The next morning in Montgenevre, even just by the sun in the sky and the cloudless blue skies, we knew before rushing downstairs for breakfast that the ski conditions would be absolutely fantastic. (*If you missed out on the day before – check out the full post here.) Oh, and it was fantastic! Suffice to … Continue Reading

Winter is the time of year that tends to be a little dark, wet, cold and gloomy! That being said, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there’s a heap of the best places in winter that make for a gorgeous experience.  From places like; Lapland to Banff National Park, there’s a ton of the … Continue Reading

I’ve always been a fan of embracing the season and so when winter swung by London and the first snow of the season had fallen, we hopped on a train in search of the ski slopes of France. Funnily enough, our trip to France would actually involve taking the train to Italy and then finishing … Continue Reading

As you could probably tell from Instagram, we went skiing a couple of weeks ago in the Alps and boy was it fun! It was our second time skiing and so, I felt so much pressure to practise what I’d learnt the first time – turned out to be not quite as scary as I’d … Continue Reading