It was gem and after gem and this new one did not disappoint! Alas, on arrival to Bordeaux, with minutes to … Continue Reading

The next morning in Montgenevre, even just by the sun in the sky and the cloudless blue skies, we knew before rushing downstairs for breakfast that the ski conditions would be absolutely fantastic. (*If you missed out on the day before – check out the full post here.) Oh, and it was fantastic! Suffice to … Continue Reading

I’ve always been a fan of embracing the season and so when winter swung by London and the first snow of the season had fallen, we hopped on a train in search of the ski slopes of France. Funnily enough, our trip to France would actually involve taking the train to Italy and then finishing … Continue Reading

Paris is possibly one of the most sought-after cities to visit. With things like the top places to see like the Eiffel Tower, embracing its romantic image and finding a good restaurant with a view. These all make it a focal point when thinking of visiting France, but there really is so much more to the … Continue Reading

For the longest time, I’ve been intrigued by Saint-Emilion. I’d seen iconic photos of the sprawling village from the vantage viewpoint above the city years ago and had since then wanted to visit. Also, once upon a time, I used to work with wines (a part-time job I had back in school) so I’d always … Continue Reading

Our first vineyard visit after arriving in French wine country only spurred on the thirst for more wine. With that, we headed over to Maison des Vins de Bergerac in, you guessed it – Bergerac, for even more wine tasting (*I ended up having to get a bottle of a rather sweet white to take … Continue Reading

There are just some countries in Europe that you have to visit for their wines regions and France is definitely one of them (granted, “need” might be a tad strong 😄). Each of these 9 wine regions in France is so famous not just for their delicious French wines but also for their spectacular views, … Continue Reading

A trip to Bordeaux, France in late autumn/early winter sounds somewhat counter-intuitive; (trips to wine country tend to be done in summer, after all) but when you find out how to stay in a castle in France, or rather a “French Chateau” 😁, you tend not to overthink it! Plus, it’s so easy to get … Continue Reading

We recently partnered with P&O Ferries on a day trip to France (which turned out to be the perfect excuse to go Christmas shopping – not just for gifts but for really cheap champagne and cheeses). It was easily one of the most convenient trips we’ve taken to France. We arrived at the Ferry terminal … Continue Reading

For quite some time now, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of going on a day trip to France. Predominantly because everyone I knew who’d been raved about how cheap the wines once you crossed over on the ferry but partly because I kinda wanted those bragging right “Oh, I just popped over to France … Continue Reading

I’m going to come right out and say it; I’m a sucker for a great hotel. No matter how amazing that view of the Eiffel Tower, Edinburgh Castle or The Northern Lights is, going back to a dark, a dingy or uncomfortable hotel can just put such a huge dampener on a trip. It has … Continue Reading

Our last trip to Nimes was one of those perfect friend’s holidays. Nimes is an incredible Roman city in France and is actually one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world (its temple and amphitheatre are prime examples of this) – not quite what you’d expect from a French city right? We managed … Continue Reading

Brittany is one part of France that has always fascinated me. For starters, there’s that name – Brittany, which to the uninitiated would sound like it was linked in some way to Great Britain. And they wouldn’t be wrong either. In addition to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and the Isle of Man; Brittany is one … Continue Reading

Carcassonne is one of those places I’d literally never heard of until just before we booked flights to. My friends and I were looking for a very long weekend getaway (as we do several times a year) and pretty much just scanned the internet for reasonably priced flights going anywhere. Carcassonne popped up as one … Continue Reading