Prior to a few weeks ago, Fort Lauderdale wasn’t really a place I knew too much of. I think all I knew of it until we actually visited was that it was a place you caught the cruise ships from when you were in Florida.

Seeing as I’ve never actually been on a cruise, I had no clue what it would be like in Fort Lauderdale. This was a huge reason why we decided to spend 5 days (actually it was more like 3 full days seeing as we arrived on the first day in the evening and left in the afternoon of day 5) and that was probably my biggest regret of the trip – that I hadn’t decided to stay longer!

I figured 5 days would be more than enough time and kept our plans as light as possible to fit in all the beach, poolside, massage and general relaxation time as possible but even by Day 2, I knew I would love to have stayed for so much longer. It was relaxing, so much fun and dotted with cool stuff to do in between all that relaxing that I realised a holiday like this was one that I both needed and wanted.

Our trips usually involve a lot of activity – the kind that sometimes makes you wonder why you even shelled out for a great hotel (because you rarely ever get to spend time in it) and this trip to Fort Lauderdale was the opposite of that. It was an actual relaxed holiday and one that I’d happily do all over again very soon (though this time, I will definitely know to stay for much longer).

Okay, I realised I’ve been rambling where in reality, the main thing I wanted to do was share this video we’ve put together from our time in Fort Lauderdale. Some of this you may have seen in our blog posts here, others I’ll have up on the blog very soon. In any case – here’s a highlights reels (of sorts), of what we got up to in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!


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