Hey!!! We’ve just arrived in the airport in Reykjavik and I just had to write this post rather quickly. (The next challenge will be to actually find WiFi so I can post this!)

This is a rather quick update to let you know we’ve just arrived in Iceland and as you can imagine -it’s… er… rather icy!

We start off our trip with a visit to a geothermal spa for a nice bit of ‘R n R’ after a rather early flight and shortly after that, we hit the road again to see some more natural wonders in Iceland!

We Are In Iceland!!!

I’d love to stay and chat but the carousel has just started moving with our luggage – we had to check-in luggage as the tripods wouldn’t fit out hand luggage and somehow, we managed to find ways to fill our suitcases and hand luggage!

If you wanna stay up to date with everything we get up to in Iceland in real-time (and long before they come onto the blog), head over to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where we will be posting regular updates from our trip in Iceland (Instagram will probably have the most photos)!

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