Finland is a stunning country to explore. It’s one of those places that’s really diverse and actually quite different depending on what region of the country you visit. That being said, it can be hard to narrow down all of the best places in Finland into one trip, especially if you want to cram in … Continue Reading

Perched in the northernmost part of Finland, Lapland is a stunning and pristine wilderness to explore that’s got everything from the northern lights, polar nights and the midnight sun (in the summer months). Trust me when I say, you’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for the best things to do in Lapland. Whether you’re … Continue Reading

There’s something so incredible about visiting the Nordic Countries, I’m not sure if it’s the crisp air, stunning scenery, delicious food or just the cute and colourful little towns but I always leave them with a deep longing to return. The best part about these countries though is that there’s such a diversity in scenery and landscape here … Continue Reading

Winter time always seems to make our thoughts turn to Lapland, Lapland in turn channels in thoughts of Finland and before long, we’re looking through all the deals out there to visit one of our favourites parts of the world. Our experiences in Finland have been shaped (quite a bit) by having Finnish friends who we … Continue Reading

You might have already seen the blog posts from our recent trip to the Nordics… If you have, then you don’t need much introduction to this video – it is essentially the video diary from our time in the Nordics (also known to some as Scandinavia). If you haven’t, then fret not – the links are … Continue Reading

The next morning, we got up bright and early (and thankfully hungover free) headed out to breakfast, swiftly followed by a whistle-stop tour of Helsinki after which we hopped into a taxi and headed to our next surprise destination… Rovio! The home of the Angry Birds. The buildings slowly started to change as we drove out … Continue Reading

With our treasure hunt in Helsinki’s business district over, we headed straight back to the Hotel Scandic Paasi  to show off our finds for the Scandic Hotels #Nordics48h mini challenege, grab a bite or two to eat and have some much needed and well-earned ‘Loyly’ time. Loyly by the way is the steam that comes from … Continue Reading

Permit me to skip about half a day of our Nordics4 48 hour challenge to walk you through the brilliant Finnish city of Helsinki. Needless to say, I will go back and let you know what we got up to in the night after our evening of ‘treasure hunting’ in Helsinki but I just got too … Continue Reading

After our climb up to Pulpit Rock, we finally arrive at the Scandic City Hotel Stavanger  at about 1.30am, cold, exhausted but utterly and thoroughly satisfied! Needless to say, I fell asleep almost immediately! Breakfast the next day at the hotel was quite a fantastic and indulgent affair. Basically, there wasn’t anything that would classify as … Continue Reading

Hi! This is gonna be a really quick post! 🙂 If you’ve been on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook lately then you probably have a sense of what we have been getting up to in our 48 hour challenge across the Nordics with Scandic Hotels. If you’re on SnapChat then you’ve probably seen the more random ‘behind the scenes’ stuff (our … Continue Reading

A few days ago I realised that I had barely touched any of the Nordic countries on the blog and I just knew I would have to rectify that straight away! In order to rectify that I figured I’d so a mega blog post covering the countries way up North but as it turns out, the … Continue Reading

Woohoo!!! It’s (bank) holiday time – you think of spending some time in Europe and the first places that come to mind are places like London, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and the like but there’s so much more to Europe than the obvious. Granted, like everywhere else in the world, Europe also has it’s own fair … Continue Reading

The Northern Lights probably need no introduction. The images of them are so iconic and they are a natural wonder that are even more amazing to see in real life. Seeing them in person is an experience I cherish so much and would recommend to anyone anywhere to try to do! The day I saw … Continue Reading

Finland is so much more than Nokia, Angry Birds or even Santa, for that matter. So, there’s every reason why you need to visit Finland. I hadn’t done much research before hopping on the plane. This is totally shameful, I know, but I really wanted to just explore the regions without any firm plans. As you … Continue Reading