Alberta is one of Canada’s most gorgeous provinces that’s perfect for a winter or summer jaunt.  And with so many beautiful things to do in Alberta, it’s an area you should definitely think of visiting as soon as possible.

From the tiny little villages, stunning lakes, gorgeous cities to huge swathes of powdery snow – it’s the perfect place that I’ve no doubt you’ll love.

Whether it’s your first time to the province, your fifth visit or you live there – I guarantee you’ll always find something of the most beautiful things to do in Alberta.

17 Beautiful Things To Do In Alberta - Your Must See Guide (1)

Just make sure to wrap up warm, take plenty of layers and your camera… for obvious reasons! It’s going to be epic!

1.) Explore the Ice Castles

Fat Biking Across The Frozen River Valley To The Ice Castles Of Edmonton, Canada (44)

Now, the Ice Castles in Alberta are incredibly beautiful in winter.

I mean, this gorgeous landscape transforms, when the mercury dips, to create some beautiful castles (with a little help from locals, of course).

Fat Biking Across The Frozen River Valley To The Ice Castles Of Edmonton, Canada (39)

We visited the Ice Castles in Edmonton, which is just stunning to see. Just make sure to wrap up warm – that chill is something else.

When we visited it was -30 degrees Celsius ( -22 Fahrenheit)!

Fat Biking Across The Frozen River Valley To The Ice Castles Of Edmonton, Canada (67)

The castles are only present in the winter months, up until about March each year.

They really are some of the most beautiful things to do in Alberta.

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2.) Hike through Maligne Canyon

The Most Beautiful Place In Jasper (Canada) You've Never Heard Of! (24)

Maligne Canyon is one of those places that is just as beautiful in winter as it is in Summer.

In the winter, you’re able to get deep within the canyon and explore the frozen trail and waterfalls. Just make sure to be a part of a tour.

The Most Beautiful Place In Jasper (Canada) You've Never Heard Of! (50)

The Canyon can be dangerous at times and it’s always best to have a certified professional that’ll help you in these conditions.

The Most Beautiful Place In Jasper (Canada) You've Never Heard Of! (41)

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3.) Gorge in Calgary 

Finding Calgary's Architectural Masterpieces - Studio Bell And The Central Library (36)

Now, if you’re fancying a little culture and city life, pop over to Calgary in the south of Alberta.

Make sure to visit Fort Calgary, go to the top of the Calgary Tower and grab a big bowl of Poutine, too.

I mean, it’s a typically Canadian dish that started in Quebec and was loved by every other area of Canada. I swear you’ll gorge on it all!

4.) Hike to the summit of Ha Ling Peak

17 Beautiful Things To Do In Alberta - Your Must See Guide (9)

If you’re even remotely interested in hiking, Ha Ling Peak is a challenge you should consider.

There are quite a few trails that reach the top of the summit and it should take you a total of around 4-5 hours. A perfect hike for a confident rambler.

For a detailed trail map, check out these official routes

5.) Visit Johnston Canyon Falls

Hiking Johnston Canyon And Seeing The Northern Lights Over Canada (14)

Just off the trans-Canadian highway, Johnston Canyon Falls in Banff National Park is one gorgeous spot and things to do in Alberta.

If you’re driving from Calgary, you’ll easily come across the falls on your way to Lake Louise. We totally loved the hike. 

Hiking Johnston Canyon And Seeing The Northern Lights Over Canada (7)

There’ll be a little ramble to get to the falls but it’s well worth it for the views. I mean, it’s one of the most beautiful things to do in Alberta, especially in winter.

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6.) See the gorgeous Moraine Lake

Best Places In Alberta (15)

Moraine Lake in Banff National Park is perched a few miles from the border with British Columbia. This gorgeous lake is incredible at any time of the year but even more special in the Spring, Summer and Autumn months when the water unfreezes.

The beautiful colours are enough to get you here. It really is a special place.

7.) Find the Athabasca Glacier

Best Places In Alberta (1)

Athabasca Glacier is one dramatic place to visit and perfect at any time of the year.

Now, there are a few different treks you can do (or even see it from the road), just make sure to pack appropriately for the weather.

In the winter months, lots of local facilities and small stores will close so it’ll be pretty isolated. Oh, also, if you are planning to walk on the glacier, make sure to go with professionals and take extra clothing.

Best Places In Alberta (6)

There are small chances you could step into a glacial hole which are often filled with slushy water and can be potentially dangerous.

Always be cautious in unfamiliar climates.

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8.) Walk the frozen lake of Elk Island 

Midnight Moonlight Snowshoeing... In Edmonton, Canada (48)

Elk Island is about 45-minutes drive from Edmonton and a great little place to explore in the day or the night.

We decided to head across late in the evening for a frozen lake walk with a guide. It’s such an incredible place and so eerie in the darkest of evenings.

Best of all, you finish off the walk with a piping hot chocolate. It’s gotta be the best way to finish a day of beautiful things to do in Alberta.

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9.) Kayak Two Jack Lake and Lake Minnewanka

Best Places In Alberta (5)

Less than a few kilometres from the town of Banff, Two Jack Lake is a stunning spot to see. In the summer months, you’ll be able to go kayaking across the waters, whilst in the winter months, the landscape gets a proper dusting (or actually a whole load) of snow.

Keep your eyes out for Rundle Mountain, too.

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10.) Visit the dinosaur capital of the world 

Best Places In Alberta (4)

Or so it’s proclaimed! Drumheller is a relatively small town just shy of Calgary and a great little spot on your trip around the area.

The whole area is famed for its dinosaur fossils and stunning Badlands which are considered the best in Canada.

To be honest, it’s one landscape I’d never associated with Alberta but a must-see stop if you want to explore something a little different. Make sure to walk the Hoodoos Trail, too – you’ll love it!

11.) Explore Edmonton

One of Alberta’s other cities to visit, Edmonton is a great place to explore some proper Canadian gems. I swear the city is filled with so many foody goodies and some really cool things to do.

Make sure to head pop around the Strathcona district and gorge at Meat. There’s also a yummy farmers market just a few blocks away.

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12.) See Lake Louise

The Magnificent Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (24)

Possibly one of the most popular and beautiful things to do in Alberta, Lake Louise is a place you have to see. Right by Popes Peak, Lake Louise is a really stunning area that’s becoming increasingly popular to visit in Banff National Park.

The Magnificent Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (13)

In the winter months, the whole area is blanketed in snow which is great for skiing on the slopes close by.

Also, if you fancy a gorgeous stay, check into the Fairmont Lake Louise, too. We loved it here. 

13.) Ski at Marmot Basin 

Marmot Basin has almost 100 different slopes to glide on down, with loads of different categories that’ll suit every skill. With so many different slopes, it’s a great place to come and enjoy a whole heap of winter sports.

Relatively close by Jasper, it’s the perfect spot to visit in Jasper National Park.

14.) Explore Waterton Lakes

Best Places In Alberta (10)

On the fringe of Alberta, hugging the border with the USA, Waterton Lakes National Park is a beautiful spot.

Best Places In Alberta (3)

Make sure to visit Red Rock Canyon and the Crypt Lake Trail – they’re both stunning and a gorgeous spot for some incredible vistas.

15.) Find Crowfoot Glacier

17 Beautiful Things To Do In Alberta - Your Must See Guide (19)

Around 22 miles (33 km) from Lake Louise, it’s a beautiful spot you can easily see from Icefields Parkway.

Although shrinking, this stunning glacier is still an incredible place you should see. Best of all, there’s no need for days of hiking to see it – unless you want to, of course!

16.) Enjoy the beauty of Bow Lake

17 Beautiful Things To Do In Alberta - Your Must See Guide (20)

Bow Lake is relatively small as lakes go, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive.

It’s pretty near Crowfoot Glacier and hugs the Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park.

17.) See the views of Peyto Lake

17 Beautiful Things To Do In Alberta - Your Must See Guide (5)

Peyto Lake is getting pretty busy with visitors and it’s easy to see why right?

There’s a pretty easy walk to the viewing platform once you’ve parked your car. The whole area is so beautiful, just be aware that the walk to the platform can be a little steep at times, which might be harder if you’ve impaired mobility.

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15 Best Places In Alberta To Visit

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