This is something of an impromptu post to share some of the amazing and best restaurants in Vienna. All according to locals and reader recommendations.

To be honest,  I didn’t expect to write this post (and to be fair, I didn’t write most of it) but when we recently went to Vienna, I had no idea where to head out to in search of food in the city.

We’d been travelling flat-out prior to this so there was barely any time to plan anything and were so thankful for all the amazing recommendations (you gave us) for the best restaurants in Vienna.

The Best Restaurants, Places And Food To Eat In Vienna - 40 Reader's Recommendations (10)

Due to this lack of preparation from our end, I asked for as much foodie joints, haunts and the best restaurants in Vienna. And you know what, the amazing Hand Luggage Only community came through.

Thank you. 

We were inundated with so many amazing recommendations for this fantastic city (far more than we could fit into the brief time in the city, hence our plan to return soon), that I just knew I had to share it with you! Sharing is caring after all. 

The Best Restaurants, Places And Food To Eat In Vienna - 40 Reader's Recommendations (11)

I’m not going to edit the response, categorise them or change a single word – these recommendations are coming from you verbatim.

I was going to link to the recommenders directly but I realise some people have public profiles online which others are private so instead of linking through, I’ll add a link to each of original posts below (in which, you’ll be able to see the profiles with the appropriate public settings used by the owners).

Scroll down for that for now, and in no particular order, here are the recommendations you gave us for the best restaurants in Vienna. Yum!

Full list of the best restaurants in Vienna

  1. The Austrian Sacher cake is overrated but you should definitely give it a try.
  2. You have to try ‘Miznon’ it’s not Viennese cuisine but trust me, it’s an experience.
  3. Don’t miss the Schnitzel at Figlmüller, a must! 
  4. The Naschmarkt is a must!!! That’s a place you need to eat your way through.
  5. Kra kra for a Schnitzel lunch menu.
  6. Naschmarkt is great!
  7. Figlmüller is a very touristy place – I recommend Gangl at the campus. Also added , I would, they also have their own Schnitzel versions stuffed with cheese, they’re delicious 🙂 and on days like today you can sit outside in the beautiful campus at ‘Altes AKH’.
  8. The Palmenhaus in Burggarten for drinks in a tropical house. The breakfast at the Kunst Historisches Museum (email them for reservations). If you try the Austrian torte, go to Cafe Sacher. We stumbled upon a great beer bar and restaurant called 1516 Brewing Company that had great service, music and of course beer!
  9. Please make time to go to the Austrian National Library – it’s beautiful! Looks like you’ve already tried schnitzel, next in the list should be a Weiner from a wurstlstand.
  10. And don’t forget to eat an Apfelstrudel in one of the traditional Kaffeehäuser like Cafe Central or Cafe Prückel!
  11. Make sure you go to Prater. Prater theme park it’s the worlds oldest the carriages are 100 years old and the view is the best in town.
  12. The best Würstelstand in Vienna is right in front of the Albertina, it’s called Bitzinger. I wouldn’t go to Figlmüller for a Schnitzel because very touristy and overpriced for the quality you get, but the Schweizerhaus in the Prater or Plachutta are both classics.
  13. Central Cafe is our favourite place to just be for a little while. Cakes and strudel are good too. ☺️
  14. Trzesniewski, just off the Graben makes the most amazing open-faced sandwiches!!
  15. You are gonna Love it! We were there this spring and eat at “das spittelberg” super nice place and really great, exciting food. More of a fancy place. Enjoy! 👋🏼 from Sweden!
  16. EF16 for a fancy dinner! Also, make sure you try the cremeschnitte at one of the cafes (if you get tired of apfelstrudel)- just bring insulin!
  17. If you want to be sold on pork knuckle, you must visit the hidden-away Melker Stiftskeller! Also had a beaut strudel there.
  18. Miznon is a must!! Still dreaming of it months later
  19. Go to Glacis Beisl! It’s this cute restaurant near the museum area and has a fantastic outdoor patio. The mushroom goulash and the pork dumplings are one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Or go to the Mayer am Pfarrplatz – farther out of the city but also amazing! 💕 Vienna.
  20. Cafe Sacher for the famous Sacher torte and a boozy coffee!!!
  21. Schweizerhaus at Prater, they are famous for their “Stelze”, you should also try Apfelstrudel anywhere! 
  22. Steirereck. Modern yet contemporary Austrian, and cutting edge. You know you want to. 😉
  23. Ribs of Vienna if you can find it!
  24. Eissalon tichy and every kebab/falafel on Reumannplatz
  25. Heuer am Karlsplatz for good modern (trendy) Austrian food and cocktails, Cafe Diglas Schottenstift for a sweet outdoor cafe, Restaurant 1070 for a cosy, home-cooked dinner
  26. Go to cafe prückel. a nice brasserie is Joma. good Schnitzel in Plachutta gasthaus zur oper. forget fliglmüller ( only tourist go there). nice breakfast the Cafe at Motto am Fluss. great sushi in DOTS. greetz grom a viennese follower.
  27. Salam brau
  28. The goldenwurstel stand
  29. Go to the Naschmarkt
  30. And a ver cozy italian with a great host: Pronto di salvo in Spiegelgasse 5. ask the waiter for the day pasta
  31. Cafe central it’s a must!
  32. I agree with the above Cafe Central. Enjoy.
  33. Can’t remember where it was but ask for Blunzengröstl 
  34. Schönbrunn 💕
  35. Café Engländer
  36. Brunch at Das Loft (on the top of Sofitel Vienna). Seriously, just go! 
  37. Hotel Sacher for the original (& best) Sacher torte. Just don’t even think about eating lunch beforehand.
  38. Demel for desserts!
  39. For cakes: Cafe Central, Oberlaa, cafe Landtmann (and has cakes too at a cafe near Schonbrunn castle).
  40. We had a fantastic meal at 1500 part of the 25hours Hotel near the museum quarter.

The original posts with the responses can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thanks again to everyone who send some help our way.

Our experience in Vienna was dramatically different thanks to you and we plan on being those cocky folk when we return who knows all the cool spots to eat thanks to you!

The Best Restaurants, Places And Food To Eat In Vienna - 40 Reader's Recommendations (6)

If you do have any more recommendations to add to the list; please do add them below. 

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