Ibiza is one of those Spanish Islands that always seems to be on our radar, especially with all its gorgeous natural beauty, stunning little villages and history. Yes, the island is known for its incredible nightlife, but there’s so much more to Ibiza than ‘rocking tunes’ (gosh, sounding like my dad more and more every day) and pool parties. I promise you, your first Ibiza Holiday will be amazing, memorable and totally worth it!

I’ve got to be honest before I visited Ibiza I really didn’t want to go. I know, I know! For some reason, I was just never sold by it. I’m not sure if it was all those TV shows that paint the island as solely a party haven filled with boozy nights out? Possibly, I just don’t know.

Now, I can party with the rest of them… to be honest, I love a good night out – but I also LOVE to explore a new place that I’m visiting and I don’t think I’d ever been introduced to the ‘other side’ of the island.

Now, I’m sooooo happy to say my preconceptions were totally wrong (see, this is why preconceptions are sometimes awful). I LOVED Ibiza – Like, seriously loved it! So much so that we’ve gone back multiple times and I can’t wait to visit again.

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So to dispel all those assumptions and preconceptions that surround the Ibiza, I wanted to share some of the very best things to do whilst on your Ibiza holiday. You’re going to be spoilt for choice.

Ibiza Holiday: How to get there

Okay, let’s start with the easy part. Ibiza is well connected and it’s pretty easy to get to no matter where you’re based. Yes, some places will take a little longer than others but pocket money permitting, anyone can hop over to this gorgeous Spanish Island.

Plane: Probably this quickest and easiest way to get to Ibiza. Most large cities in Europe have direct flights to Ibiza. Some with lower-cost carriers and some with traditional ‘flag’ carriers. If you ‘re travelling from further afield (say, from across the pond), It’s likely you’ll connect flights in a European hub before landing in Ibiza.

Boat: You can travel by boat from places like Barcelona and Valencia. If you’re on any of the other Balearic Islands, there are usually services that go between Ibiza to Mallorca and Formentera too.

Rocket: Yup, no chance on this one… but I think you’ll have enough choices with plane and boat! 🚀

Ibiza Holiday: Where to stay

There are sooooo many places to stay in Ibiza and it really depends on the ‘type’ of holiday you’re looking for.

For the luxurious: Possibly one of my favourite places to stay in Ibiza is The Giri Residence, which is nestled within the tiny (and historic) village of San Juan. The residence has 5 gorgeous suites that I know you’ll love and an amazing in-house chef that makes the most delicious food EVER!

For the partying: So, a great spot for partying (but still tucked away from the hustle) is the Migjorn Ibiza Suites and Spa. Here, you’ll be minutes from the beach and about 10-minutes walk from some of the famous clubs like Ushuaïa.

For the active: If you want to steer clear of the partying, pop into the Bodycamp in Ibiza. Each year, the amazing team run a weekly program centred around fitness, healthy food and educational classes. All within a glorious Ibizian mansion. Read more about the Bodycamp, here.

For a retreat: Now, if you’re looking for the most amazing Yoga Retreat, you have to head over to Soulshine Yoga Retreat. I swear the team are incredible! We stayed a week at the retreat and it was one of my best weeks on the island.

Every day, you’ll have optional programs of Yoga, classes and classes all within a gorgeous Ibizan mansion (with a lovely pool). Read more on visiting Soulshine, here.

Ibiza Holiday: Where to eat

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Okay, now there are literally hundreds of spots to eat at in Ibiza, but I want to share some of my favourites.

Mar a Vila: Perched in the old town of Ibiza, Mar a Vila is a local joint that serves some tasty pintxos and amazing island foods that you’ll love. I swear, when we visited, the place was packed with locals (always a good sign, I say). It’s a great spot for cocktails too! 🍸

Sa Brisa: Another old town favourite, Sa Brisa is another amazing spot for tapas. Not only that, they serve some of the most iconic dishes in new and fun ways. The whole experience is amazing and they really have a good focus on quality. You’ll love it!

Giri Cafe: Now, not to be confused with the Giri Residence (though, they are next door), the Giri Cafe is a gorgeous little spot that seems less of a cafe but more of a restaurant. Here, they serve some tasty local produce, make cocktails from their herb garden ingredients and have the BEST chocolate desserts! 😋

Ibiza Holiday: What to do

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Now, here’s where the rest of the fun begins! Take a look at some of the very best places you have to see on your Ibiza holiday.

1.) See the sunset over Es Vedra 

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This is possibly one of my favourite things to do! After a day exploring the island, drive (or get a taxi) to Es Vedra which is truly gorgeous.

Sit along the cliffs, watch the sun disappear and enjoy this Mediterranean gem.

2.) Wander around the Hippy Market 

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The hippy market in Ibiza (based in Punta Arabia) is one little spot that lots of people visit. A selling point for local traders and hippies, this market has everything from hand-made goodies, wood carvings and thrift items.

Now, a common complaint of this market is that it can be overpriced and caters much to the visitors to the island. Though, that shouldn’t stop you visiting, especially if you’re in the area. This one is going to be hit or miss – you’ll either love it or hate it.

3.) Explore Ibiza Town

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I love a bit of sightseeing when I visit somewhere new and the old town of Ibiza is a great spot for exploring its long history.

Make sure to visit the Dalt Vila neighbourhood, Ibiza Cathedral and the gorgeous castle too.

4.) Go our partying 

Yup, Ibiza is known for its world-class partying, with new places and rebrandings happening every year on the island. Decide the type of partying you want, the music you like and pop over to some of the venues.

Sometimes it’s best to buy your tickets online, especially if there’s a notable DJ or artist playing on the night.

5.) Explore San Juan 

On a Sunday, San Juan (a gorgeous little town in the north) hosts a pretty lovely market. Now, you might recognise some of the same traders as the Hippy Market but most of the stalls are a little more unique to the town.

Take a wander around, pop into the towns stunning church and see the whit-washed buildings that line the streets.

6.) Hike the coastal routes

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Now, most people don’t associate Ibiza with hiking, but there are so many opportunities for this here. Plus, it’s totally breathtaking.

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There’s a whole heap of trails around Portinatx and also a gorgeous hike towards Es Portixol that is so beautiful. Wherever you decide to go, make sure to pack lots of liquids, sunscreen and have some good walking shoes!

7.) Find some stunning beaches 

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I mean, you can’t go all the way to Ibiza without seeing the beaches, can you? To be honest, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you get there. You just need to decide if you want a beach bar vibe or a totally unspoilt vibe with no one else around.

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Some of my favourites are in Portinatx, Platja de Comte, Calla Mastella – you’ll love them.

8.) Go out sailing 

If you want a little break from island life, you can pop out on your very own catamaran (if you’re feeling flush), alternatively, you can join a day sailing on a boat that’ll whisk you around the island, stopping at all the beautiful bays and coves for you to explore.

It really is a gorgeous way to spend a day relaxing!

9.) See the sunset over Platja de Comte

Not too far from San Antonio, Platja de Comte is a gorgeous place to come for the whole day, to be honest. Pack a day bag with a towel, snacks and a snorkelling mask and head over to this gorgeous beach. There’s also a 1 or 2 beach restaurants you can pop in for dinner too.

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As the sun begins to set, perch yourself on one of the rocky outcrops and watch the ocean turn a lovely golden orange. It’s a great place to spend the day and the perfect end to the best Ibiza holiday!

10.) Pop over to Formentera 

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Island hopping whilst in Ibiza is pretty easy, so if you want to explore another little place, pop over to the island of Formentera for a day trip. The island itself is pretty small and has some lovely beaches and places to see. Once there, you can rent a bike and see much more of the island (or even stay overnight if you want).

You can catch the ferry from Ibiza town that runs daily.

Read more on having the best Ibiza holiday, here

12 Ways To Have The Ultimate Trip To Ibiza, Spain

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