Copenhagen always surprises me, it’s one of those European cities that seems to be constantly changing but, at the same time, completely familiar and welcoming.

The whole city is an intermingling of old and new influences, from its rustic Nordic charm, stunning architecture to its worldly food scene that has really taken off in recent years and which, during our visit, I was determined to gorge on.

Our first ever visit, to Copenhagen, was full of surprises and one that completely made me fall in love with this incredible city – so much so, that I knew we just had to return.

After a quick scramble to pack our bags we jetted off and before we knew it, we’d arrived.

We headed straight into the city itself, via the train that operates ever 10 minutes or so from the Airport itself, which arrived in a flash.

As we’d packed way too much luggage on this occasion, we decided to head straight for our digs for the next two-day, The Tivoli hotel.

I’ve gotta say, the rooms at the Tivoli Hotel were extra special, it almost felt as if part of the magical and creativity of Tivoli Gardens had been transported to the rooms themselves.

Plus, they had some sort of robotic toilet that was something out of Star Trek. Equipped with led lights, a small shower and even its own dryer! What sorcery was this?!?

visiting Copenhagen

As the sun was shining, we decided to head out and make most of the fine weather.

Coming from London, you realise how important it is to make the most of each ray of sunshine! 🙂

visiting Copenhagen-6

Our first port-of-call was to grab a little grub for the day when we headed to Nimb for our tasty high tea…

visiting Copenhagen-10 …which was incredible!

visiting Copenhagen-4

Upon arriving, we took our seat in the grand hall right next to the roaring fire, yes, it was summer but whenever I see a ‘real fireplace’ I’ve just got to enjoy it, especially as I didn’t have to bring in the firewood as my dad used to make me do whilst growing up! 🙂

visiting Copenhagen-11

What I loved most about Nimb’s high tea is that each and every pastry is freshly made to order. This means that the dainty sandwiches and home-made scones may take a little longer than a usual ‘tea’ but is well worth the wait…

…especially when you’re guzzling down copious amounts of bubbles in such a beautiful setting!

visiting Copenhagen-3

I want to say that I ate my high tea with panache and sophistication (like a true gent) but my hunger monster had kicked into full swing and I swear I scoffed all the pastry goodness (and a cocktail) as soon as they arrived!

visiting Copenhagen-16

With bubbles and home-made scones coming out of my ears, we decided to walk off our indulgent afternoon with a little wander around the town before heading over to the meat-packing district for what promised to be a fun evening!

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