Confession time: I’ve never really been a fan of mushrooms. I just find the taste a bit too ‘earthy’ (I typically describe them as tasting like mushy dirt). I can’t honestly tell you why either. In small quantities (e.g. mini pieces on a pizza), I can just about handle them but when you serve up a … Continue Reading

And this isn’t some sensationalist title I’m making up either. The red village of Collonges La Rouge has already been awarded the title of one of the most beautiful villages in France, it is regarded by many as ‘the prettiest’ and is looking to officially cement that with recognition from the French authorities. The title … Continue Reading

To get into the Dordogne Valley, you will most likely arrive at Brive or Bergerac airport (unless of course, if you drive in) and while there’s not an awful lot to do in Brive, it’s still worth a little visit, even if just for a few hours. To start, head over to the market for … Continue Reading

After lunch in Chateau de Lissac, our next stop was a chocolatier – where I finally found our how they made those hollow chocolates (you know like the Easter egg ones or the chocolate bunnies) before heading to our home for the night in a little town called Terrasson. Best part of the evening? Plans … Continue Reading

Arriving in the Dordogne Valley, I had no idea what to expect. We’d flown in from London after almost 2 months of travelling and this time, I’d left most of the planning to Lloyd. I was knackered upon arrival in Brive and pretty much slept all of the way from the airport till we got to … Continue Reading

After deciding to postpone the visit to Meert (the home of all things delicious in Lille), we figured we might as well carry on our trek around the city of Lille! From a distance (even further than pictured below), I spotted this spire and figured it was worth going to see what it was all … Continue Reading

For the longest time, I’d taken the train past Lille without even sparing a second thought about visiting it. There were just so many other places on the Eurostar that came to mind when I thought of places to visit that Lille just seemed to stay in the background, ignored for shinier cities like Paris. … Continue Reading

We are in Dordogne and you know what that means – photo updates time! It’s our very first time visiting and now that we’re here, we honestly don’t know what took us so long to visit. Seriously, everyone (back at home) we’ve been speaking to about this area keeps going on about how beautiful the … Continue Reading

From the Bay of Biscay in the south to the Celtic Sea off the northern coast of France, there are so many beautiful and best places in the west of France to explore. For starters, there is a huge mix of little towns and cities that’ll have you leaping to book a train or flight to … Continue Reading

Yup! We just arrived today and I’m already falling head over heels in love with this French city! See, I’d only ever gone past Lille on the way to Brussels or Amsterdam (also via Brussels) and I’d always been curious  so we decided it was finally time to visit. We zoomed up to Lille in … Continue Reading

France is a country steeped in a rich history, most is glorious, some is gory and the rest is just downright beautiful! Just like the fairytale castles of Scotland or the breathtaking castles in England, France has a rich history of stunning castles that dot its historic landscape. It doesn’t matter where you visit in France, you’re almost … Continue Reading

A visit to Paris, whether it’s for the first, second or fifteenth time will most likely include sites like The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and a great restaurant or two but what about those places that you might not have heard of? The kind of places that portrays Paris in a totally different light … Continue Reading

The South of France has some of the prettiest towns that line the Rivera. From East to west, the Mediterranean coast is peppered with tiny hamlets and small villages that just call to be explored. There’s always something that draws me to the south of France, whether it’s the beautiful towns, historic charm or unfathomable amounts of brie, … Continue Reading

Paris has some of Europe’s most mouthwatering restaurants and not just because of the food (though, of course, that a huge part of it). These Parisian restaurants are some of the very best spots in Paris to sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best views across this most picturesque of cities. Better still, … Continue Reading