There’s a whole heap of amazing things to do in Vancouver. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a little slice of culture, cake or the most incredible natural landscapes, the city has been bestowed with an epic amount of things to do and see when visiting this region.

I mean, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, should it? There are soooo many amazing places in British Columbia.

Now, it’s true, I do have a pretty soft spot for everything Canadian and if I could live anywhere in the world (other than London) it would be in Canada.

I swear, the whole country is gorgeous and I’m already planning our next trip. Hopefully, somewhere a little east.

Anyway, before I ramble on about the why and how I love Canada so much, I wanted to share some of my favourite haunts and joints that you should explore on your next visit to Vancouver.

11 Amazing Things To Do In Vancouver - Your Must See Guide

It really is an incredible city that you’re going to love. Also, if you’re heading there for the first time, check out our 1-week itinerary you can follow here. There’s so much to do in Vancouver.

1.) Capilano Suspension Bridge

How To Spend A Lazy Day In Vancouver, Canada...(Plus, Exploring The Incredible Capilano Suspension Bridge) (15)

Around 25-minutes from the city centre, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the oldest (and gorgeous) bridges in the region.

Arrive earlier in the morning, when crowds are less and walk over this historic bridge, head onto the cliff walk and ramble around the treetops.

It really is a gorgeous place and one of the best things to do in Vancouver – especially for a little slice of nature.

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2.) Explore Chinatown

11 Delicious Restaurants To Eat At In Vancouver (37)

Chinatown is one of Vancouver’s oldest districts and possibly one of the largest across all of Canada and the USA. Make sure to visit the famous, Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and visit the Millennium Gate too.

Now, the neighbourhood is also one of the best spots to come for great Asian and Asian-fusion food. It’s come to be a total hot spot for a yummy bite to eat.

For some great food, head over to eateries like Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie, Juniper, Mamie Taylors, The Union, Pizza Farina, Kissa Tanto.

If you’re looking for some of the city’s best dim sum, you have to try the Floata Seafood Restaurant. Also, if you’re looking to see some gorgeous art-pop inside the Rennie Collection at Wing Sang.

It’s totally free entry and a great spot to see.

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3.) Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery

From Vancouver To Whistler - The Most Incredible View In Canada! (94)

Plonked in the centre of the city is Vancouver Art Gallery. An iconic spot to see some of Canada’s(and some of the world’s) well-known art.

Make sure to wander through the many rooms and floors. It’s a great spot to visit in its own right but even better if you’re looking to shelter from the city’s unpredictable rain.

Heading to Vancouver? See our map and itinerary

4.) Wander around Granville Island

So, firstly, work up an appetite and head straight for the Public Market where you can take a delicious foody tour or just head off exploring on your own. After filling up your tummy, head down the street to Granville Island Brewing Company. They’ll even let you sample some house-made beer.

Don’t forget to browse the rest of Granville Island’s quirky little shops, too.

Don’t miss Edible Canada, a popular little haunt and eatery that only offers the best products that are made totally in Canada.

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5.) Gorge at these world-class restaurants

Where To Eat In Vancouver, Canada – Savio Volpe (9)

Okay, there are more things to do in Vancouver that involve eating, with Vancouver having some of the best restaurants in Canada.

To be truthful, I do actually think I stopped eating whilst we were there.

There are quite a few joints that you really should visit and enjoy. Some are perched right in the heart of the city centre, whilst others are a 10-minute drive to other neighbourhoods.

Take a look at Vancouver’s best restaurants in our post, here.

Oh, and check out my totally favourite restaurant, Savio Volpe – Just make sure to pack some elasticated pants!

6.) Devour all the desserts

11 Delicious Bakeries To Visit In Vancouver (9)

Vancouver is definitely a foody city. It’s one of those places where you’ll find some new joint or corner side bakery that you just have to visit.

If you’re looking for some proper tasty places, make sure to grab a bite to eat in the city’s best bakeries.

Make sure to gorge on all the goodies, especially the award-winning cakes at these little spots.

7.) Take a seaplane tour

From Vancouver To Whistler - The Most Incredible View In Canada! (70)

Vancouver is one of those cities that’s surrounded by the most dramatic natural landscapes.

From Vancouver To Whistler - The Most Incredible View In Canada! (59)

Glaciers, rugged mountaintops, snowcapped peaks – it has it all. If you’re staying in the city, you can actually take a Seaplane flight from the harbourfront itself, with the prices depending on how long you want to spend above the city and mountains.

It really is a special experience to do and one of the prettiest flights.

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8.) Find the best coffee in Gastown 


Eating Our Way Through Gastown And Granville Island… In Vancouver, Canada (32)

Possibly one of the favourite neighbourhoods to visit, Gastown has lots to of things to do.

If coffee is your thing, head over to Revolver on 325 Cambie Street, Nemesis for some great brews and The Birds & The Beets on Powell Street.

Eating Our Way Through Gastown And Granville Island… In Vancouver, Canada (35)

They make an epic kombucha.

Don’t forget to see the historic Steam Clock and shop in some of the quirky little shops and art galleries you’ll find here.

It’s one of the fun neighbourhoods and things to do in Vancouver.

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9.) Cycle the city

Here's The Real Reason Why You Visit Vancouver, Canada (36)

The best thing about Vancouver city centre is that it’s pretty compact. Plus, it has the added bonus of having Stanley Park right in the city.

Here's The Real Reason Why You Visit Vancouver, Canada (41)

If you fancy working off some of those cakes and tasty meals you’ve been gorging on, head onto a cycle tour of the city and park.

Here's The Real Reason Why You Visit Vancouver, Canada (23)

It’s really great way to explore the city and a proper one of the fun things to do in Vancouver.

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10.) Ski and See the views at Grouse Mountain 

Finding Grizzly Bears On Grouse Mountain... In Vancouver, Canada (38)

Grouse Mountain is a gorgeous place to ski but also to enjoy the incredible views of the whole region. You can even see the USA from the top of the mountain.

Spend the afternoon exploring this lovely place.

Finding Grizzly Bears On Grouse Mountain... In Vancouver, Canada (27)

You might even see some of the resident bears at the top. That’s if they’re not hibernating. It’s one of the best things to do in Vancouver if you love snow, views and skiing.

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11.) Head to SoMA

Eating Our Way Through Gastown And Granville Island… In Vancouver, Canada (77)

Perched south-east of the centre of Vancouver, SoMA starts around Main Street and even parts of the much larger Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Over the last 5 years, SoMA has totally transformed and it’s a great place to experience the cool vibe of the city.

Here's The Real Reason Why You Visit Vancouver, Canada (25)

Don’t forget to head over to Fable Diner for some tasty grub. It’s been created by the team behind Kitsilano’s farm-to-table neighbourhood restaurant, Fable. If you’re hankering for something sweet, head over to  Cartems.

They even have some pretty ‘out-there’ doughnuts like; Canadian Whisky Bacon and Earl Grey.

Now, that’s got to be one of the epic things to do in Vancouver; or at least eat!

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