Thinking of visiting Iceland? Well, you’re in for a total treat! There’s a heap of incredible places to see across Iceland that I’m almost certain you’ll love. On top of that, there’s a shedload of natural places to visit in Iceland that are dotted all across the country.

To be honest, for me at least, it’s nature that makes Iceland so very special. It’s choc-o-block filled with gorgeous little towns, the most amazing hikes and tastiest restaurants. However, the thing that always draws me is the incredible natural landscape! 

From geothermal geysers, waterfalls, icebergs, and volcanic beaches to inland sea cliffs, Iceland is filled to the brim with exciting spots to explore. 

Now, that all being said, creating the perfect Icelandic itinerary can be intense! Trust me, I know! For me, this is mainly because it can be hard to cram in all the things you’ll want to do during your holiday.

You’ve got to decide which of Reykjavik’s tastiest restaurants to eat at, what whale-watching cruise to take, and how to visit the Blue Lagoon, too.

This is even before you start thinking of what to pack for your Iceland trip. Anyway, it can be a minefield of planning and logistics. 

Natural Places To Visit In Iceland

The good news is, you don’t have to be an out-of-this-world pioneer to enjoy so many of the natural places to visit in Iceland. Take a look below at the best natural sights that you should include within your Icelandic Holiday Itinerary.

1.) Walk-Behind Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

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Arguably one of Iceland’s most iconic waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss is a must-see sight when visiting Southern Iceland.

About 2.5 hours southeast of Reykjavik, this stunning waterfall is the perfect place to explore on your route further east (or back to the airport).

Visiting The Best Waterfalls In Iceland

Now, during the winter months, the walk behind the falls can be closed off. This is typical as it can get too icy to be safe, so always listen to local advice and look at the signs if you’re visiting in the winter months. 

It’s close to the beautiful Skogafoss waterfall that you can visit and hopefully spot a mini rainbow too.

When we visited, we booked into the Frost and Fire Hotel that’s around 30 minutes from the falls and has some gorgeous outdoor hotubs to enjoy the northern lights from.

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2.) Walk the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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Quite literally!

The Mid-Atlantic ridge is the diverging point of two tectonic plates that are slowly pulling the whole of Iceland apart.

Walk between the two ridges and discover what it’s like to be stood right in the middle of Mother Nature’s tug-of-war. It’s one of the coolest natural places to visit in Iceland that’s easy to visit. 

If you’d prefer a shorter walk, take a look at the ‘Bridge Between Continents’ that’s in Reykjanes and not too far from Keflavik Airport. 

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3.) Explore Vik

Around 4 hours east of Reykjavik this dazzling sight is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Set up shop on the rocky cliffs and watch the sunset over Iceland’s dramatic landscape.

Not only that, you can book this ice cave tour from Vik and get right inside the glacier itself. It’s such a breathtaking experience – we loved it. 

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Afterwards, keep driving east towards Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon.

Created over thousands of years, it’s a pretty epic spot to see and only about a 50-minute drive from Vik itself. Just pack some comfy shoes for the 15-minute walk from the car parking area. 

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4.) Spot a Geysir eruption

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Every ten minutes or so, (and located in the aptly named, Geysir) the great geyser of Iceland (called Strokkur) erupts in the most fantastic display.

Shooting geothermally heated water up several feet in the air, it’s one of the natural places to visit in Iceland that’s perched on the Golden Circle driving route. 

Now, the Geysir is around 90 minutes from the centre of Reykjavik so be prepared for a day trip and take in the other spots on the Golden Circle at the same time.

Access is free and you can literally stand a few metres away from the huge water eruption! Just don’t get too close.

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5.) Iceberg lagoon at Jökulsárlón

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The Iceberg Lagoon, or Jökulsárlón as it’s known locally, is around 6 hours east of Reykjavik by car. Now, that might seem like a long way but it’s easy to cover that much distance when you’re exploring the whole southern route of Iceland. 

We stayed at Hotel Laki (where they’ll even wake you up when the northern lights come out to play) and popped over to Jökulsárlón the next day. Take a wander or hop on one of the boat tours that go around the lagoon itself. It’s pretty epic to see.

Stop around midday and enjoy a little bite to eat in the cafe that borders the lagoon as it’s the perfect place to watch the glaciers float by with the warmth of a hot chocolate.

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6.) Find Gullfoss 

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Gullfoss (waterfall) is only 10 minutes, or so, away from the Great Geysir! This makes it an easy addition to your itinerary for a day trip to this area of Iceland.

Visiting The Best Waterfalls In Iceland

Once here, take a wander and explore the sheer force of this impressive waterfall. It’s beautiful. However, be aware that some trails might be closed in the colder winter months. 

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7.) Bathe in a naturally sourced Geothermal pool

The geothermal pools at Laugarvatn Fontana are built completely above a natural hot spring that creates these very warm baths. Now, it doesn’t have the same ‘vibe’ as the Blue Lagoon (it’s more pools, not a natural form filled with silica) but it’s still well worth a visit. 

After bathing, you can even help bake and eat some bread that is cooked in the hot ground around the pools. 

Oh yeah, and if you’re feeling up to it, leap into the ice-cold lake after! Brrrrrr! 

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8.) Take a dip at the Blue Lagoon

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For a geothermal pool that’s closer to the airport, consider visiting the Blue Lagoon, with its impressive pools and spa treatments.


Now, it can get pretty busy here, so if you want to avoid the majority of the crowds, visit first thing in the morning or stay in The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon (like we did).

The latter gives you access to a more private lagoon that’s just for hotel guests and it’s bliss.

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9.) Explore Askja Caldera and Viti Crater

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Despite being one of the most remote sights of the lot, Askja Caldera and Viti Crater are well worth a visit!

It can be quite tricky to get to and although completely free you might be wise to consider a guided tour that takes around 12 hours.

This kind of tour is perfect for those who love adventure and a pretty great way to see one of the natural places to visit in Iceland that’s stunning. 

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10.) See the Northern Lights 

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You might (or might not) be lucky enough to spot the northern lights on your trip to Iceland but try you must.

The best chance to spot the northern lights is between September to March (shorter days, longer nights), head away from the city and any other light pollution to discover one of nature’s most awe-inspiring shows!

Just remember to be patient! Good things come to those who wait.

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22 Very Best Things To Do In Iceland

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