If you ever find yourself driving in Iceland, you will find that you will have to make many impromptu road stops just to take in the landscape and take in a few photos. Try as you might, no one can resist doing this and it is this very act that led the 4 of us … Continue Reading

I’ve slowly come to the realisation that a lot of people I know like Pork Pies. They’re quintessentially British and a traditional staple across the UK. This Christmas, I figured I’d try my hands at making one using a hybrid of two recipes and things having run quite swimmingly, I figured I’d share the results … Continue Reading

I’m a big fan of pies! I don’t remember a pie I’ve ever said no to. Lately, I’ve been house hunting and spending ages looking at amazing homes on the internet and so to distract myself (intentionally or otherwise) my mind keep turning to pies. This is nothing new – I have my mind on … Continue Reading

I’ve been craving pies lately. Okay, I know this is nothing new (I always crave pie!) but this time I found myself near the supermarket and thought -why not? I’ll make a pie today! I like all kinds of pies… except pies with mushrooms in it – I just can’t get aboard the mushroom bandwagon, … Continue Reading

One of the most vital parts of any trip to Singapore is to get yourself a Singapore Sling! For those who don’t know what it is don’t fret, it’s not a sling of more ‘adult’ type.. Hehe! A Singapore Sling is a cocktail! There is so much history behind the Singapore Sling and it is probably one … Continue Reading

I’m in true love/lust/infatuation with this burger! It’s so strange as it’s so unexpected. Okay, so living in Singapore – it seems a big disingenuous to be eating a burger when there’s so much delicious local cuisine to try but in all fairness, I’ve actually done quite a bit of that since I’ve been here … Continue Reading

Okay, that may be something of an exaggeration (easily fixed by the addition of a conjunction)… Budapest as a city not only has amazing sights to see but also has some pretty good food! As a tourist one of the best parts about visiting Budapest is that the cost of living is a lot cheaper … Continue Reading