Lisbon is an incredible Portuguese city to explore! It’s one of those places that’s filled with epic things to do Lisbon and only a stone’s throw from places like the fairytale Sintra, too. Plus, you’ve got a heap of the best restaurants in Lisbon that are dotted all across the city, too.

You’re going to leave Lisbon totally stuffed! 

Honestly, Lisbon is such a vibrant city and even though it’s quite big; it still manages to feel very intimate. This is especially true when it comes to food and all the little independent and award-winning spots to grab some grub. 

As though Portuguese food wasn’t delicious enough, there are a heap of the best restaurants in Lisbon that you really shouldn’t miss on your trip. 

If you ever find yourself in Lisbon, be sure to check out some of these. Now, I’ve tried to pop in a selection of my favourites from across the city. This means, no matter what neighbourhood you’re visiting, you’ll likely find one relatively close by.

Best restaurants in Lisbon

With that in mind, take a look at some of the best restaurants in Lisbon to try. Have the best trip.

1.) Augusto Lisboa

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If it’s a tasty brunch you’re after, make sure to pop into Augusto Lisboa that’ll have you set for a day exploring Lisbon. This little cafe in the Alfama neighbourhood is a great place to start the day.

You can fill up on some lovely homemade treats before exploring St George’s Castle and the winding streets of the neighbourhood. It really is one of the best restaurants in Lisbon for an early morning feast. 

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2.) Crisfama

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Now, if you’re looking for some typical Portuguese cuisine, make sure to pop over to Crisfama. Not only that, but the restaurant is also lovely and intimate and the portions are so filling.

Honestly, it’s a great place to go for dinner; especially after a long day exploring the best spots in Lisbon. Their grilled fresh-fish is so good. 

3.) Varanda Restaurant

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Located in the Four Season’s Hotel, Varanda Restaurant offers one of the best tasting menus if you fancy a treat whilst in Lisbon. 

When we stayed in the Four Season’s Lisboa, we knew we had to try the Varanda Restuarant. 

We had the most incredible dishes and the lobster and wines were just so good. It’s honestly one of the best restaurants in Lisbon for a real treat. 

4.) Frade dos Mares

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One of the best restaurants in Lisbon, Frade dos Mares is a real treat and a place you should reserve for a tasty evening meal. 

Their grilled octopus is another treat and well worth ordering once here. 

5.) Byf Steakhouse

Okay, so if you fancy getting a red-meat fix, then Byf Steakhouse is one of the best restaurants in Lisbon to visit. Their Tbone steak is just so yummy. 

Now, the only thing I’d say is that the restaurant is a little tucked-away. This means you should give yourself a little extra time to actually locate the restaurant; especially if you have reservations. 

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6.) A Venda Lusitana

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For me, A Venda Lusitana is one of the best restaurants in Lisbon to visit for Portuguese tapas. I totally loved their Portuguese Sausages and cheese and I could truthfully have just eaten mountains of these. It was so good. 

Plus, they have a tasty wine menu, too. 

7.) A Avo Tinha

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Another gem in Lisbon, A Avo Tinha is not too far from Fonte Luminosa and easily up there as one of the best restaurants in Lisbon.

Once here, make sure to try their black pork lagartinhos, sardinhas and their grilled alheira that’s so good. Not only that, but A Avo Tinha also has a totally welcoming and warm atmosphere, too. 

8.) Meson Andaluz

For some of the best Mediterranean food in Lisbon, pop over to Meson Andaluz. It’s such a tasty spot and a place you’ll likely want to go back to. 

It’s a totally lovely spot to visit for a lazy and slow lunch, too. We loved the patatas bravas and their ceviche is just so good.  

9.) Restaurante Sacramento

For an early evening dinner, get yourself over to Restaurante Sacramento in the heart of Lisbon. Just a stone’s throw from Carmo Convent, you really can’t miss it. 

It’s a totally great place to stop for seafood and their grilled prawn starters are just so tasty. For the mains, make sure to try their beef cheeks or açorda, too. 

10.) S Restaurante

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Nestled near Rato Metro Station, S Restaurante is a little gem that’s totally worth visiting. Their octopus salad is so tasty and refreshing, especially on a really hot day in the city.

One thing to note, just like lots of restaurants in the city; if they bring cheese or bread to the table, expect to pay for them. They’re usually not complimentary. If you don’t want these, just say ‘no thanks’ and they won’t charge you. 

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11.) Claras em Castelo

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Perched within the Alfama neighbourhood, Claras em Castelo is one of the best restaurants in Lisbon to visit if you fancy something nice and intimate. 

Not only that, but the food is also totally delicious. From the outside, the restaurant might seem a little unassuming but don’t be fooled, it’s a proper tasty place for lunch. Make sure to try their pica pau, a meaty stew that’s totally yummy. 

Just make sure you have some cash with you, they don’t accept cards at the moment. 

12.) Bonjardim

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If it’s piri-piri chicken you’re after; pop on into Bonjardim. Now, the restaurant is pretty informal but that’s the best thing about Lisbon; it’s all about the food. 

Make sure to grab a table and order some of their juicy chicken that’s so good. Oh, and be sure to get some Piri oil to go on the side, too. It’s also got a lovely terrace that does fill up quite fast in the summer months. 

Afterwards, take a trip into town and stop off at A Ginginha for one of their cherry liquors. They’re pretty famous in the city and pack quite a punch. 

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