Ibiza is one of those Spanish Islands that always seems to be on our radar, especially with all its gorgeous natural beauty, stunning little villages and history. Yes, the island is known for its incredible nightlife, but there’s so much more to Ibiza than ‘rocking tunes’ (gosh, sounding like my dad more and more every … Continue Reading

Love or hate them… we all tend to either make them, break them or try our best to ignore everything about them! Whatever your feelings on the matter, New Year’s resolutions are about to be shoved down your throat quicker than last Malteser in the pack. 🙂 I’m gonna go out on a whim here … Continue Reading

Ibiza needs little introduction and for many of us, it will conjure thoughts of epic parties, wild nights and stunning sunsets that draw us back to the island year after year. In so many ways Ibiza is a misunderstood island that isn’t just all-night partying and sparkly drinks. Yep, partying has most definitely got its place … Continue Reading

Ibiza is a funny little cookie. It’s a hedonistic getaway on one end of the spectrum and a holistic holiday at the other. It attracts a crowd so diverse that it’s hard to pin-point one specific ‘type of traveller’ the island is suited to – in fact, its probably safe to say Ibiza’s best visitors are … Continue Reading

It’s gotta be said, lazy days in Ibiza, feel like they’re almost mandatory. Doesn’t matter where you are on the island or even why you came, there’s always a more chilled vibe during the day time in Ibiza (swiftly followed by a manic, borderline-crazy energy at nights) which is so different from everyday life back … Continue Reading

It’s Spanish tapas… not as you know it! From the moment I first heard about Sa Brisa in Ibiza (or was it when I first saw photos of it…?), I knew I had to check this out at some point in between having what turned out to be a rather lazy day at the Giri for my birthday, I mustered … Continue Reading

The Giri Cafe – quaint, beautiful cafe by day, amazing restaurant by night! But more on that in a moment… Instead, let’s step back a couple of hours to The Giri Residence (the most amazing luxury hotel owned by the same people) where we’d decided to try on the 24 hour breakfast. Essentially, rather than you … Continue Reading

And it’s pretty hard to get into, though not for the reasons you might think! (More about that further down… 🙂 ) The northern part of Ibiza couldn’t be any more different from the south! Granted it’s still got the same beautiful scenery and amazing spots to watch the sunset but the North is quiet, … Continue Reading

Our arrival in Ibiza was straight off the heels of our time wine tasting draaanking in Slovenia and, seeing as we wanted to make the most of the time there, we made the decision to leave on one of the earliest flights out of London to Ibiza. This seemed like such an amazing decision till we … Continue Reading

Ibiza is an island that’s filled with some of the greatest parties and stunning scenery in all the world! There really is an Ibiza that is perfect for everyone! From the beautiful more rustic north of the island, to the beautiful sunsets across the dramatic cliffs at Es Vedre – Ibiza really does spoil its visitors! … Continue Reading

  I’ve never been one to diet or watch my weight. I grew up eating whatever I wanted, when I wanted and seemed to get away with it. This of course, was until lately where I just noticed the pounds piling on an on and despite, what I have to admit now was a rather … Continue Reading

There’s no denying it (not that we’d want to anyway) – summer is just around the corner and with it comes the possibility of many adventures around the globe. Adventures and the chance to travel is great whatever time of the year it is but there’s something truly irresistible about travelling when the sun’s out. … Continue Reading

Ibiza is (justifiably) famous the world-over as a brilliant place to visit in summer! The island fills with visitors from all over the world looking for one of the most unique island experiences the world over. Ibiza’s parties are famous – as are it’s clear blue waters and although these things are available long before (and indeed, … Continue Reading

The last couple of weeks have seen the amount of daylight hours increase with the sun staying out to play for just a few more hours. And of course, we all know what that means – summertime is on it’s way! Yes, we’ve still got to get past spring but that doesn’t stop us from … Continue Reading