Hands down, with so many of the top things to do in Copenhagen, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit.

Filled with mountains of delicious food, hoards of friendly locals and shed loads of amazing things to see, there’s every reason why you should be thinking of this Danish gem as the place to visit for a weekend trip away.

Now, in my opinion, Copenhagen is a city that seems to have something for everyone. Whether this is your 1st, 2nd or 25th visit to Copenhagen, there’s always something new and different to see, especially with all the events and amazing neighbourhoods that seem forever changing.

Just make sure, if you are planning for a weekend trip, to plan ahead wisely. This way, you can actually fit all the places and top things to do in Copenhagen during a short break. 

Oh yeah, and make sure to take comfy shoes, it’s best to walk (or bike) around the city itself. You get to see so much more. 

top things to do in Copenhagen

Take a look at some of the very top things to do in Copenhagen on your next trip to the city.

1.) Gorge in the Meat Packing District 

visiting Copenhagen-36

This is one of the best areas to visit when once you’ve worked up an appetite (and a thirst) for some delicious grub!

visiting Copenhagen-47

Formed of old warehouses and trading points, this is one cool-as-heck area of the city. Grab a bottle of beer, some street food or a delicious Mexican and chill out with the rest of the crowd.

Top tip: Plan your visit around early evening on a Friday or Saturday, the vibe is amazing (just like during our visit).

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2.) Visit the crown jewels in Rosenborg Castle 

16 Best Things To Do In Copenhagen (14)

Rosenborg Castle is, arguably, one of the city’s most impressive sights to see! Take a wander through the grounds and purchase a ticket to head into the stunning rooms that are hidden inside.

Top tip: Make sure you take a look in the vaults too, they have the crown jewels hidden down there.

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3.) Ramble through the city parks

visiting Copenhagen-73

Yep, Copenhagen isn’t just about the cafes, bars and amazing historic sites, there are also some pretty epic parks that you should visit too.

Take a few hours out of your busy schedule for a little chill time and enjoy the city. 

visiting Copenhagen-97

Top tip: Head to the parks near Rosenborg Castle and grab yourself a bit to eat in one of the many independent cafes that line the streets nearby. It’s easily one of the top things to do in Copenhagen on a more lazy day.

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4.) Get some flower power

visiting Copenhagen-74

Okay, so you’re not going to get much power (As you’re not allowed to pick them) but you sure can enjoy the botanic gardens and house in the centre of Copenhagen.

Head inside to discover hundreds of species and medicinal plants that call this lush oasis home.

visiting Copenhagen-76

Top tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the turtles that frequent these beautiful gardens.

5.) Lose yourself in the music

visiting Copenhagen-51

Copenhagen has a buzzing nightlife but with literally hundreds of places to choose, it can be hard to make a final decision on where to go.

If you’re planning a trip on the weekend, make sure to visit the bars and live music venues in Kødbyen and around Amor Park in Nørrebro. It’s so much fun and easily one of the top things to do in Copenhagen for a weekend party. 

visiting Copenhagen-49

Top tip: Make sure you check out what venues are hosting events – some are ticketed so it’s good to be prepared and book in advance.

6.) Ride the 100-year-old rollercoaster

visiting Copenhagen-108

The Tivoli Gardens Rollercoaster is one of Copenhagen’s most loved treasures… behind the crown jewels of course! 

This 100-year-old beast of a coaster is a rickety old thing that just has to be experienced, imagine it more fun than terrifying, especially when you’re whizzing through the snow-capped peaks of central Copenhagen. 

Just be sure to book these Tivoli Gardens tickets before getting to Copenhagen. It can fill up during peak times. 

visiting Copenhagen-109

Top tip: The seats at the back of The Rollercoaster are the very fastest… and the best.

Honestly, if you’re something of a thrill-seeker, you’ll easily consider this as one of the top things to do in Copenhagen.

Book: Tivoli Garden Tickets

7.) Chow down at Reffen 

16 Best Things To Do In Copenhagen (25)

Foodies rejoice (for now at least)! For anyone wanting an eclectic mix of seasonal foods, then head to Reffen.

Here you’ll be able to try anything from typical Danish cuisine, tapas, Vietnamese and good old fish and chips.

Top tip: Head to the ATM or cash machine and grab yourself some Danish Krone. Although many places accept cards, a few don’t.

8.) Spot the main sights

16 Best Things To Do In Copenhagen

As with most cities, many of the known and frequented sites are scattered around the town.

Make sure you plan your routes to coincide with some of the big sites like; The Little Mermaid, Nyhavn and Strøget (if you want to shop).

16 Best Things To Do In Copenhagen (7)

Top tip: Give yourself at least a morning to discover the city by bicycle, it’s a great way to navigate the city, just make sure you pay attention to the rules of the road.

9.)  Spiral up Rundetårn

16 Best Things To Do In Copenhagen (11)

For one of the best views of the city, head to the top of Rundetårn, which has a spiralled walkway right to the very top.

16 Best Things To Do In Copenhagen (6)

On a sunny day you can see all across the region, making it a great place to watch the sunset!

How To Spend a Weekend in Copenhagen! [PART 2] (24)

Top tip: Don’t forget to stop at the little doors on the way up/down. They’re usually filled with art installations for us all to view.

10.) Gorge on a Smørrebrød (or three)

visiting Copenhagen-105

Smørrebrød’s are one of Denmark’s (not so secret) dishes that you have to try.

Usually consisting of rye bread and various toppings such as fish, cold cut’s and vegetables, it’s the perfect meal to try in the city!

visiting Copenhagen-103

Top tip: Head to Fru Nimb for a delicious range of Smørrebrøds that are made using the very same cookbook by Fru Nimb some 100 years ago.

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16 Very Best Things To Do In Copenhagen

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