I have to admit one thing I love most about new cities is the food!

I’m one of those people who just loves to eat (I wish I wasn’t) but truthfully, I’ve just learned to embrace my gluttony now…calories and all!

Needless to say, this is what led me straight to the meat packing district after our afternoon at Nimb (yes, I know I said I went on a walk but it was actually a walk heading from one source of food to the other – technically, it still counts! 🙂 )

I swear my nose is even attuned to finding food being prepped, with it leading us straight into the Copenhagen Cooking Festival.

We were lucky enough to arrive in the city when the 10-day food festival was in full swing, with almost 100 stalls and events, we decided to have a good stroll, sampling every taster and nibble we could!

visiting Copenhagen-22

As we marched through the festival, we stumbled across a ‘Grandma Cooking School’ where ‘real life’ Grandmas were passing on their cooking knowledge to us young-guns that can’t cook that well! 🙁

The whole ethos was set up to teach, learn and eventually eat some of the tastiest Nordic cuisine from the region…

visiting Copenhagen-29…I really loved the idea and I’m really hoping something similar will pop up in London soon!

By this point, I’d come to accept that today was going to be filled with eating!!!

visiting Copenhagen-20After exploring the cooking festival, we made our way to one my favourite areas of the city… the meat-packing district.

visiting Copenhagen-35

As soon as we arrived, we took a little gander around the old industrial units that make up this special place and it seemed like everyone else in Copenhagen had followed suit too.

visiting Copenhagen-19

After grabbing a beer we headed straight into the bustle of the Meat Packing District. Either out of gullibility or a finely attuned greed we proceeded to jump right into the unit with the longest queue…

visiting Copenhagen-40

…which was one of my favourites cuisines – Mexican!

visiting Copenhagen-36We grabbed ourselves a whole heap of delicious tapas style Mexican dishes, all freshly prepped in front of us and gorged upon within a moment.

visiting Copenhagen-41

I can’t remember the exact names of each of the dishes but I do remember they were delicious! Little did we know that this would be the start of our night.

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Fuelled with energy from the Mexican spices, we spoke with Stephen from the Cooking Festival who expertly advised us of an amazing, kinda ‘secret’, event that was happening in the Meat Packing District.

Immediately my ears pinged when he said, it was sorta secret… I knew we had to go!

visiting Copenhagen-47

After traipsing through what looked like an old working yard we made it to an inconspicuous doorway.

visiting Copenhagen-44The signage on the door was from the 80’s and was apparently from a training centre that once used this space. As we got closer, we were greeted by a loveable host, with a big all-consuming hug… we already knew we’d arrived at the right place.

visiting Copenhagen-45

The doors were closed and we had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for. One after one, couples and groups were entering… until we got to the very front.

visiting Copenhagen-46

We knocked the door, which quickly opened where we were ushered inside!

visiting Copenhagen-60This vast, old industrial unit was filled with people, pumping electro-music and mountains of food all around.

visiting Copenhagen-48

With a bottle of milk thrown into our hand (yes, a bottle of milk), we headed straight into the beating heart of the crowd.

visiting Copenhagen-49

It seemed like we were one of the last people to enter, as within about 30 minutes, the doors were firmly closed and the music was stopped.

visiting Copenhagen-50Everyone gathered around to our waiting host, who kindly invited us to enjoy the evening until the wee hours, we were told to embrace the music, be care-free and devour all the food (the latter was not going to be a problem). 😉

After a few fruity cocktails and a bottle of beer, my ‘dad-dancing’ begun! I spent a good, unquantifiable, amount of time jigging, swaying and trying to move to the rhythm… all unsuccessfully of course, but what the heck – I was having a ball!

visiting Copenhagen-56

As the evening faded into the early hours, I decided to make myself some Danish hot-dogs… with a sizzling frying pan in hand, I grabbed some sausages and made some of the best hot dogs I’ve ever made, even if I do say so myself.

visiting Copenhagen-51It was such a surreal experience to be actually making a meal within an underground club – and one I (or my weight gain) will ever forget! 🙂

visiting Copenhagen-53

Come 3am, we decided to trudge on back to the pretty amazing suite at the Tivoli Hotel (with a final hot-dog in hand, of course). The whole day was incredible and although I’d probably consumed over 5000 calories, I savoured every single experience and mouth full.

visiting Copenhagen-52

After a brilliant day, it was time to curl up in bed for an evening of blissful sleep.

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