As you already know, we’d been planning on going skiing and we have arrived in Austria to do just that! By now you already know the drill and know that I will be keeping you updated on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with all the details and no doubt hilarity that will ensue from what is actually my first … Continue Reading

Arriving into Mühlviertler Alm, after leaving the rather impressive Melk Abbey, was something of an eye-opener – in part because it’s not a part of Austria I knew much about; but mostly because it looks nothing like the idea of Austria I had in mind. Here you’ve got stunning rolling hills, which look even amazing … Continue Reading

It is so beautiful here!!! Okay, as you know, we’re currently in Austria skiing and as you can imagine with any skiing holiday, we’ve been so busy that it’s been tricky to do a blog post update hence why I have been providing more realtime updates on  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but I have now found … Continue Reading

After a brilliant night’s sleep at Weingut Holzapfel-Prandtauerhof and a relatively rushed breakfast (might have slightly over-slept…), we headed out to explore the Wachau in the best way possible – by hiking through it. The World Heritage trail is one of the best hiking routes in the Wachau Valley. It’s one beautiful view after the … Continue Reading

This is something of an impromptu post to share some of the amazing and best restaurants in Vienna. All according to locals and reader recommendations. To be honest,  I didn’t expect to write this post (and to be fair, I didn’t write most of it) but when we recently went to Vienna, I had no … Continue Reading

This is a contentious one. 🙂 Austria has absolutely no shortage of absolutely stunning natural sights so you’re bound to find somewhere else say their valley is more beautiful but when you beauty is so renowned that it’s been award UNESCO World Heritage status, you kinda know you got that title in the bag! Despite … Continue Reading

I’ll just start by answering that question with a huge spoiler alert – a roadtrip from the UK to Austria is soooooooo much fun!  It isn’t necessarily the most obvious road trip route we would have thought of (in large part because we in the UK live on an island physically disconnect from mainland Europe) … Continue Reading

Austria is an incredible country to explore (and one I wished I’d travelled around much sooner). That being said, it’s never too late to find an exciting and new country to explore. Now, we had visited Austria to go Skiing in Zell am See (which was amazing). The only thing is – I didn’t feel … Continue Reading

I love winter. The cold crisp air, snow and picturesque beauty always leaves gives me fond memories of good times. I always ‘try’ to embrace the cold and love that feeling of wrapping up in a toasty coat and gloves while burying your chin within a fluffy scarf, the only thing that could make it any … Continue Reading

Austria is a beautiful country to explore and a place that’s so much more than its capital city, Vienna. Now, that’s not saying Vienna is bad (it’s actually amazing) but there really is a shed load of other beautiful and picturesque spots to see. That’s why I wanted to show you some of my very … Continue Reading

I went skiing for the first time recently – you probably know this from this post here (and here) and my countless Instagram, Facebook and Twitter updates. Before going skiing, we did all the typical planning – get ski gear, find our how to get to the town, sort out ski passes, figure out where … Continue Reading

My very first experience in Austria was a ski trip to Zell am See which somehow managed to turn into a full-scale obsession with this amazing country. Photo after photo on Pinterest further fuelled this obsession and just in case you were wondering why you should go to Austria or what you should get up … Continue Reading

Heads up – this is a pretty long (and very photo heavy post) so you might wanna grab a cuppa tea (or a glass of wine? No judgement) before you get started! (*As I’m currently writing this in Ireland I’ve got a pint of Guinness in front of me so I bid you a virtual … Continue Reading

After our first trip to Vienna, I knew it was only a matter of time before we would return to the city. This was partly due to the fact that there was still so much leftover to see and do in the city (especially after these recommendations) but this was mostly because we’d been asked … Continue Reading