New You is a buzzing city to explore! It’s filled with so many things to do and the best New York attractions that are dotted all across the big smoke. That being said, with all these attractions, it can be tough to whittle down a manageable list that you can explore during your visit.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re visiting for one day in New York, two weeks or even a month; you’re almost guaranteed not to see everything on your trip.

Though, with a little bit of planning and an efficient time schedule, you can make a pretty hefty dent in seeing some of the best New York attractions. 

Best New York attractions to visit

With that in mind, take a look at some of the best New York attractions that are well worth a gander once you arrive. New York is a totally amazing city; have the best time! 

1.) See the sunset at the Top Of The Rock

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Okay, one of my favourite and easily one of the best New York attractions has to be Top Of The Rock

Perched right on top of the Rockefeller Center, Top Of The Rock is the viewing platform that overlooks all of Manhattan. Better still, unlike the Empire State Building view, you actually get to see the Empire State and down towards Wall Street from high up. 

Now, in my opinion, one of the best times to visit is around dusk or sunset. The reason for this being is that you can watch a totally gorgeous city transform from day into night.

Honestly, New York looks so beautiful at any time of the day but especially when all the lights come on! Just make sure to book your tickets online and in advance.

Tickets are timed for certain slots and sunset slots sell out much faster.

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2.) Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

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Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is almost a staple whilst visiting and easily one of the best attractions in New York to see.

Also, let’s be honest, it’s probably one of the most famous bridges on the east coast of America, too. The Brooklyn Bridge is a totally iconic part of New York and you can’t miss it. 

Now, the walk itself can take as long or as short as your nimble legs will take you. Though be aware, it does get busier at certain times of the day so if you want to miss most of the crowds go very early in the morning.

After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, make sure to stop off at Dumbo, Brooklyn for an iconic photo and head to Westville for the tastiest brunch this side of New York. 

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3.) Head inside the Vessel 

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Okay, so the Vessel is perched in Hudson’s Yard and one of the largest, interactive and striking art installations in New York. Just shy of Hell’s Kitchen, it’s a totally beautiful and abstract piece that you can scale yourself. 

Best of all, it’s one of the free things to do in New York! Though, book your free ticket online way before you visit.

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It’s often in high demand and you’re not always guaranteed a slot. Afterwards, you can join the Highline right from the bottom of the Vessel and take a trip further through the city on foot.

It’s one of the best attractions in New York, especially if you love art. 

4.) Shop till you drop

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So, 5th Avenue is something of a shoppers dream! It’s got every brand, department store and outlet under the sun. Honestly, if it’s shopping you’re after, this will be the place to go. Expect lots of global brands and luxury stores; oh, and a shed load of people too. 

Though, if that isn’t your vibe, take a trip to the Lower East Side of Manhattan and visit some of the more independent stores and stalls that call this area home.

It’s filled with thrift stores, antiques and gorgeous cafes to boot. 

5.) Head to Time Square

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Love it or hate it, Time Square is an essential part of the city and one of the best attractions in New York to visit if you’ve never seen it. 

For me, one visit is enough but you’ve got to experience this spot at least once. Yes, it’s kitsch, over the top and bamboozling but a trip here has to be done.

For me, the best time to visit is once night falls, this is when the lights really shine up the whole area. 

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6.) Visit MoMa

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If it’s art you’re after, take a trip over to MoMa that’s filled with world-renowned installations and galleries that any art lover will appreciate. Saying that, even if you don’t know your Picasso from your Monet, you’ll still totally enjoy this spot. 

Now, for me, this is one of the best attractions in New York to visit if the weather takes a little turn for the worst; especially as it gets you out of the rain. 

7.) See the Statue Of Liberty

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Obviously, the Statue Of Liberty is not just the symbol of New York but of the USA, more generally. This means it’s one spot you can’t really miss if you’ve never visited the city before. 

Take a cruise boat (near Battery Park) and spend about 3-4 hours exploring Liberty Island, seeing the Statue Of Liberty and hopping over to Ellis Island, too. It really is one of the best attractions in New York that you really have to see. 

Now, the whole trip will take around 4-hours and expect some queuing at security to board the boats.

If you want to miss the majority of these queues, head here first thing in the morning and book tickets online; you’ll save a shed load of time. 

8.) Explore New York’s neighbourhoods

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The thing that makes New York so special is its diversity and vibrancy that is mixed all across the city. There’s a huge amount of different neighbourhoods in New York that are all so different and have their own identity. 

Make sure to spend some time visiting Midtown for some of the best attractions in New York, like the Morgan Library.

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Alternatively, pop over to more alternative neighbourhoods in the Lower East Side that’s filled with eclectic stores and restaurants. 

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Also, head to areas in New York like Williamsburg that has a heap of cool bars and tasty cocktail spots that is perfect for a weekend evening tipple. 

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9.) Explore Central Park

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Central Park is probably one of the most famous urban parks in the whole world! Nestled right within the heart of New York, it’s often referred to as the ‘lungs of the city’ with the amount of green space there is. 

Best of all, you don’t have to just visit in the summer months; it’s open all year round with lots of things to do.

For instance, if you’re visiting in the winter, you can head off ice-skating and practice some new skills (or just fall over like me). 😉

If you’re visiting in the summer, head to one of the events they host on the green or go boating on the lake, too. It’s easily one of the best attractions in New York, especially if you want some time to relax.

10.) Watch a Broadway show

If you love the theatre, then New York (just like London) is the city to be! 

Broadway is world-renowned for its productions and musicals that are well worth seeing whilst visiting the city. Just make sure to do your research and buy your tickets well before you visit if you have a particular show in mind.

Tickets can sell out fast. 

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That being said, if you’re not too bothered on what you see, head over to the TKTS booth in Time Square that’s the official vendor for unsold tickets for the day’s performances.

Check out their booth (in the centre of Time Square) and see what’s available at a discounted fee. 

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