One of the greatest things about cities like New York is its ability to bring every type of food, from every part of the globe. Just like London, New York City has a wealth of quirky restaurants that will not only leave your tastebuds zinging but seize the rest of your senses in strange but exciting ways.

Now, yeah, some of these are definitely kitted out for visitors but they’re pretty unique and certainly something to check out if you’re wanting a totally kitsch dining experience in New York City. 

Yeah, some are totally cheesy but some are also amazing for cocktails and brunch (like; Bubby’s).

With that in mind, take a look at some of the more quirky and unusual New York City restaurants that you definitely have to visit.

1.) Head into a chemistry lab

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Apothéke is a chemistry lab of mixologists that will make your tastebuds whizz and sizzle with delight!

Upon entering, you’ll be welcomed by the clinical scientists in white coats that will guide you through their medications. Once sat down, you even have the opportunity to discuss with your server scientist the prescription you think you’ll need!

Interestingly each and every cocktail (or prescription) is made with local ingredients with the majority of its herbs and spices coming from its rooftop herb garden.

2.) Please Don’t Tell

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Please Don’t Tell is one of New York’s most authentic speakeasy bars and restaurants. You’ll need a reservation to enter here so give them a call before you arrive.

If they answer the phone saying the ‘wrong number’ then persist… eventually they will give in and offer you a table on the day itself (all part of the fun).

Upon arrival, you’ll need to walk through the secret phone booth that grants access to this underworld of fun, frolics and unbelievably amazing cocktails!

4.) Eat within a cave

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Whisk yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city by heading into La Caverna.

You’ll totally forget your even in New York once you walk through the doors.

This cave-like restaurant is an elaborately created dinner experience that is perfect if you want to chill out with friends while sipping cocktails as if you’re in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Just one note; it can be a little too kitsch and cheesy so if that’s not your thing then give it a wide berth! 

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5.) Eat within a monastery

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Burp Castle is a monastery themed experience like no other.

Just like a monastery, voices and loud noises have to be kept to a minimum with Monks shushing patrons that do not respect its monastic values :-).  

Raucous paintings and murals line this bar. Just make sure you keep quiet, respect the monks and enjoy your food and drinks.

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6.) Enter a chocolate heaven

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Head to Max Brenner for an out-of-this-world experience that is perfect for all us chocolate lovers out there.

Pipes of flowing chocolate weave across the ceilings along with a mountain of delicious treats that’ll leave even the sweetest-toothed person in a sugary haze.

Don’t forget to try their indulgently thick hot chocolate that’s served in a delicious hugmug.

7.) Brunch At Bubby’s 

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Less quirky and unusual and more of an essential (at least for me) when visiting New York City. 

Brunch is a typical NYC past-time, so although not unusual Bubby’s is one of New Yorks tastiest places to visit if you’re hankering for a big lunch or brunch. 

My Top Recommendation For Brunch In New York (12)

It’s a great and delicious experience that’ll have you go back for more and more.

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