New York is one of those cities that’s forever changing… and always calling! From its bustling streets, world-renowned sights and a foodie scene that can rival most countries, New York City is a place that is as diverse as it is unique. As with most global cities, New York can have the reputation of costing lots … Continue Reading

The first thing any visitor to New York City will realise is that there’s far too little time to see and do everything – but you can sure as heck try! Yes, you’re probably resigned to the fact that you may not see everything you want and that you may need to save a few ideas … Continue Reading

“A trip to New York is incomplete without a visit to the High Line“… or so we’d been told and seeing as we’d never been before, we decided to go check out this claim for itself. The High Line starts in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan and carries on to West 34th Street. It’s essentially … Continue Reading

One of the greatest things about cities like New York is its ability to bring every type of food, from every corner of the globe right to your tingling tastebuds. Just like London, New York City has a wealth of quirky and unusual restaurants that will not only leave your tastebuds zinging but seize the rest of your … Continue Reading

New York can be a traveller’s dream! Combine millions of people, different cultures, beautiful architecture, scrumptious food and amazing museums and what do you get? An all-time incredible city to explore. Visiting the main neighbourhoods of New York City is a must, as is visiting the majestic Lady Liberty and The Empire State but what about everything … Continue Reading

When we visited the Top of the Rock, we’d booked our NYC Go passes earlier in the day so we could make it there for sunset! Sunset, without a doubt, is definitely the best time to be up at the Top of the Rock. (For the uninitiated, the Top of the Rock is the roof … Continue Reading

Grand Central Station is one of those places in New York that I often wonder why I pop in to see. Almost every time I’ve been here, I’ve had no business visiting the station. No trains to catch, no shops to visit, no business somewhere-nearby which means it’s convenient enough to just pop in… None … Continue Reading

Unlike our time at The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island was never really a place I was fascinated by. Yeah, I understood its importance and its history (my lack of fascination with the place takes nothing away from that) but I just didn’t have the same yearning to visit the place. In retrospect, I guess … Continue Reading

Last time we were in New York, I wasn’t able to get round to the Statue of Liberty. The time before that I saw it from a distance. This time, armed with our Official NYC Go passes, there was no way I was gonna be giving this iconic New York landmark a miss. See, these NYC … Continue Reading

This is a photo diary so I’ll spare you all the waffle and jump right in! 🙂 There are a few photos we took on our long weekend in New York City when we decided to headed off to Central Park… Photos taken before (and after) our boat ride here …

Rooftop bars in any city is almost a must these days. I can’t speak for anyone else of course but I generally find that my drinks taste so much better when they come with an amazing view. 😉 Needless to say, when we visited New York, Lloyd, Georgia and I decided that a trip to … Continue Reading

When we were in New York, we decided pretty early on that we needed to spend some time in Central Park. It’s one of those places that everyone is so easy to take for granted because it’s easy enough to get to, it’s free and you can go there pretty much anytime you want. You’d … Continue Reading

New York is one of my favourite cities. It’s busy in a way that I enjoy, there’s so much to see (and do) here and it’s the kind of city, very much like London, that keeps you on your toes. A bit part of what I love about New York though are the little details you’d otherwise … Continue Reading

Let’s cut to the chase – it’s a place called Bubby’s and it is amazing! As a foodie (by foodie, I mean I am crazy about eating food), this is not something I say lightly. Plus, I did the research before heading over with Lloyd and Georgia – like seriously, we scoured the internet and … Continue Reading