Sometimes, with all unique places across the world to visit, it can get a little hard to narrow down a firm list of one or two spots that you’ll book.

Now, obviously, there are a load of different factors to think about when looking for some of the places. Proximity, cost and how far you want to travel all have to be taken into consideration. That being said, that shouldn’t stop you finding some inspiration for some of the unique places across the world to visit.  

This is exactly why I wanted to share my post. We’ve found some proper gems over the years and really wanted to share some of my top places across the world that I’m hoping you’ll love. 

Now, these places are a little more off the beaten track compared to big-hitting destinations.  Forget the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building and the bright lights of London. These will all be a little lesser-known but still totally cool.

Unique Places Across The World To Visit

With that in mind, take a look at some of the unique places across the world to visit. Have the best trip! Oh, and with any of our posts, just pop us a little message if you need any more tips. We’re always excited to help out a fellow traveller. 

1.) Tromso, Norway

Perched in the Arctic Circle, Tromso is one of the most northerly cities and a great place to act as a base to explore this dramatic area of Norway. 

Try to plan your trips around the midnight sun and avoid the winter months where it stays dark for two months solid. We visited in April and loved it. 

Once here, try your hand at swimming in the Arctic Sea (whilst onboard the epic Spa Boat). We loved this experience and was such a great day. Afterwards, head out of the city for some of the views, watch the northern lights and explore much more of this really special region.

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2.) El Nido, Philippines

Photos And Postcards From El Nido In The Philippines (10)

Perched on the island of Palawan, El Nido is stunning and one of the best places in the Philippines to visit. 

Once here, make sure to explore the dramatic islands by boat from El Nido itself. They’re totally gorgeous and easily one of the unique places across the world to explore. 

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3.) Lake Abraham, Alberta 

Not too far away from Banff National Park, Lake Abraham is a pretty cool lake to see whilst exploring the best places in Alberta

Driving Canada's Epic Icefields Parkway And Finding The Frozen Bubbles Of Abraham Lake (30)

Once here, make sure to go with a guide and head out onto the frozen lake. Only do this with a local guide and with the correct equipment. No one likes a careless explorer. Though, you’ll be rewarded with the coolest sight of bubbles frozen within the lake itself. 

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4.) Rainbow Mountains, Peru 

Around three hours, or so, from Cusco, the Rainbow Mountains of Peru are totally stunning. It’s a totally stunning hike that we did a few years ago and loved it. 

Now, ‘ve heard its become more accessible over the last year or so. This should make it pretty easy to organise a tour from Cusco once you arrive. Personally, go for the early option that leaves very early in the morning.

This way, you’ll miss some of the crowds. It really is one of the unique places across the world to visit. 

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5.) Rovinj, Croatia

beautiful Croatian towns and cities (19)

Rovinj is another one of those totally gorgeous and unique places across the world that you really can’t miss. Plus, it’s totally easy to visit whilst on the Pula Peninsular and the wider Adriatic Coast. 

Long ago, this area was part of Italy and still has such a mix of heritage to see. Spend some time wandering the town, explore the stunning spots and see how beautiful Croatia is. 

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6.) Lake District, England 

Being one of the UNESCO protected national parks in the UK, the Lake District is stunning to see. 

Perched a few hours north of historic cities like York, it’s a totally gorgeous region to visit if you want a break from city life. Once here, make sure to explore the lakes of Windermere and the quieter lakes too. 

The Perfect 4 Day Itinerary For Visiting England's Beautiful Lake District (13)

We totally loved Ullswater Lake and had the best time. It really is one of the unique places across the world to visit. 

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7.) Ronda, Spain 

A Visit To Ronda - The Spanish City 'Pulled Apart By The gods" (38)

Perched around three hours from the centre of Malaga, Ronda is an inland city that’s so unique.

You see, legend has it that the city was pulled apart by the gods that became fed up with all the city’s arguing. After they ceased arguing, the city then built a colossal bridge that rejoined both parts of the city. 

It’s totally stunning to see and incredibly beautiful. 

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8.) Kefalonia, Greece 

Best Things To Do In Kefalonia

Although there’s a heap of stunning Greek islands to explore, Kefalonia is sometimes missed in lieu of the bigger-hitting islands of Santorini or Mykonos

That being said, it’s totally gorgeous and one of the best islands in Greece to explore. Once here, make sure to explore the island by car, see the huge caves and take a dip in some of the crystal-clear waters.

It’s totally breathtaking! 

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8.) Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

Niagara-On-The-Lake, Vineyards And Niagara Falls At Midnight (14)

Not to be confused with Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake is around 30-minutes from the falls themselves and is totally beautiful.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best places in Ontario to visit and can easily be explored via a road trip from Toronto

Once here, make sure to explore the historic little streets, visit the Ice Wine vineyards and pop around the independent restaurants. We loved staying here. 

Just make sure to wrap up warm if you visit in the winter months. It can get really chilly, especially when you’re wandering the town and exploring all the gorgeous little spots. It really is one of the more unique places across the world to visit. 

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