I’ve slowly come to the realisation that a lot of people I know like Pork Pies. They’re quintessentially British and a traditional staple across the UK. This Christmas, I figured I’d try my hands at making one using a hybrid of two recipes and things having run quite swimmingly, I figured I’d share the results of my latest foray into pie making.

Pork Pies, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith Recipes (1)

Pork Pies, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith Recipes (2)

I wasn’t sure at the start if it would turn out okay (to be honest, I was a bit terrified of the hot water crust pastry) so I had very low expectations for the pie. Thanks to mixing the best parts of this recipe by Jamie Oliver with this recipe by Delia Smith, I ended up with a decent hybrid pork pie (if I do say so myself). I tend to follow recipes quite loosely to be honest so mixing different recipes always works for me.

Pork Pies, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith Recipes (3)

I now wish I had whipped out my camera and done a video from the start but this is going to be a sticking point for me in 2015 as I plan on doing more cooking, baking and perhaps even eating videos on our You Tube channel. To be fair though, I wasn’t expecting all 5 pies to turn out quite so well but when they came out looking like they did, I knew I would have to share photos (i.e. boast/humble brag) about them. Okay, fine, pie number 5 was not great at all but it was the last one and due to lack of crust, the pie was leaky and pretty much fell apart right out of the oven. It was swiftly eaten of course and never spoken of again. (4 out of 5 isn’t bad, right? Plus I wrapped them up into neat parcels and put a bow on them afterwards so that counts for something right).

Pork Pies, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith Recipes (4)

Pork Pies, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith Recipes (5)

So what do you think of my pork pie?! 🙂

Random Trivia (for non-Brits): Porky Pies in a (London) cockney rhyming slang which means lies. If someone says something like “Oh, she’s telling you porkie pies” or “Oh, she’s telling you porkies”, it basically means “Oh, she’s telling you lies”. Other examples of cockney rhyming slangs – “Dog and Bone” means “Telephone” and “Apple and Pears” means “Stairs”.

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