It’s that time of the year again! The summer party holiday season is here (or around the corner for some).

Holiday-time with friends and the general opportunity to let your hair down and de-stress coupled with the promise of having a crazy (in a good way) time with your friends is definitely one of the highlights of the holiday calendar for most.

This has long since been a staple of many-a-traveller and is growing in popularity more and more as new destinations and cheaper fare arrive on the market.

It’s safe to say that a lot of people I know have been on one of these holidays at some point or the other and even more are planning holidays like this.

My only gripe with these holidays is that it can sometimes be solely focused on the party element and hence leave you with nothing to do during the day to distract you from that tequila-induced hangover. Unless you were ‘civil’ the night before and ended up with a ‘too-much-red-wine-with-dinner hangover’ which oddly enough lasts longer and is twice as unforgiving.

I am all up for a relaxing holiday but the only problem is that I tend to get a tad bored with just partying/pool-side time and so my favourite type of ‘party holiday’ is one where we can go a little wild in the night but experience some culture/natural beauty during the day. These holiday destinations offer the perfect combination of both.

They are the kind of holidays that you can go on with either your friends, your young kids, your old-ish kids or your parents. These destinations offer the chance to get your party on 24/7 if you choose to, focus only on taking in landmarks and stunning sights or have a beautiful mix of both the party and sightseeing side of things.

The audience each of this is intended for is different of course – as much as it would be great to go partying in a city with your best friends, you probably wouldn’t take a 5-year-old to the club at night (you might be the cool kinda kid that would take their parents – in which case kudos!!!) but the same 5 years old will probably be totally fascinated at the aquarium during the day.

The key here is to ensure you get your audience correct and these amazing holiday destinations could very well be on your next travel itinerary! What are they you ask, well here they are –

1.) Ibiza

This Is Your Oasis Of Calm In Ibiza - Soulshine Yoga Retreat (21)

This is arguably the world’s best and biggest party destination! It’s renowned the world over for its music; introducing new artists every year and is a truly spectacular party destination.

This Is Your Oasis Of Calm In Ibiza - Soulshine Yoga Retreat (53)

The secret however that Ibiza does not advertise as often is how truly beautiful this island is and with neighbouring islands that are short boat rides away (not that you couldn’t find enough to keep you entertained and occupied in Ibiza), this island is truly one of the most stunning places in Europe and quite easily, the world.

Definitely one of the most versatile holiday destinations available and a true gem in Europe.

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2.) Miami

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (2)

Now, Miami easily has some of the best nightlife in the US but also some pretty amazing beaches! During the day, there’s so much else you could be doing.

For instance, taking a trip to the Everglades and so Miami is right on our list of places that are great to party and show off your wild side and yet keep yourself busy during the day with other interesting activities.

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3.) London

Here's How To Get Free SkyGarden London Tickets (6)

One of the most diverse party locations out there, London has pretty much every club for every person imaginable. There is nothing you’re looking for that you won’t find in London.

Rooftop club? Tick! Club in a disused underground station? Done! Cheesy Dance Music? Easy! Salsa Club which starts off as a Mexican Wrestling venue? It’s all here.

On the flip side, London has more culture and exciting activities that are a delight for individuals of ALL age ranges. It’s truly one of the best places to be in to get whatever type of holiday you’d like.

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4.) Cancun

The Complete Guide To Visiting Cancun In Mexico (45)

Go during Spring Break or if you have a younger or older family, perhaps go outside of Spring Break.

Whatever you decide to do, you can’t escape the picturesque beauty and charm of Cancun. People think of Cancun and all that comes to mind are crazy videos of University students doing even crazier things and while this is true in a lot of cases (and indeed what a lot of people are after),

Cancun, like Ibiza, is a gem in Mexico and filled with lovely sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets.

You can also arrange tours to take you to places like Chichén Itzá on a day trip or visit small villages to immerse yourself in local Mexican life and get a different and truly diverse holiday!

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5.) New York

Things To See New York (4)

New York, like London, is also home to some amazing clubs and one of the best scenes for nightlife in the world.

Depending on the club type and scenes, it can sometimes feel like what other cities around the world do, New York takes this and does it 10 times larger, which can be both a good or bad thing depending on who you speak to but the whole point is that even within the remits of nightlife, you get so much choice.

During the day, there so much available to do in New York that even if you spent a 2-week holiday sightseeing, chances are that you would still leave feeling like there’s still so much left to see and do (and you’d be right too!)

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