France is as diverse as any country can be, with its Mediterranean coast to the south, its mountainous eastern regions across the Alps to the south-western French Basque Country, France has it all.

I wanted to showcase some of my favourite destinations that should be included on every trip to France this year. I have intentionally left out Paris from this post as I wanted to explore some of the lesser-known, but spectacularly impressive regions that often get overlooked.

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1.) Bayonne

Best Places In France To Visit Bayonne

Capital of the French Basque Country in the South of France. Don’t forget to visit the beautifully crafted, Cathédrale Ste-Marie

2.) Saint-Malo

saint malo Best things to do in Brittany

A historic walled city in the Brittany region of northwestern France. Walking through the beautifully preserved cobbled streets of St Malo’s old town feels truly beautiful.

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3.) Verdon Gorge

The 12 Best Hikes In France You Have To Experience (4)

A sight to behold! This natural landscape has been shaped by thousands of years and has still somehow managed to stay off any mainstream tourism radars.

4.) Grenoble

Best Places In France To Visit Jean-Jaures Avenue Grenoble

Snuggled between the snow-capped mountains, Grenoble is a city, unlike many others. It’s steep in history and a perfect place to explore.

5.) Nimes

Best Places In France To Visit Nimes Roman Arena

 When I visited Nimes, I loved how well-preserved the historic centre of the town is.

Make sure to check out the Roman Arena while you are there… it’s one of the largest left in the world.

6.) Bastia

Best Places In France To Visit Bastia Corsica

 A Corsican coastal town that thrives on its heritage as a trade centre for the north of the island. A great place to eat truly fresh fish! 

7.) Calvi

Best Places In France To Visit Calvi city, Corsica

 Explore the City that is truly preserved.

8.) La Rochelle

Best Places In France To Visit La Rochelle Castle

Situated on the Bay of Biscay, La Rochelle is home to the historic Vieux Port and the famous Towers of La Rochelle, which are a must-see.

9.) Ushant

Best Places In France To Visit Ouessant island Ushant Brittany,

See the most powerful lighthouse in all the world, on this tiny little island. 

10.) La Bresse

Best Places In France To Visit Lac des corbeaux Voges, La Bresse

One of the best places to ski in France 

11.) Mont Saint Michel, Normandy

Best Places In France To Visit Mont Saint Michel, Normandy

Located 1km in the sea, this tiny little mountain/Island is a photographer and explorer’s dream! Picturesque doesn’t even cut it.

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12.) Kayersberg

Best Places In France To Visit Kaysersberg Alsace

Return to a quaint France in this small town that has not lost any of its rustic charms! 

13.) Mont Aiguille, Isère

Best Places In France To Visit Mont Aiguille

A world away from our normal idea of what France is, Mont Aiguille.

It’s a truly spectacular sight, situated deep within the  Vercors Regional Natural Park and the birthplace of mountaineering (nearly 600 years ago).

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