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5.) Boat Tour

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Later on in the afternoon, we decided it might be good to take in more of wonderful Copenhagen, there are two ways which I think are the best to see the city by one is by bicycle, the other is by boat.

As my legs still felt a little wobbly after being whirled around 40 metres in the air at Tivoli, I thought it best we see the city by boat.

We decided to go on the grand boat tour which departs every 30 minutes or so from opposite Kongens Nytorv in the centre of the city.

The boat tour took about 50 minutes or so and we had a peek into the canals, castles and historic sites that make up Copenhagen.

It’s surprising, I had always heard of Amsterdam’s canals but I never knew of Copenhagen’s smaller canals. They were a marvellous and beautiful surprise to me! Of course, the tour also stops for a little photo opportunity next to the famous, Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) who sits contently by the sea-front.

I had also never known until our guide mentioned, that The Little Mermaid has since its inception, has become a site for political protesters who have defaced and broken the limbs off the statue. Thankfully, it has been restored to its former glory for us all to enjoy.

6.) Sizzling Hot-Dogs

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After a cruise around the city, our stomachs began to rumble quite loudly! It was as if those sea waves made our tummies ready for some Danish food delights.

We had heard some great things about one, albeit informal place to eat, at an organic hot-dog stall (that stands next to the Rundetårn). Hands down, these guys made the most delicious Danish hot-dogs, mash potato, beets and onions that you can ever imagine.

It was a warming soul-food type meal that made me order another one. And another one… And another one…Yes, I should be judged for being greedy but honestly, I couldn’t help it!

If you visit, make sure to order their mash potato with your dog. It was heavenly! 

7.) The Rundetårn

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After eating our weights in hot-dogs, we headed a short walk to The Round Tower, which is known locally as the Rundetårn.

It was built in 1642 and they must have been really scared of steps in 17th Century Denmark as there is no one in sight.

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Literally the floor spirals on a slope right to the very top. There are some great views from the top of the Rundetårn and along your spiral ascent, there are many little and big rooms to stop and wander inside. It even has its own bespoke art gallery which is actually really cool!

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Make sure to head to the Rundetårn in the early morning or later afternoon to avoid more of the crowds. As before, this is also ‘free’ once you get your Copenhagen card.         

8.) Blågårdsgade in the Evening

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By evening time, and after our carb low had passed, we decided to hit-the-town, so to speak.

We wanted to experience true Copenhagen nightlife just like the locals would and so we headed to Blågårdsgade in the Nørrebro district which was a mere 10-minute walk from our hotel.

The area itself is filled with lots of independently owned bars, coffee houses, restaurants with a vibrant and lovely presence that welcomes everyone! We were really fortunate to visit when there was lots of live music on the streets and thousands of people having a great time.

People are so friendly in Copenhagen and within minutes, we joined in on all the fun and merriment with everyone else. It was almost like we arrived at a party.

Actually, speaking of which, we did end up at some house party for a bit.

We met some locals when we were trying to find out why everyone was out and they invited us to a garden party they were having too. We stayed for a bit and made our way back to the street where we danced for a bit before heading on to where the crowd was going to a party at some warehouse-y type building.

We stayed for a bit and still eager to see as much as possible, we ended up in some really cool bar and partied till late. All along with some new friends.

It was one of those nights that you just expect to be fairly standard and it just evolved into a blur of fun activities, tasty drinks and amazing people.

Blågårdsgade is a perfect place to experience Copenhagen nightlife. There is a place for everyone, from small and quiet coffee houses to chilled old-style bars that make some amazing drinks! I can’t wait to go to Blågårdsgade again!

9.) Spa Time

After a great night’s sleep and hearty Hotel Kong Arthur breakfast, we decided it would be good to take the opportunity to experience the spa at the hotel.

The spa itself is beautifully presented, with a steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and it even had one of those Scandinavian cold-water buckets that you pour on yourself.

We loved it. It was a nice welcome break to chillout after strolling around the city the day before. 

10.) Torvehallerne: Afternoon Food Market

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By midday, we had once again worked up an appetite.

I’m not sure what it is about water-related activities in Copenhagen but it seems to always bring out my hunger monster. We decided to take a short walk to Torvehallerne which is a lovely food market in Copenhagen.

How To Spend a Weekend in Copenhagen! [PART 2] (34)

I love searching for what my tastebuds call for, so food markets are definitely my thing.

How To Spend a Weekend in Copenhagen! [PART 2] (37)

My favourite place to eat here was Palæo – which follows a Stone-Age menu. Only offering delicious foods that were averrable in the stone age era.

It sounds archaic but its really, really healthy with lots of fresh fish, meats, as many vegetables as you can handle along with plenty of berries.


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11.) Den Blå Planet

How To Spend a Weekend in Copenhagen! [PART 2] (43)

By the afternoon, we had to contemplate our departure from Copenhagen but not before a trip to the most amazing aquarium I have ever visited; Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet).

How To Spend a Weekend in Copenhagen! [PART 2] (48)

The aquarium is a short 15-minute walk from the airport so it’s great if you have a spare hour or two to wander around before your flight.

The Blue Planet aquarium is now the largest aquarium in Northern Europe with its main purpose being to help contribute to scientific projects, educational institutions and aquatic life preservation.

My favourite area was the Amazon area that is housed in a temperate climate (which gets ridiculously warm if you still have your jacket on like I did). It was spectacular to see and a fun, laid-back afternoon spent learning about different forms of aquatic wildlife.

And in truth, it was quite welcome after the night we had before.

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16 Best Things To Do In Copenhagen

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