Barcelona is an easy favourite city in Spain to visit! Some would even go as far as saying it’s one of their favourite cities in the world and given how beautiful Barcelona. And, let’s be honest, it’s easy to understand given how many incredible and best things to do in Barcelona there are!

Having been to Barcelona quite a few times, (and also constantly coming up with more and more reasons to keep returning) we figured it was high time to share some of the best very things to do in Barcelona.

All tried, tested and absolutely loved!Best Things To Do In Barcelona (1)

I’m guessing you’re not really struggling for reasons to want to visit the city so I won’t bother going into that, instead let’s just jump right into the best things to do in Barcelona, Spain!

1.) Sagrada Família

By far one of the most popular landmarks in Barcelona, this famously unfinished cathedral is one of the most unique buildings in the world – particularly as it’s one of the only buildings that have a foot both in the past and the future. you can easily spend hours, here and it’s one spot you can’t miss.

Now, it can get super busy here. So, book these fast-track Sagrada Familia tickets to enter quickly and easily. You don’t want to get all the way to Barcelona and end up queueing for ages outside. 

Book: Fast-track Sagrada Familia tickets

2.) Barcelona Cathedral

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (22)

Whenever the more generic title Barcelona Cathedral is referred to, people’s mind goes to Sagrada Família, right? Well, it’s not in fact a cathedral in itself, 

This cathedral is fully titled The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia is actually much older and more established than Sagrada Família and well worth seeing in Barcelona.

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (14)

Dating as far back as the 13th century, this Cathedral is steeped in rich history and is one of the most impressive sites to see in Barcelona.

Also, don’t forget about grabbing this Barcelona city City Card. This will save you heaps of money if you’re visiting lots of places in Barcelona. 

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3.) Montserrat

This isn’t the easiest of the sights to get to but is definitely worth going out of your way to see. Montserrat is one of the more natural landmarks located near Barcelona that should be on every traveller’s Barcelona sightseeing itinerary.

It’s got heaps to see and do and you can book this incredible Monsterrat tour and lunch that’ll make your trip nice and easy. Plus, you’ll get to board a historic train and visit the historic monastery to see the iconic Montserrat mountains. It’s amazing. 

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4.) Park Güell

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (33)

Another one to visit if you love Gaudi’s incredible architecture, Park Gruell in Barcelona boasts amazing views and vivid colours that have now come to be symbolic of a trip to Barcelona. You can easily spend 3-4 hours here, and it’s totally worth it. 

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (3)

The view from the park is also worth the trip here, but just make sure to book these skip-the-line tickets to Park Gruell to avoid any disappointment or extra long times.

After all, no one want’s any wasted when visiting Barcelona. We loved it. 

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5.) Palau Güell

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (2)

This mansion was built by Gaudi for wealthy businessman Eusebi Güell and although this building is not instantly recognisable as a work by Gaudi, its sheer detail and history make it a must-visit.

Now, just make sure you pace your Gaudi buildings out between your days. After all, you don’t want to get fatigued and think that’s all there is to do in Barcelona. There is so much to see! 

To make things easier, book a private Barcelona tour with a local that’ll take you around hidden gems and the city’s highlights that you won’t want to miss.

Book: Private Barcelona tour with a local

6.) Arc de Triomf

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (6)

There are lots of these Triumphal arches dotted in cities across Europe and Barcelona’s version is most definitely worth a visit.

Fancy seeing the Gothic Quarter and nearby Montjuic, then book this Barcelona e-bike tour that’ll take you straight through the arch and beyond. It’s a great way to explore Barcelona with the whole family. Plus, you’ll get some epic views from the top. 

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7.) Casa Milà

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (39)

Also, known as La Pedrera, the iconic Casa Mila was designed by Gaudi in the early 1900s and is a prime example of not just Gaudi’s famed work but of prime modernist architecture.

If you’re a fan of architecture or indeed, just a fan of Gaudi, this is hands down of the best things to do in Barcelona.

just don’t forget to book fast-track entry tickets to get inside. It can get super busy, especially on the weekends. 

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8.) Gothic Quarter

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (26)

This is the old city centre of Barcelona and a good one for getting lost in its labyrinthine streets. It’s closed to regular traffic so you can wander around relaxed and rather aimlessly here and get a sense of Barcelona’s long and vibrant history. 

Honestly, I know it sounds kinda cheesy to say, but just strolling the Gothic Quarter (with no real direction) is amazing! You’ll find so many little gems, trust me.

Plus, you’ll also get to visit some tasty spots to eat in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Yum!

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (34)

Afterwards, take a stroll down Paseo de Gracia and stop off at some of the little cafes and bars. It’s lovely. 

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9.) Parc de la Ciutadella

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (16)

At one point, this park used to be the only green space in Barcelona, this isn’t the case anymore but an afternoon spent wandering the grounds of this park is guaranteed to be time well spent. 

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (37)

Plus, afterwards, you can take a stroll over to the nearby Mercat de Santa Caterina that’s great for lunch and a few glasses of wine. It’s a hive of stalls that are amazing to see! 

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10.) Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (32)

Okay this is a bit more of an indulgent sight and one to see at night but the technicolour fountains make for such fantastic photos and quite frankly are bound to light up your evening. 🤣

That being said, personally, I wouldn’t make a special trip for the fountains alone. If you’re here, great! If not, don’t stress yourself. 

11.) Poble Espanyol

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (24)

Poble Espanyol is an architectural museum that’s located a mere stone’s throw away from the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc and well worth seeing.

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (9)

In fact, we spent a few hours exploring around here. 

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (31)

Not only that, Poble Espanyol, is one of the most interesting places to visit in Barcelona as you walk through 117 buildings from the 15 autonomous regions of Spain.

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (36)

It’s the best kind of history lesson about all of Spain! 

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (8)

We loved it here. 

To avoid the queues, book this skip-the-line entry ticket that’ll get you inside in no time at all. This way, you can relax and wander as much as you want without having to stand around waiting to enter. 

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12.) Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (5)

One of the oldest gardens in Barcelona, if there ever was a place to wander around and get lost in, this is it!

It’s totally lovely to go for a stroll on a sunny day here. Though be warned, those sun rays can be really strong in Barcelona! 

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13.) Santa Maria del Mar

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (10)

Another stunning Gothic church the Santa Maria del Mar is also one of the older buildings in Barcelona dating as far back as the 14th century. 

Honestly, it’s one of the best things to do in Barcelona if you really want to see how grand a history the city has. Plus, entry is totally free. 

Also, don’t forget to check out all the different GetYourGuide Barcelona tours in. the city. There are so many to choose from and we’ve found. it’s totally helpful when planning our trip to Barcelona.

This is especially true as you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour. This is so good , especially as plans can change so fast once you arrive. 



14.) Gaudi House Museum

6 Must See Buildings By Gaudi In Barcelona (6)

Visit the home of Gaudi and learn more about his life in Barcelona, his world and surrounding that influenced his architecture and art.

It’s well worth taking a gander, especially if you’re interested in his life and works. Plus, if you’re already in the park, it’s kinda a no-brainer.

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15.) Sagrat Cor

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (7)

This church takes some effort to get to as it’s located on the summit of Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona.

That being said, once you arrive, you’ll be rewarded with not just an impressive sight that’s a must-see in Barcelona but also with a fantastic vantage viewing point of the city!

Just make sure to go hear early enough to visit the church but late enough to see the sun glow. 

Afterwards, make sure to explore the retro rides and theme park that has stood here since the 19th century. It’s so gorgeous. 

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16.) Santa Maria del Pi

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (21)

A stunner of a church in the Gothic district of Barcelona that you should definitely see.

Now, Santa Maria del Pi is not necessarily the largest of the churches in Barcelona but by no means less significant and should definitely be an addition to your sightseeing itinerary in Barcelona.

It’s a great spot to visit whilst heading through the Gothic Quarter and so easy to see. 

17.) Monastery of Pedralbes

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (18)

This is a gothic monastery turned museum is definitely of note for its part in the history of the royal family in Barcelona at the time and is with a visit. It’s well worth a visit if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

That being said, if you’re more into your foodie spots and markets, you might wanna give it a miss.

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (25)

If that’s you, head down to Barceloneta Beach and enjoy the Mediterranean and little restaurants, too. 

18.) Casa Amatller

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (4)

This building (in the centre) is of particular significance as it is a prime example of the Modernisme style of architecture in Barcelona and is regarded as one of the most important modernist buildings in the city. This alone makes it a stopping point you have to see whilst exploring the city.

Not only that, but it’s also one of the most iconic buildings you’ll see whilst strolling Illa de la Discòrdia which is also great for lots of foodie spots in Barcelona

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19.) Columbus Monument

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (17)

A monument to Christopher Columbus, this monument apparently serves as a reminder of Christopher Columbus’s visit to the King and Queen in Barcelona after his first visit to the continent.

A quick little stop, but well worth seeing whilst in Barcelona. 

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (27)

Afterwards, head on over to Mercado de La Boqueria for some tasty treats in one of Barcelona’s most famous markets. It’s yummy. 

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20.) Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC)

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (19)

It’s almost a given that you need to visit a museum when you’re in a city like Barcelona but even on its own.

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (41)

This museum is a sight to behold itself.

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (28)

Also, if you can, make sure to visit after 3 pm on Saturdays, it becomes totally free to enter after this time. 

21.) Plaça d’Espanya

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (23)

This is one of the biggest squares and is definitely one you’ll pop by on your way to one of the many other sights on the list.

After all, you’ll probably only spend around 20-minutes here. 

22.) Casa Batlló

Best Things To Do In Barcelona (42)

Another Gaudi masterpiece, Casa Batllo is worth seeing alone for its stunning amazing technicolour. It’s totally stunning and one of the best Gaudi buildings to see in Barcelona. 

Just be sure to arrive early if you want to avoid the majority of the crowds. Oh, and if you can’t, book your tickets online so you can queue jump when you arrive. 

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