To get into the Dordogne Valley, you will most likely arrive at Brive or Bergerac airport (unless of course, if you drive in) and while there’s not an awful lot to do in Brive, it’s still worth a little visit, even if just for a few hours. To start, head over to the market for … Continue Reading

For the longest time, I’d wanted to properly explore the Provence region of France. It’s always been up there with the likes of Bordeaux, the Dordogne and, of course, Paris. That being said, It’s taken all this time to actually get myself over to Provence. I’m almost ashamed that it took so long in truth, … Continue Reading

I’ve always been a fan of embracing the season and so when winter swung by London and the first snow of the season had fallen, we hopped on a train in search of the ski slopes of France. Funnily enough, our trip to France would actually involve taking the train to Italy and then finishing … Continue Reading

So, I spent last week in France (as you can probably tell from our Instagram) and it was something of a strange week. On one side, I had a rather weird experience (absolutely unrelated to France) which I will share with you once I get round to writing about it properly but on the flip … Continue Reading

As you could probably tell from Instagram, we went skiing a couple of weeks ago in the Alps and boy was it fun! It was our second time skiing and so, I felt so much pressure to practise what I’d learnt the first time – turned out to be not quite as scary as I’d … Continue Reading

On our very first visit to Nimes, there was one place I’d really wanted to see but considering how you’d need to have a car (or go on a bus journey which was rumoured to be over 1 hour long) and we’d showed up with no plans on getting a car, I’d just decided that … Continue Reading

France is an absolutely beautiful country to explore. With all the incredible places in Paris to see, beautiful spots in Provence and beautiful regions like Brittany, France has it all. This is even more true when it comes to the iconic chateaus and best castles in France that are dotted all across the country.  Over … Continue Reading

Nice is one of those place in France where you won’t struggle for reasons to visit. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that with all the amazing things to do in Nice – and the surrounding areas in the South of France, Nice is one French city that is atop many people’s travel … Continue Reading

*Heads up – this is a very photo heavy post so you might wanna hunker down with a nice cuppa tea, leave it a couple of minutes to load (no longer!) and serve yourself some cake (no euphemism 🙂 ) before you proceed! 😉 😀 When it comes to food, it’s always a good idea to … Continue Reading

France is a brilliant country to explore, with so many historic cities, and gorgeous regions like Provence and Brittany that are epic to visit. Not only that, there are heaps of the best beach holidays in France that make it the perfect coastline to explore whilst in Europe. Over the last decade, we’ve visited France … Continue Reading

Before we arrived into France’s Dordogne Valley, I’d never heard about Sarlat. This changed almost the minute we walked outside of the airport as everyone we spoke to recommended that we visit.  Arecommendation we took very much to heart. After leaving the beautiful sleepy French town of Martel, we made our way over to Sarlat … Continue Reading

A trip to Bordeaux, France in late autumn/early winter sounds somewhat counter-intuitive; (trips to wine country tend to be done in summer, after all) but when you find out how to stay in a castle in France, or rather a “French Chateau” 😁, you tend not to overthink it! Plus, it’s so easy to get … Continue Reading

I genuinely enjoy winter – there’s something so lovely about staying in and wrapping up warm when it’s so bitterly cold outside. There’s also how beautiful everything gets when it snows. Well, that is until Christmas time is over and done with and, after a few weeks of rather grey weather in London (with no … Continue Reading

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris needs no introduction. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris and one of its most visited sights. It is impressive in pictures but even more impressive to see in person. I was going through my photos in Paris from a few months ago and I found these … Continue Reading