Rocamadour was one French gem I was looking forward to seeing and boy did I meet my expectations! When you’re here though, you can’t leave without trying one of the region’s most famous items – Rocamadour cheese, and it doesn’t come much fresher than from the actual farm! Rocamadour cheese is actually made from goat’s milk … Continue Reading

Calais is typically the first port of call when arriving in France from England. Yes, there’s quite a few for other ports but this typically is the most popular, which is great as there’s a heap of the best places Near Calais To Visit that’ll make every trip totally amazing.  From the gorgeous northern towns … Continue Reading

France has long since been a mainstay for many holidaymakers however most people tend to venture to the same places over and over again, while some of those places are necessary staples of any holiday in France. Here’s a list inclusive of said staple destinations and quite a few rarely-considered holiday destinations! 1.) Mont-St-Michel Why? … Continue Reading

France is a beautiful country to explore, it’s one of those places that’s just so much more than its beautiful cities; there are gorgeous national parks, the beautiful region of Provence and so much more. This all makes for some of the best places to visit in France on a road trip. As with any … Continue Reading

Remember that amazing ski lodge I was talking about in this post here? Well swiftly following on from that post, we’ve got the video from our time there to show you fully everything about it – what it looks like, what the food was like, the skiing conditions – everything! We’ll have the rest of … Continue Reading

France is a brilliant country to explore, with so many historic cities, and gorgeous regions like Provence and Brittany that are epic to visit. Not only that, there are heaps of the best beach holidays in France that make it the perfect coastline to explore whilst in Europe. Over the last decade, we’ve visited France … Continue Reading

Annecy is a commune in the southeastern area of France and it needs to be added to your travel itinerary tout de suite! (Thank you Google Translate for making me look like a classy gent who can speak French…). In any case, rather than go on and on about why you need a trip to … Continue Reading

For quite some time now, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of going on a day trip to France. Predominantly because everyone I knew who’d been raved about how cheap the wines once you crossed over on the ferry but partly because I kinda wanted those bragging right “Oh, I just popped over to France … Continue Reading

Paris is such a beautiful, vibrant and eclectic city to visit in France. With quaint markets, fun things to do and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. There are heaps to see and so many of the best things to do in Paris that are dotted all across the city.  This is absolutely fantastic… in principle. … Continue Reading

After deciding to postpone the visit to Meert (the home of all things delicious in Lille), we figured we might as well carry on our trek around the city of Lille! From a distance (even further than pictured below), I spotted this spire and figured it was worth going to see what it was all … Continue Reading

Our first vineyard visit after arriving in French wine country only spurred on the thirst for more wine. With that, we headed over to Maison des Vins de Bergerac in, you guessed it – Bergerac, for even more wine tasting (*I ended up having to get a bottle of a rather sweet white to take … Continue Reading

Well-fed and Martini-ed after lunch, we decided to head off to explore even more of Montpellier – starting with some gems hidden in plain sight. The first of said gems was a 13th-century Mikvé. To be totally honest, I had no idea what a Mikvé was before visiting Montpellier (it was only thanks to a … Continue Reading

Our last trip to Nimes was one of those perfect friend’s holidays. Nimes is an incredible Roman city in France and is actually one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world (its temple and amphitheatre are prime examples of this) – not quite what you’d expect from a French city right? We managed … Continue Reading

Bordeaux is one of those cities that’s incredible for a city break and a longer little jaunt into the countryside and vineyards that surround this region of France. Straight after our visit to the gorgeous spots in the Dordogne, I knew I had to get myself over to Bordeaux and that’s something we did recently, … Continue Reading