Right outside Copenhagen’s Rosenborg Castle (and on the way to Nyhavn) is a rather beautiful park that’s perfect for lazy afternoons in the city.

visiting Copenhagen-97

As it was Saturday, the park was a hive of activity; everyone friendly, laughing and having a great time! I love visiting a new city and instantly feeling welcome.

That’s something that Copenhagen does so well and it’s evident from the amazing mix of people that were all mingling together in the park…

visiting Copenhagen-95

and all looking rather suave, too! 

visiting Copenhagen-96

Of course, no visit to Copenhagen would be complete without a little gander at the city’s colourful waterfront!

visiting Copenhagen-99 Before I knew it, 2 hours had passed and we were already late for our next adventure of the day, Tivoli Gardens.

We’d stopped at Tivoli Gardens on our last visit but we only managed about 2 hours in the park. This time, I insisted we dedicated the rest of the day to explore.

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There’s a history and charm to Tivoli Gardens that really is unique, not only because it’s one of the oldest themed parks in the world but because it’s actually so much more than just rides.

visiting Copenhagen-109

As soon as we got through the gates, we headed straight for one of my favourite of things, The Rollercoaster – that is well over 100 years old!

visiting Copenhagen-108

This wooden rollercoaster has to be one of my favourites… more than anything else it’s charming friendly and a little bit rickety, imagine it like a great-aunt of the rollercoaster world.

visiting Copenhagen-107

After coasting the tracks, weaving in and out of the snow-capped mountains and losing my tummy to a few big drops, we decided to settle our tummy’s at Fru Nimb, where we tried our very first Danish staple, a smørrebrød with an aperitif of-course!

With loads of different variations, we sat down, with an aperitif to delve into one of the 50, or so, smørrebrød variations on offer.

visiting Copenhagen-106

One of the things I loved most about trying a smørrebrød from Fru Nimb was that each and everyone has been specially curated from a 100-year-old cookbook that was imagined by Louise Nimb, Tivoli’s original smørrebrødsjomfru (which is a fancy name for, smørrebrød expert). 😉

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After tucking into our hearty smørrebrød’s, we headed straight into the park itself…

visiting Copenhagen-116

By this point, the sun had begun to set and all the fairytale lights began to light up the gardens, trust me when I say, it’s magical whatever your age.

visiting Copenhagen-113

 We decided to go on a good few rides, some old, some new… and a few down-right scary!

visiting Copenhagen-114

The whole park was great fun and it’s really easy to get on every ride (no need to queue for hours, like in other major parks).

visiting Copenhagen-112

I think we must have gone on quite a few rollercoasters and intense rides, as after a while my tummy began to feel a little queasy…

…with no better remedy than scoops of homemade ice-cream, sweet popcorn and an incredible Pantomime…

…Danish style, of-course!

visiting Copenhagen-117

The dancers were incredible and it’s nothing like a Pantomime in Britain, much less heckling and audience participation (which is fun too) and much more of a serious art form…

visiting Copenhagen-123 …that includes ballet and beautiful dancing, which even gets quite dark and sinister at times.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I ended up downloading the album by ‘Oh Land’ who curated the music for the show.

visiting Copenhagen-121

We managed to see Cinderella and it really was a special event.

visiting Copenhagen-120  Without sounding too corny, the whole show was enchanting! 

visiting Copenhagen-122

It seemed that after settling my tummy with a Pantomime and like a sucker for punishment, we headed back onto a few more rides! 😉

visiting Copenhagen-134

Before we knew it, 12 midnight was approaching and with every Cinderella reference ever quoted, we knew it’d be time to leave soon but not before seeing a whole array of stunning fireworks to send us on our way.

visiting Copenhagen-131

As the night drew to a close and my weary feet asked for a rest and so we bade farewell to the amazing Tivoli Gardens headed back for a good night’s kip at the Tivoli Hotel.

visiting Copenhagen-135

By the next morning, it quickly dawned on me that it’d be our last day in the city! I’m never keen on the last day of a holiday, it always feels like it’s the end of an era… so dramatic, I know!

How To Spend 48 Hours In Copenhagen (65)

Thankfully, we had a precious few hours left to relax before our flight back to London which we decided to spend at Sticks N Sushi.

visiting Copenhagen-138

Sat on the rooftop terrace, overlooking Copenhagen, we delved into a mountain of sushi and pan-Asian cuisine, which had everything from… visiting Copenhagen-136

salted avocado, fresh salmon rolls and a whole array of delicious sushi that filled me to the brim. 

visiting Copenhagen-137

My favourite had to be the sushi which I would’ve packed in my luggage if I knew it’d have kept! 🙂  visiting Copenhagen-140  Filled with oodles of sushi, it was time to call our lovely break in Copenhagen a day! visiting Copenhagen-141

We trundled back to the train station to catch our flight home and I quickly realised how much I’d eaten over the course of a long weekend…

visiting Copenhagen-145

…meh, what the heck! It’s a holiday after all. And if the glass didn’t crack under my weight, there’s no need to worry! 😉

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