Miami has earned itself a pretty epic reputation over the last century, often referred to as a magic city, it’s not hard to see why. There are so many fun things to do in Miami that you really can’t miss.

One of the main reasons I was itching to visit Miami was for its beautiful beaches, world-renowned art, yummy food and a strong Latin culture… all washed down with lots of cocktails, naturally.

Miami was the very starting point for our road trip from the Florida Keys to Los Angeles; and what a city it is!

14 Amazing Things To Do In Miami

Take a look at some of the very best things I’d recommend you do on your next trip. You’re going to love all the fun things to do in Miami.

1.) Soak up the rays at South Beach

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (20)

When you think of Miami, an image of the ever-famous south Beach probably comes to mind, especially with all the peacocking that goes on! Thankfully, the beach isn’t just about those rippling biceps and glutes.

My lack of rippling muscles made sure of that!

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (8)

With its beautiful turquoise waters and silky smooth beaches, it’s the perfect place to start your day, especially if you get up early to watch the sunrise.

The beach draws a large crowd but don’t let that put you off, you can still find quieter parts of the beach that are just perfect for a chilled afternoon. It really is one of the fun things to do in Miami.

After all, you deserve a rest at the beach.

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2.) Sip some cocktails in the Art Deco District

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (2)

Whether you are interested in architecture, beautiful art or just enjoy some stunning scenery, the Art Deco historic district is a must-visit.

Located near South Beach, the unique, colourful buildings in this district capture the unique art and architecture of the city, making it one of the most iconic areas of Miami.

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (11)

Visit in the early evening, drop into one of the cocktail bars and enjoy the buzzing vibe of this colourful district.

3.) Explore Little Havana

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (13)

Miami is home to a large Cuban community that can be explored in the Little Havana Neighborhood, just West of the downtown area.

Immerse yourself in the neighbourhood and sample some of the delicious Cuban foods (you’ve got to try the Cubano sandwich), exploring the shops and taking in the Latin art and salsa music venues that are incredible on the weekends. All without even stepping foot in the amazing Cuban city of Havana.

If you’re wanting a satisfy your sweet tooth, head to one of the Cuban cafes and try Arroz con Leche (which is a sweet rice pudding). It’s so delicious, especially with a sprinkle of cinnamon. It’s delicious and fun things to do in Miami.

Visiting Cuba? Make sure to visit these amazing places in Havana, Cuba 

4.) Visit the historic Coconut Grove

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (24)

The Coconut Grove neighbourhood is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Miami, dating back to the 1800s. Located south of downtown, this area is filled with restaurants, hotels, shops, art and greenery influenced by Bahamian roots. Grab a bike or go on foot to explore this cool area of the city.

Make sure to grab a hearty breakfast at Berries, it’s delicious!

5.) Dance the night away on Ocean Drive

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (23)

Located in the South Beach neighbourhood, this stretch of road is great for grabbing a bite to eat, appreciating high-end cars driving and people watching.

With a range of bars, restaurants, and clubs, it is a party at night filled with dancing and some pretty epic times. We headed to Mango’s Tropical Cafe (totally by accident) and it was incredible. It’s such a vibrant place that’s filled with the most amazing music and dancing.

Not into the party scene? Hit the drive during the day and enjoy nearby Lummus Park.

6.) Relax at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (17)

Southwest of downtown Miami is a town called Coral Gables where you can visit the beautiful Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

This place is not your typical veggie patch- it is 83-acres of tropical plants ranging from rare to ubiquitous flora that can be explored on a self-guided tour or in a tram that moves around the garden.

7.) Kayak around Key Biscayne

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (18)

Located south of the city just over the Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne is an island town with beautiful beaches and parks. Grab a bike, go for a run or test your kayaking skills on a beautiful beach or in nearby Crandon Park to the north or Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park to the south.

Head over to the Rusty Pelican to dine whilst watching the sunset over the city. It really is a great place, especially as they have bottomless mimosas!!!

I mean, a vacation isn’t a vacation without a tipple!

8.) Wander the Wynwood Walls Art Museum

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (5)

If you find art museums stuffy and boring, shake things up with Wynwood Walls.

This outdoor street museum is made up of colourful wall murals and graffiti painted by a variety of artists from around the world. You won’t think of a canvas in the same way again, it really is one of the fun things to do in Miami.

9.) Explore the Bayside Marketplace

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (21)

Grab 2 for 1 mojito and stroll around Bayside Marketplace. The downtown area has a variety of shops, restaurants and live music to keep your hips swinging.

Embrace the live music and dancing – it is optional but always a great idea for a boogie! Alternatively, hire a boat ride to see the city from a different perspective.

10.) Take a dip at the Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool Miami Visit USA

If you are getting salty from the beaches but still in need of hydrotherapy, be sure to experience the Venetian Pool.

Located in the Coral Gables area, this converted quarry to pool is a magical place to relax, walk around and go for a swim in a unique and beautiful setting. It really is very unique.

11.) Learn about the heritage of cigars

Although I’m not a smoker, The Little Havana Cigar Factory is an interesting place to explore and learn more about the heritage of cigar making.

Not a fan of cigars? Grab a Cuban espresso and enjoy some live music!

12.) Explore the gorgeous Vizcaya Museum

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (10)

This Italian Renaissance-style villa turned museum sits on a historic estate where you can explore the gardens and enjoy the outdoor sculptures and even take a peek at the other art indoors.

13.) Visit the Maritime Heritage Trail

14 Amazing Things to See And Do When Visiting Miami (6)

Located in the stunning Biscayne National Park, the Maritime Heritage Trail is an underwater archaeological site where you and explore some of the many shipwrecks and underwater ecosystems. It’s one of the incredibly fun things to do in Miami that you can’t miss.

You can access the sites only by boat and all sites are available to SCUBA divers. Not into SCUBA? Check out the sites available with snorkel gear!

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14.) Take an airboat across the Everglades

Best Things To Do In The Everglades (5)

Located just south of the city, head across the Everglades in your very own airboat.

Explore the stunning nature and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the alligators and turtles that call the Everglades home. It really is a special place to explore.

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