Ibiza is one of those incredible Balearic Islands that’s so epic to explore. Much more than just partying, there are so many incredible and best things to do in Ibiza which are dotted all across the island.

Now, as I said, Ibiza is known for its world-class nightlife, but there’s so much more to Ibiza than the clubs. Like, yes, they are incredible but you’ve got an amazing shoreline, beautiful bays and historic towns that are too good to miss.

Honestly, Ibiza is pretty diverse and well worth a gander around the whole island when you visit.

So, to help you get the most out of your time visiting Ibiza, take a look at some of the top things to do while you’re there. Have an amazing time in Spain. 

1.) Es Vedra (at sunset)

The Best Place To Watch The Sunset In Ibiza AND Where To Go For An Amazing 10 Course Gourmet Dinner! (12)

This is possibly one of my favourite things to do! After a day exploring the island, drive (or get a taxi) to Es Vedra which is truly gorgeous.

Once here, Sit along the cliffs, watch the sunset and enjoy this Mediterranean viewpoint that’s one of the best in the Balearic Islands.

If you feel like visiting, make sure to arrive here at least 45 minutes before sunset. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful views across the Mediterranean before it gets dark. Oh, and make sure to take a little tipple with you. There are no bars or restaurants or anything like that at this point. 

Finally, if you are visiting Es Vedra by taxi, make sure to grab the driver’s phone number to arrange a return trip. This area is pretty rural and there are very few taxis that drive by. 

Oh, and to make it easy to locate, here is the Google Maps link to get you right to this viewpoint. You’ll love it. 

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2.) Hippy Market 

How To Have The Ultimate Ibiza Trip (8)

The Hippy Market in Las Dalias de Ibiza is one little spot that lots of people visit. Yes, it can be busy, and yes it’s popular with visitors but it’s still worth a trip whilst visiting Ibiza.

Now, the main thing I love about the Hippy Market is that it’s a point to grab some local souvenirs and trinkets from local traders themselves. The Hippy Market has everything from hand-made goodies to wood carvings and thrift items.

One point to remember, lots of things in Ibiza’s Hippy Market can be a little inflated in price. That being said, if you’re aware of that when visiting, you won’t be left with a nasty shock once you’re here. 

Afterwards, drive further north and you’ll reach Aigües Blanques in the north of Ibiza. It’s a beautiful little bay that’s perfect if you want an afternoon at the Beach. 

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3.) Ibiza Old Town

Best Things To Do In Ibiza (10)

Easily reached from the harbour of Ibiza Town itself, the Old Town is stunning to visit. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it’s one of the best things to do in Ibiza if you’re looking to explore for a lazy afternoon. 

You can easily spend 4-5 hours dipping into the little boutiques, stopping off at the tavernas and seeing the views across the bay. 

Once here, make sure to visit the Castle of Ibiza that’s right at the heart of the Old Town. Just be sure to wear some comfy shoes; the incline and cobbled streets can be tricky if you’re shoes aren’t the best. 

Oh, and don’t forget to book this tour that takes you all around Dalt Vila. You’ll even get to join an artists workshop which is so much fun. 

4.) Ibiza Clubs 

Yeah, Ibiza is known for its world-class partying! It’s one of the best things to do in Ibiza if you’re looking for one of the world’s iconic party spots. 

Now, what I would say is that prices can be steep for the main clubs. Don’t expect a bargain but you will have some epic parties that go on throughout the summer season. 

One of the most famous clubs, Pacha, is still going strong and well worth going as it’s one of Europe’s most famous clubs. Best of all, it’s really easy to visit if you’re already in Ibiza Town itself.

Alternatively, head to places like San Antonio for clubs like Amnesia. This is one of the island’s best clubbing spots if you’re on this side of the island. 

Finally, another great superclub to visit is Ushuaïa Ibiza. It’s not too far from Ibiza Airport and has some of the world’s best DJs playing in the summer months. However, just remember it’s best to buy your tickets online, especially if a notable DJ or artist is playing on the night.

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5.) San Juan 

On a Sunday, San Juan (a gorgeous little town in the north) hosts a pretty lovely market. Now, you might recognise some of the same traders as the Hippy Market but most of the stalls are a little more unique to the town.

Although San Juan is small, it’s the perfect trip to make to the north of Ibiza, especially on market day (Sunday). 

Once here, be sure to pop in for lunch at the Giri Cafe. We’ve been back many times and absolutely love it for lunch. Oh, and next door is the Giri Residence, too. We stayed here during one of our visits to Ibiza and absolutely loved it. It’s the perfect place to stay if you fancy a more relaxing time on the island.

6.) Hike Ibiza

How To Have The Ultimate Ibiza Trip (48)

Now, most people don’t associate Ibiza with hiking. That being said, it’s one of the best things to do in Ibiza, especially if you’re in the north of the island. 

We spent a week in the north of Ibiza, following lots of trails and stopping by all the coves for a swim. It’s beautiful and there’s honestly so many to explore.

Once you’re in the north of Ibiza, make sure to take the train from Faro des Moscarter to Portinatx. It’s a gorgeous ring route that will take you around 2 hours to hike. Best of all, it’s suited to most abilities, though it can be tough in the heat of summer. 

If you’re looking for a longer hike, head out Torre des Savinar to cabo Llentrisca in the south of Ibiza. Now, the hike will take around 3 to 4 hours, but it’s absolutely stunning. Plus, you’ll have some epic views of Es Vedra. 

7.) Ibiza’s beaches 

Best Things To Do In Ibiza (3)

Ibiza has some of the best beaches in the Balearic Islands to visit. Best of all, they’re dotted all across the island and within easy reach by car (or taxi). We’ve spent a good few days exploring the beaches around Ibiza and love them. Best of all, there’s a beach for every type of trip or group you’re travelling with. 

For instance, you can easily head to some of Ibiza’s beach clubs or bars. These are perfect if you’re visiting with friends and a great place to spend a day. One great beach club to visit is Elements Eivissa Beach Club which is perfect for sunset cocktails and food. 

Also, don’t forget about places like Portinatx, Platja de Comte, Calla Mastella and the gorgeous Cala d’Hort Beach. All of these are relatively easy to visit if you’re exploring Ibiza by car and are well worth a visit. 

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Cala Vedella and Cala Longa in Santa Eulalia, too.


Afterwards, and to make things much easier, book this epic Jeep safari island exploration around Ibiza. You’ll spend around 4-6 hours exploring and get lots of time for swimming. Plus, they’ll pick you up right from your hotel, too. It’s such a fun day. 

8.) Sail Ibiza 

Best Things To Do In Ibiza (8)

The coastline of Ibiza is so beautiful to visit, especially if you’re exploring the little bays, coves and beaches by boat. Best of all, there are heaps of sailing tours around Ibiza to fit every type of traveller. 

For instance, if you want to head around the island, book this Ibiza beach-hopping tour that takes you all around some of the prettiest spots. Plus, you’ll get loads of time for snorkelling and a stop at one of the pristine beaches for around 3 hours. 

Alternatively, if you’re visiting Ibiza with friends, then book this Ibiza sunset party cruise. It has a resident DJ onboard and free-flowing drinks whilst you watch the sunset over the Mediterranean.

If you can, ask your skipper and captain to stop off at the intimate little island of Ses Margalides (I mentioned before). It’s stunning.

9.) Cala Comte

Best Things To Do In Ibiza (5)

Not too far from San Antonio, visiting Cala Comte is one of the best things to do in Ibiza if you fancy an easy-to-reach beach day. 

You see, Cala Comte is around a 15-20 drive from the centre of San Antonio and perfect to visit if you have a car or by booking a taxi. Once here, you’ll find ample places to swim, especially in the shallower shoreline that reaches over to Bosc Island in the distance. 

Now, whenever we visit, we always stroll between the bays and beaches here. For instance, we love walking over to the little bay opposite Ses Roques Restaurant. Yes, it might not have a beach but the cove is a stunning place for a swim. 

Oh, and if you want to have cocktails at sunset, head over to Sunset Ashram. It’s just off the shoreline and great for cocktails or a little bite to eat. Though, make sure to book your table as soon as you arrive (or before) on the beach. Tables fill up fast at sunset.

10.) Visit Formentera 

This Is Your Oasis Of Calm In Ibiza - Soulshine Yoga Retreat (27)

Island hopping whilst in Ibiza is pretty easy, so if you want to explore another little place, pop over to the island of Formentera by booking this all-inclusive ticket. You’ll get 5-hours of free time on Formentera, head wine tasting and enjoy some yummy sangria.

Best Things To Do In Ibiza (12)

Not only that, you’ll get free use of the stand-up paddle boards and snorkels, too. 

Just be sure to book this sailing trip before arriving in Ibiza. After all, you don’t want all the tickets to go before you arrive. 

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