The next morning in Montgenevre, even just by the sun in the sky and the cloudless blue skies, we knew before rushing downstairs for breakfast that the ski conditions would be absolutely fantastic. (*If you missed out on the day before – check out the full post here.) Oh, and it was fantastic! Suffice to … Continue Reading

The best markets in Paris are the ones that let you forget, even if just for a few minutes, that you’re a visitor to the city of lights but instead make you feel like you belong here and have lived here all along. Gorge on all the delicious homemade French foods (hopefully with a fair … Continue Reading

We are in Dordogne and you know what that means – photo update time. It’s our very first time visiting and now that we’re here, we honestly don’t know what took us so long to visit. Seriously, everyone (back at home) we’ve been speaking to about this area keeps going on about how beautiful the … Continue Reading

Our first vineyard visit after arriving in French wine country only spurred on the thirst for more wine. With that, we headed over to Maison des Vins de Bergerac in, you guessed it – Bergerac, for even more wine tasting (*I ended up having to get a bottle of a rather sweet white to take … Continue Reading

The following morning in Sarlat, we found ourselves with a fair bit of free time. We would be meeting with a chef later in the day to try some proper cuisine from the region but for now, time to see Sarlat in the glorious sunshine! As we were in Sarlat on a Saturday morning, the … Continue Reading

There are so many gorgeous areas in France to visit; with Provence being no exception. Not only is it one of the more iconic places in France to visit, but it also has a heap of the best places in Provence to visit year-round. Honestly, Provence has a little something for every type of traveller. … Continue Reading

After a long day exploring Avignon the day before, I actually ended up sleeping so deep that I missed my alarm… and subsequent breakfast! Thankfully, I knew I’d be meeting up with local chef John Chiri at around 10-ish am in the Halles d’Avignon so I wasn’t too worried. Now, the best thing about meeting … Continue Reading

France is a beautiful country to explore, it’s one of those places that’s just so much more than its beautiful cities; there are gorgeous national parks, the beautiful region of Provence and so much more. This all makes for some of the best places to visit in France on a road trip. As with any … Continue Reading

UNESCO World Heritage sites are an unequivocal stamp of prestige and honour on any landmark or tourist attraction. The criteria for being awarded this honour is very stringent. And, rightly so, as these UNESCO World Heritage sites are of cultural and/or physical significance and the instant this designation is placed on a site, it arguably … Continue Reading

We arrived in Geneva on a delightfully sunny day – the kind that makes you wanna hurriedly chuck your luggage into your hotel room and head out exploring straight away! And so that’s what we did! The hotel was thankfully within walking distance of the city centre so we head out on foot, strolling leisurely … Continue Reading

So here’s the thing – no one ever really needs to ski – they want to! Skiing isn’t as much about necessity as it is about a great way to have a fun (and maybe, adrenaline) holiday. Now, I’ll not ever say that there’s a right or wrong way to travel (to each their own, … Continue Reading

Calais is typically the first port of call when arriving in France from England. Yes, there’s quite a few for other ports but this typically is the most popular, which is great as there’s a heap of the best places Near Calais To Visit that’ll make every trip totally amazing.  From the gorgeous northern towns … Continue Reading

Our visit to Martel was rather last minute… We’d no idea where we were initially, only that it was beautiful and that we wanted to spend more time here and so we did! Visiting here, like any good French town (technically, a French commune) is like stepping back in time. It’s all cute French houses, even … Continue Reading

Winter is the time of year that tends to be a little dark, wet, cold and gloomy! That being said, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there’s a heap of the best places in winter that make for a gorgeous experience.  From places like; Lapland to Banff National Park, there’s a ton of the … Continue Reading