As you could probably tell from Instagram, we went skiing a couple of weeks ago in the Alps and boy was it fun!

It was our second time skiing and so, I felt so much pressure to practise what I’d learnt the first time – turned out to be not quite as scary as I’d steeled myself for (although I had to suppress a few screams while I went whizzing down the slopes)… and let’s not forget the ‘apres‘ part of the whole thing too!

Anyway, rather than carry on talking about it – here’s the video from our ski weekend in the French Alps.


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P.S.: I will have the blog posts up soon with the full details on what we got up to, complete with photos from some stunning places you definitely need to visit in France (like seriously, Dordogne valley style Frenchness… It was amazing!)

Skiing In The French Alps... (3)

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