*Due to the large size, this post has been split into two parts. Click here for Part 1. 5.) Boat Tour Later on in the afternoon, we decided it might be good to take in more of wonderful Copenhagen, there are two ways which I think are the best to see the city by one … Continue Reading

Copenhagen is a foodie lovers dream that’ll send any hungry tummy into overdrive. Over the last decade, Copenhagen has really pioneered their culinary prowess- making it one of the most delicious capital cities to visit in Europe. Though it’s gotta be said, you don’t have to dine Michelin Star or spend a pretty penny to … Continue Reading

I have to admit one thing I love most about new cities is the food! I’m one of those people who just loves to eat (I wish I wasn’t) but truthfully, I’ve just learned to embrace my gluttony now…calories and all! Needless to say, this is what led me straight to the meat packing district … Continue Reading

Copenhagen is a foodie’s dream destination! From the delicious and unique stalls of Paper Island, the freshly caught seafood at Torvehallerne Market to the Meat Packing District, Koedbyen which offers many amazing places to nibble at! There is a real rawness to the Meat Packing District in Copenhagen. It’s definitely a very nourishing experience to wander around the many old … Continue Reading

I just got a new camera and I’m chuffed to bits about it. I started to feel a bit like I’d outgrown my other camera (I’d had it for years) and I finally decided to go up a notch and get a full-frame camera. The only thing is I now have the whole ‘new camera’ … Continue Reading

Right outside Copenhagen’s Rosenborg Castle (and on the way to Nyhavn) is a rather beautiful park that’s perfect for lazy afternoons in the city. As it was Saturday, the park was a hive of activity; everyone friendly, laughing and having a great time! I love visiting a new city and instantly feeling welcome. That’s something … Continue Reading

After our galavant the evening before, I thought it best to have a lie-in… one of those indulgent mornings where you just lay in bed and hoping that someone has already made you a brew before you open your eyes. *P.S., That brew never came! 🙁 After a lazy minute (or 60, to be more precise), I figured … Continue Reading

Hands down, with so many of the top things to do in Copenhagen, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit. Filled with mountains of delicious food, hoards of friendly locals and shed loads of amazing things to see, there’s every reason why you should be thinking of this Danish gem as the place to … Continue Reading

Copenhagen is a surprising city and I say that with love! It’s one of those cities that feels almost town-like in its appearance but with the buzz and vibrancy that matches any major capital city across Europe. There’s honestly a heap of the best places to see in Copenhagen and you’ll be spoilt for choice … Continue Reading

Copenhagen always surprises me, it’s one of those European cities that seems to be constantly changing but, at the same time, completely familiar and welcoming. The whole city is an intermingling of old and new influences, from its rustic Nordic charm, stunning architecture to its worldly food scene that has really taken off in recent … Continue Reading

Woohoo!!! I’ve wanted to visit Copenhagen for quite a while now and I’m so pleased we’re here! Georgia, Yaya, Chris and I just arrived into our hotel (which is amazing by the way – can’t wait to show you what it looks like) and we’re off to see the city in a few minutes but … Continue Reading

*Due to the large size, this post has been split into two parts. Click here for Part 2. It started, like most of our travel plans usually do, when Yaya and I got itchy feet over dinner. Somehow, Denmark always seemed to be on my; Yes, I will go there soon, type of country.  Yet, … Continue Reading

Denmark is such an incredible country to explore, with its capital, Copenhagen being of no exception. It’s the kind of European city that has a little something for everyone. Its got history, culture, art, nightlife and a whopping amount of the best things to in Copenhagen that is literally all across the city.    Now, … Continue Reading

When we visited Copenhagen, two things struck me! Firstly, how friendly Danish people are and, secondly, that you need a guide to visiting Copenhagen. It’s a city that can swallow up your time and it’s so easy to get bamboozled with all the amazing things to do once you’re there.  This is exactly why I … Continue Reading