The last couple of weeks have seen the number of daylight hours increase with the sun staying out to play for just a few more hours. And of course, we all know what that means – summertime is on its way.

Yes, we’ve still got to get past spring but that doesn’t stop us from planning a huge summer getaway already.

As something of a new-ish tradition (we’ve done it for a few years now), at least once a year, we plan a group trip away with our friends to someplace far from London and with lots of sunshine.

This year, we’re thinking of heading back to Ibiza – there are other options of course but so far, Ibiza ranks quite highly on our list of prospective places to visit.

Of course, part of looking at holidays involves looking at accommodation and as there is a good group of us, similar to what we did in Lisbon, we’re thinking of getting a villa.

We started off looking at Airbnb and Roomorama but found a website called Bonder & Co and they’ve got quite a few impressive villas to rent in Ibiza.

Now these villas are more luxurious than the norm (they partner with brands like American Express and Moet & Chandon so you kinda know they’re top-notch) but as per our previous post on tips for booking group holidays, it’s a lot more affordable when there are a few of you going so the prices are definitely very doable!

I’ve narrowed down the choices to my top 5 villas (there are about 350 of them in total).

Have a look and let me know what you think – especially which one you’d choose and why!

I can’t fit all the pictures on here so if you’re interested in seeing more photos, there are loads more on the website. I’ve included the names so you and I know which villa we’re both referring to. 😉

Let’s start off with Villa Aguamarine. I feel like if I stayed here for our holiday, they would struggle to make me leave as I would fully be intent on making this my home. Imagine if this was your home though – how amazing would that be???

Summertime in Ibiza! Which Of These 5 Places Would You Choose? (10)

We then move on to Villa Buena. This is like rustic paradise! Just look at that roof! And that bath! I can already see myself here. I know I’m going a little loco about this place (in a very good way) but you know how much I love rustic homes.

Summertime in Ibiza! Which Of These 5 Places Would You Choose? (1)

Next up, Villa Gandia. Easy to see why this caught my eye right? Just look at that pool! Very easy win for me!

Summertime in Ibiza! Which Of These 5 Places Would You Choose?

Villa Riqueta. This place feels like one of those celebrity mansions you see in glossy magazines or on TV. That pool and that amazing view look like it was made just to ease the stress of London life away… 🙂

Summertime in Ibiza! Which Of These 5 Places Would You Choose? (4)

Finally, we have Villa Sand. The only way to describe this for me is opulent. I love everything about this place – again, I think the owner would struggle to get me to leave this place as it is just fantastic! Maybe it’s time I moved to Ibiza? (If a place like this was on offer for me to move into, I wouldn’t even think twice about it – would you?)

Summertime in Ibiza! Which Of These 5 Places Would You Choose? (3)

They’re all pretty fantastic, right?

The downside to staying in really lovely villas when you travel is probably that you never want to actually leave the villas but with these villas, who would blame you?

And seeing as it’s Ibiza, asides for the nights out (and a mandatory exploration of the old town), no one could blame you for not wanting to leave the house and instead indulge yourself in this lap of luxury.

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