Finland is so much more than Nokia, Angry Birds or even Santa, for that matter. So, there’s every reason why you need to visit Finland.

I hadn’t done much research before hopping on the plane. This is totally shameful, I know, but I really wanted to just explore the regions without any firm plans.

As you can imagine, my visit to Finland was a much-needed eye-opener into how beautiful the cities and towns are, how friendly the people are and how many things there are to do.

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I was fortunate enough to take, what you may call a twin-centre trip whilst exploring the country. My first port of call was Tampere; a city-based about two hours north of the capital, Helsinki.

I then made the train journey to the capital, Helsinki for a weekend break. Both were amazing and I wanted to share some of my tips I learned from my visit to Finland.

Visit Finland: The geography

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The countryside in Finland is breathtaking; it is also magical to see it covered in a blanket of snow when you arrive.

I explored Tampere for a number of days and visited the local park and made the journey to the top of the tower that gives some vistas of the city and nature that surround Finland. Also, try the famous Finnish cuisine; there are some great restaurants in the city.

Visit Finland: The cities & towns

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From Tampere, I made the train journey to Helsinki, a city that can be explored over the course of a weekend.  One thing that I loved about Helsinki was that it has some great museums.

Do take a browse around the museums while you’re here.  For myself, I wanted to “just enjoy” Finland so I tried not to make some kind of killer schedule – I think this worked in my favour as it allowed me the freedom to change my plans as I came across some great places to see.

If you’re looking for some incredible towns, head over to one of these 11 perfect cities and towns to visit.

Visit Finland: Accommodation

While in Helsinki, I stayed in the Radisson Blu and then also at the Scandic Paasi, A great choice for a short city break and reasonably priced considering it also includes breakfast.  I would definitely stay here again. The location was also fantastic, within walking distance of what seemed like everything in the city.

This was especially good if you go to try some famous Finnish beer. The Hospitality and beer on that night really made me want to stay longer in Finland and grab many more tipples in the city. They even had smoked beers.


Visit Finland: Flights

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There’s a whole load of flights that connect Finland with the rest of Europe and the world. Finnair has loads of options, so do SAS and lower cost carriers such as; Norweigian.

The flight time from the UK to Helsinki is about 3 hours.

Visit Finland: Costs

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Consider that restaurant prices and alcohol are pretty expensive to many other cities. I am used to London prices and still found these rather high – so do plan ahead on how often you want to drink and eat out.

Visit Finland: Where to explore

I don’t really know if its possible, but its something I wished I had asked before I went to Finland. I would love to have taken a tour of Rovio, the company that makes Angry Birds. 🐔

A Morning In Rovio - The Angry Birds HQ! #Nordics48h (38)

Update: We eventually got to go to the Angry Birds Studio on our next visit, it was incredible! 🐷

When in Helsinki, stop off at places like; The Market Square, Helsinki City Museum, Fortress of Suomenlinna, the famous Rock Church, Helsinki Cathedral and Seurasaari Island which has an amazing outdoor museum. Read more on what to do in Helsinki, here.

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