One of the larger of the Channel Islands, the gorgeous gem of Guernsey is stunning to visit. There’s a heap of the best things to do in Guernsey dotted all across the island; with the sandy coves, historic castles and yummy places to eat making it perfect for a long weekend trip! 

Easily reached by boat or flight, Guernsey is amazing to visit if you’re fancying a quieter and totally gorgeous trip away. Plus, you can easily partner this with a trip to see the best places in Jersey, too! 

Oh, and don’t forget about those few degrees of heat… You see, Guernsey is one of the more southerly places in the British Isles so benefits from more lovely temperatures. It’s great.

Best Things To Do In Guernsey

Take a look, below, at the best things to do in Guernsey on your next trip. Have a lovely time on the island.

1.) Castle Cornet

Castle Cornet In Guernsey

Nestled right on a tidal island (now connected to St. Peter, Guernsey’s Castle Cornet is one of the most iconic castles on the island. 

Over the centuries, the Castle has been riddled with battles, occupations, and sieges from all sides! At times, French troops and soldiers have attacked the Castle, in some cases successfully overtaking it. Suffice to say, Castle Cornet has had an exciting past to explore whilst on Guernsey.

Best Things To Do In Guernsey

Give yourself an hour to nosey around before exploring more of St. Peter. 

Afterwards, head on over to Victor Hugo House Museum where you can learn all about the exiled French writer and his former home here. 

Feeling peckish? Head for some grub at The Catch. They serve up some tasty seafood dishes caught right off the shore. 

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2.) Vale Castle

Vale Castle In Guernsey

Not too far from St. Sampson’s, Vale Castle has a history that dates back centuries.

Well worth a visit when exploring the north-east of the island, it’s one of the best things to do in Guernsey when you’re visiting Dehus Dolmen.

For a lovely dinner, book a table at Le Nautique who prides itself on serving the best seafood on the island. Their Herm oysters and monkfish are so yummy. 

3.) Sark 

Sark Island and Guernsey

Easy to reach via the boats (from St. Peter’s Harbour), Sark is the smaller, but still beautiful, part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. 

Once here, take in the trails around the shoreline and especially at La Coupée. It’s such a unique spot for some incredible vistas. Oh, and don’t forget to see Sarkhenge and the beautiful Dixcart Bay. 

Not only that, Sark is the world’s first dark sky island! This makes it the perfect place to stargaze and a must for any budding astronomer. After sunset, you can revel in the blanket of darkness, devoid of any light pollution caused by street lights, cars or lamps. It’s incredible. 

Just make sure to stay overnight and increase your chances of seeing some shooting stars! You’d be hard-pressed not to visit.

4.) Pleinmont Point 

Piedmont Point In Guernsey

Pleinmont Point played a vital role in the WWII occupation of Guernsey.

You see, from 1940-45, German troops used Pleinmont Tower, on top of Pleinmont Point, as a place from which to control the island’s artillery while fighting British aircraft. In fact, within the Tower itself, there has been an artillery gun positioned just how it would have been decades ago.

Today, it’s one of the best things to do in Guernsey if you’re wanting to catch a sunset. Not only that,  you’ve even got the pristine Portelet Beach just below, too.

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5.) Guernsey’s Loophole towers

Loophole Towers in Guernsey

There are around 12 loophole towers dotted across Guernsey as a way of protecting the islands from the French back in the 1700s. Nowadays, you can still spot them around the island and are pretty impressive to see.

Loop hole Towers In Guernsey

Be sure to walk the trails and spot the; L’Ancresse Loophole Tower, Petit Bôt tower and the Fermain Tower (which you can now stay within). 

6.) Hauteville House (Victor Hugo House)

Best Things To Do In Guernsey

Mentioned briefly before, Hauteville House was once home to iconic writer Victor Hugo. Inside, you’ll get to learn more about the literary genius and how he once lived.

The House, designed by the Les Miserable author himself, is covered in personally meaningful symbolism and memorabilia that’s easily one of the best museums on the island.

Once here, you’ll also get to learn more about why Hugo left France to live in Guernsey; and how he came to be such a prolific writer.

Feeling peckish? Grab a table at Octopus. known for its stellar views as well as its dishes, it’s a totally great spot to fill up. Whether you’re in the mood for oysters, lobster, mussels, fish or any other seafood dish and you won’t be disappointed.

7.) Saint Peter Port

St Peter In Guernsey

Saint Peter Port, with its cobbled streets and narrow alleyways, is the charming little capital of Guernsey. With a heap of things to do. With heaps of museums, not including the ones I already mentioned, will fill up a whole day (if not longer). So, plan your trip wisely and choose the type of places you want to see most.

Remember, you’ve also got the; island’s Museum and Art Gallery, a lovely Maritime Museum, and Candie Gardens, too.

Strolling around the Port, passing by its historic sites, like the Liberation Monument, is the perfect way to spend a morning before popping on the boat to Sark.  

Elizabeth College In Guernsey

Afterwards, head to the Fat Rascal for their fresh fish menu (and chorizo hash). Yum. 

Oh, and keep your ears to your ground at noon to hear the cannon at Castle Cornet go off!  

8.) German Occupation Museum

Guernsey has a long history that dates back thousands of years, but there’s also a heap of more recent histories that’s well worth learning about. You see, Guernsey has a significant past in relation to WWII with it being occupied by the Nazi’s during the Second World War.

Opened many decades ago, the Germany Occupation Museum is one of the best things to do in Guernsey if you’re wanting to learn more about the events that occurred during occupation and Liberation Day. 

Inside, you’ll also find collections of WWII artefacts that are well worth a gander before hopping on the flight home. You see, it’s right next to the airport. 

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9.) Victoria Tower

Victoria Tower In Guernsey

Located in St. Peter Port, Victoria Tower was erected in 1846 following Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s visit to the island, the first time a monarch had ever stepped foot on Guernsey.  In 1859 the Royal couple once again visited Guernsey and personally inspected Victoria Tower. The Victoria Tower is one of Guernsey’s most significant monuments and one worth checking out when visiting the island.

Elizabeth College In Guernsey

Afterwards, take a 15-minute drive over to Le Dehus Dolmen which dates back all the way to Neolithic times. One such spot is Le Dehus Dolmen. Perfectly preserved, the Le Dehus Dolmen passage gives you a glimpse into the vast human history in Guernsey.

On the wall is painted an amazing image of a bearded man, said to be the Guardian of Le Dehus, that was created over 4000 years ago. Not something to miss when on Guernsey!

10.) The Little Chapel

Little Chapel In Guernsey

The Little Chapel, also known as the Guernsey Sphinx, is an intricately designed church decorated with shells, pebbles and shattered plate pieces that’s too cute to miss.

Located in the Les Vauxbelets valley, this tiny secluded chapel was built within the summer of 1914 to honour the Virgin Mary and well worth a gander when you’re on the island. 

Although relatively small, it’s totally unique and a spot you won’t want to miss whilst driving through the inland areas of the island. 

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11 Best Things To Do In Jersey, Channel Islands

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