New York is incredible, and with so many cool areas of the city to explore, it’s pretty easy to get lost in finding the best things to do whilst you’re in the Big Apple. Honestly, with all the choice, it can be hard to whittle down what to do in New York; even if you’ve got plenty of time in the city.

After hopping across the pond and visiting the big smoke quite a few times, I wanted to share what to do in New York that’s well worth a gander once you arrive.

Honestly, the city is incredible and there are so many epic free places to see and a shed load of secret spots in New York, too. 

What To Do In New York

Now, if it’s your first time in New York, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. With that in mind, take a look at what to do in New York once you’ve landed! Have the best trip ever. 

What To Do In New York And Its Areas

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Okay, so first off, New York is much more than Midtown or even Manhattan for that matter! It’s a huge city with a whole heap of the areas in New York that are perfect to visit. 

For instance, Just shy of Hell’s Kitchen with all its bars, you’ve got Hudson’s Yard. Here, you’ll be able to get to the top of the Vessel and see the city from one of the biggest art installations in the city.

If you wanna leave Manhattan, pop across to Williamsburg or Bushwick where you’ll find a shed load of cool rooftop bars and restaurants that’s so good to visit.

We visite Westville in Dumbo on our last trip and the food was fantastic. 

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If you’re looking for a more indy-vibe, pop around the Lower East Side, too. Here, you’ll find lots of independent markets and uncomplicated foodie joints that’s totally great.

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Make sure to pop in Katz Deli for a massive sandwich and see the Tenement Museum to find out more about the history of this area.

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Also, if you are down near Tribeca, make sure to check out Bubby’s for brunch and stay at the Roxy, which is right in the heart of lower Manhattan. Plus, not too far away they have Two Hands which is great for breakfast. 

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Oh, and of course, don’t forget to see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the views from the Top Of The Rock. It’s amazing at sunset and a perfect if you’re looking for what to do in New York at dusk. 

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What To Do In New York When Sightseeing

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Now, this is where the fun is, especially when you’re all excited about what to do in New York when you first visit. 

Now, to see some of the best things to do in New York, make sure to plan your days wisely. Always try and see different museums, restaurants and attractions that are in the same area. This way, you’re not having to dart all across the city and wear yourself ragged. 

For instance, when you’re in Midtown, make sure to stop off at the Empire State Building, Time Square, MoMA and also the Morgan Library which is totally stunning.

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These are all within a relatively short distance (by cab or stroll) from each other. Honestly, planning this way will save you loads of time and you’ll your feet will be totally thankful. 

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If it’s costings you’re trying to keep at bay, then there’s a number of ways to see new york for free with loads of events and attractions offering free entry at certain times. 

For instance, head on one of the Staten Island commuter ferries that operate (for free) from downtown Manhattan if you want to get close (but not on) the Statue of Liberty. It’s a totally free option and obviously much cheaper than taking a boat cruise.

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Events happening when you’re in New York

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For me, New York is always a total adventure! Finding things that you cant do in other places that are, best of all, constantly changing.

Now, One of the best resources for this is the local (free) newspapers that you can pick up on most sidewalks. They detail many of the upcoming live music events, markets, fairs and exhibitions that you might wanna catch. 

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Also, make sure to ask your hotel concierge or check out websites for live performance, galleries and events that are new each week.

What To Do In New York On A Weekend?

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A long weekend in New York certainly isn’t enough to see everything in the city. Though, you’ll get a mighty-fine taste that’s well worth it. 

If you’re in New York for only a few days, make sure to sort out your jetlag as soon as possible. Try to stay on New York time as soon as you depart on the plane to arrive in the city.

This way, you’re already gearing up to staying on local time which will maximise what you can do once you get there. 

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What To Do In New York For Food?

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New York has loads of amazing restaurants, markets and doughnut places that you’ve got to dive right into.

Honestly, the city is filled with foodie haunts, with some of my favourite being: Bubby’s for brunch and the most amazing spiked lemonade in all of New York. 

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Also, places like Chelsea Market are totally unique and have a range of different foodie stalls and even art that’s well worth visiting. 

For some great pasta, check out Olio e Piu that’ll fill you up with some of the tastiest around. Just make sure to book a table, this place fills up. 

Pop into Boucherie West Village to try their tasty rack of lamb. It’s a French-inspired restaurant and the food is just amazing.

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If it’s fresh seafood you’re after, head to Cull & Pistol. They have the tastiest oysters and seafood platters around.  

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