Verona is easily one of the most under-rated cities in Italy! I’ve said it over and over again but I keep repeating it because it’s sooo true.

We think of Italy and Rome, Florence, Amalfi Coast and so many other places just come to mind long before Verona but Verona deserves its spot at the forefront of your travel plans.

To be honest though, we were guilty of over-looking Verona for the longest time until we got sent on a surprise trip (with – see more details here) to Verona. We found out just a couple of hours before (we were at the airport when we found out) and I couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic surprise trip!

That’s the best part about booking with surprise trips. It’s essentially like having a free travel planner for yourself. You don’t find out the location and details till the last minute but you get input into the parts of the trips that really matter. For instance, you can tell them accomodation tastes… luxury, budget, unique properties…etc, you can the kind of holidays you want, you set how much you’d like to spend on it, it’s absolutely brilliant! Definitely one that could come in handy for group holiday fun! 😀

Anyway, the point of this post was actually to show you what we got up to in Verona, and hopefully to leave you with an idea of what to expect from this beautiful Italian city when you visit (if you’ve never been before, of course).

Here’s what we got up to in 4 days in Verona!


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