There are so many of the best things to do in Iceland during your trip. I mean, it’s a country that’s so gorgeous and so incredibly beautiful that you’re going to be spoilt for choice. 

Let’s be honest, though, Iceland is a country that needs little introduction, it seems like everyone and their cat is talking about how amazing this country is, and it’s easy to see why.

For the longest time, I’d wanted to visit Iceland and our first-ever trip was one I savoured and planned to an inch of its life. I was determined to do, eat and find all the other things to do in Iceland. I planned to leave no stone unturned and no experience undiscovered.

Now, whether it’s your first, second or ninetieth trip to Iceland, I’m almost sure you won’t have seen everything on this pretty vast island. It’s an island of huge mountains, volcanic landscapes, geothermal activity, stunning sites and the most friendly locals.

I’d go as far as saying that Icelanders are some of the friendliest people on the planet.

Anyway, before I ramble on, take a look at some of the best places to see, eat and things to see when you’re visiting Iceland on our map and guide below (make sure to toggle the slider over the map to reveal the place names).

When to visit Iceland? 

In the summer months, Iceland benefits from very long days and not too many nights. This is epic if you want to make the most of your time to see all the epic and best things to do in Iceland.

You see, you will have very long days, which means that daylight gives much more time for exploring the natural sights

In the winter months, days tend to be much shorter so expect lots of time exploring in the dark.

This is great if you’re a keen stargazer or want to see the Northern Lights but it might put a bit more strain on the few daylight hours you have for things to do in Iceland.

For the best of both worlds, think about visiting in March-April or September-October. This way you can still have pretty great amounts of daylight hours but a good dose of dark evenings which is great for the Northern Lights.

There is no bad time to visit, it just makes sense to plan your visit around the type of experiences you want to have (and the amount of time you’re able to spend).

After all, you’ll always find so many things to do in Iceland.

Where to eat in Iceland?

Iceland is a pretty yummy country to fill your tummy, with plenty of amazing restaurants in Reykjavik.

Now, it’s likely that if it’s your first visit to Iceland, you’ll probably end up heading out of the city too.

Make sure to try lots of Skyr, plenty of Saltfiskur and Svið (boiled sheep’s head) if you’re feeling up for it. On both of our visits,  I never actually saw the latter in any place we visited but it’s one of the island’s most infamous meals.

For one of the best hot dogs, get over to Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur hot dog stand in Reykjavik itself. It might seem just like a little shack but it’s the most famous (and arguably, the best) across all of Iceland.

If you want to eat some yummy Rúgbrauð that’s cooked in the ground (from the geothermal activity), head over to Laugarvatn Fontana geothermal pools. Perfect with lashings of butter.

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What to pack for Iceland? 

Lots of layers, waterproofs, sunblock and waterproof shoes are essential; especially when exploring all the best things to do in Iceland. 

For our full list of things to pack (for all the things to do in Iceland), take a look at our top tips on what to pack for your trip, right here.

What to see and do in Iceland?

Take a look, below, at some of the very best things to do in Iceland. Have an epic trip. 

1.) Ice caves of Vatnajokull Glacier

Visiting Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, An Ice Cave Tour And Stokksnes In Iceland

The glacial caves of Iceland are stunning and truly beautiful places to experience, with the Vatnajokull glacier being the biggest in Europe.

Hop on board one of the monster trucks that’ll take you to the glaciers to experience an ice cave like no other.

Visiting Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, An Ice Cave Tour And Stokksnes In Iceland

It’s worth noting that this experience only really occurs in the summer months due to safety. So be prepared and always have your ice cave tour booked before heading to Iceland. 

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2.) Blue Lagoon

11 Dramatic Experiences You Must Have In Iceland (24)

Everyone likes a little chill time now and then, with the Blue Lagoon being one of the ‘hottest’ places around.

Take a dip in the heated rock pools, lather your face up with the natural silica and enjoy the gorgeous experience. It is one of the hottest things to do in Iceland.

Being one of Iceland’s most iconic spots, you can expect lots of visitors.

If you want a quieter experience, stay at The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon which has its private rock pools or visit the main pools early in the morning when visitor numbers are quite a bit lower.

We’ve stayed at The Retreat twice and absolutely love it. 

If you’re done with all that chilling, head on this hike to see the erupting volcano In Fagradalsfjall. It’s so incredible and only a 15-minute drive from the Blue Lagoon (with an added hike, of course).

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3.) Stokksnes Peninsula

Best Things To Do In Iceland (51)

Nestled on the southeast coast of Iceland, this area is known to be one of the first farming settlements in Norway.

Visiting Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, An Ice Cave Tour And Stokksnes In Iceland

Nowadays, this peaceful and serene landscape is watched over by Vestra-Horn, the towering mountain that dominates this picturesque landscape.

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4.) The fumarole fields of Namafjall

Best Things To Do In Iceland (2)

This opening of the Earth’s crust is one iconic area to visit in Namafjall. Make sure not to get too close as the steam is piping hot and not to be messed around with.

Just east of Lake Myvatn, you’ll also find a few hiking trails towards Namaskard Pass and Namafjall Mountain… just make sure to take some comfy shoes.

It’s a must-see when planning all the things to do in Iceland.

First time to Iceland: Make sure to visit these places

5.) Fontana Geothermal Baths

The 1st Day in The Land Of Fire and Ice - Iceland! Lava Baking, Geo-Thermal Pools And The Golden Circle (Part 1) (40)

The Fontana Geothermal Baths are a great place for a mid-afternoon dip. Head to the piping-hot, outdoor, baths and work up a sweat in the steam rooms.

Once sufficiently toasty, take a run into the ice-cold lake that surrounds the baths. It’s not for the faint-hearted and certainly puts a zing in your step!

After taking a dip, fill up at the baths restaurant where they cook a range of rye bread in the geothermal ground. It’s one of the surrealist things to do in Iceland, that’s for sure.

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6.) See the Northern Lights

Best Things To Do In Iceland (49)

The Northern Lights are an incredible sight to see and one that I always look forward to.

Firstly, there’s a lot of luck that comes with spotting the Northern Lights but you can increase your chances by planning ahead.

Secondly, be patient, make sure to check the aurora forecast before you head out and take plenty of layers with you.

One of the best ways to spot them is to drive into the wilderness, switch off your engine and wait a few hours for the lights to dance. It’s the best way to stay warm and once they arrive you can hop straight out of the car.

Oh, also, you might see them on your flight over Iceland too.

During our flight, the pilot turned off all the internal lights so the whole plane could watch them dancing! It really was incredible.

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7.) Whale watching

Best Things To Do In Iceland (36)

As with the Northern Lights, whale watching can be a little hit or miss.

There’s a little element of luck involved once again but it’s a great way to head out into the open ocean and search for some of these gentle giants.

You can depart from several places in Iceland and we chose from Reykjavik itself.

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8.) Vik & Dyrhólaey

Best Things To Do In Iceland (39)

Three hours, or so, east of Reykjavik are the gorgeous black sand beaches and craggy rocks of Vik and Dyrhólaey.

It’s a dramatic place to stop and see on your route east.

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9.) Skógafoss

Best Things To Do In Iceland (22)

Possibly one of the easiest waterfalls to find in Iceland, Skógafoss is a stunning and powerful waterfall to visit in both summer and winter.

Visiting The Best Waterfalls In Iceland

Watch out for the rainbow that sometimes glistens over the waterfall.

Oh, make sure to take a raincoat too, you’ll most definitely get wet depending on how close you walk to the crashing water.

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10.) Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Best Things To Do In Iceland (1)

The Glacial Lagoon of Jökulsárlón is a picturesque place to see some of the region’s largest ‘glacial icebergs’.

Visiting Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, An Ice Cave Tour And Stokksnes In Iceland

A truly beautiful place that is a great starting point before you head onto (or into) the glacier itself.

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11.) Horse riding

Best Things To Do In Iceland (68)

Icelandic horses are known for their friendly temperament and charm that you just can’t ignore.

11 Dramatic Experiences You Must Have In Iceland (36)

Head out into the wild tundra and watch out for all those grassy mounds you’ll come across! Legend has it that Icelandic trolls still inhabit these little mounds.

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12.) Walk-behind Seljalandsfoss

Best Things To Do In Iceland (37)

Not too far from Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss is one of Iceland’s waterfalls that you can walk behind.

Visiting The Best Waterfalls In Iceland

It’s only about 10 minutes or so in the car from Skógafoss so it’s really easy to see them right after each other.

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13.) Fjadrargljufur Canyon

Best Things To Do In Iceland (69)

About 100 metres deep, the Fjadrargljufur Canyon is one of the picturesque places to explore.

The canyon is believed to be over 2 million years old and carved from the destructive force of ice that ground through this region.

The canyon itself is roughly halfway between the towns of Vik and Hof (and just off the main driving route).

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14.) Reynisfjara Beach

Best Things To Do In Iceland (30)

Reynisfjara Beach is actually visible from Dyrhólaey which I mentioned earlier but is separated by a body of water.

This black sand beach is gorgeous to see and an iconic volcanic landscape that you must see when in Iceland.

Best Things To Do In Iceland (29)

Don’t forget to take a peek into Hálsanefshellir Cave that’s perched on the east side of the beach.

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15.) Solheimasandur plane

Best Things To Do In Iceland (5)

This crash happened over 40 years ago when an aircraft ran out of fuel. *gulp*

Until recently, you could drive relatively close to the wreckage but now, if you do want to visit, you need to walk around 5 km or so to reach the site.

It’s not the easiest site to reach when there’s lots of fresh snow, so make sure you pay attention to local weather conditions.

16.) Kirkjufellsfoss

Best Things To Do In Iceland (18)

Perched on the north-westerly jut of land, Kirkjufellsfoss is an iconic place to make a stop on your trip around Iceland.

It’s one of the most accessible waterfalls to visit and really worth the drive.

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17.) Akureyri 

Best Things To Do In Iceland (24)

Iceland’s second-largest urban area in terms of residents, Akureyri is one of the North’s best towns to explore.

Make sure to visit the Akureyri Art Museum, the botanic gardens and the world’s most northerly 18-hole golf course.

18.) Godafoss (Goðafoss)

Best Things To Do In Iceland (53)

In the northeast of the country, Godafoss is symbolic waterfall whereby the island chose to forget the old Norse religion in favour of Christianity. Mind you, this was way over 1,000 years ago.

Legend has it that the statues of Norse gods were then surrendered (and thrown) into the waterfalls, never to be seen again.

19.) The Geysir and Strokkur 

Best Things To Do In Iceland (50)

Again, perched on the Golden Circle route (which can easily be explored in a day), the Geysir erupts quite infrequently.

Best Things To Do In Iceland (61)

So, if you want to guarantee an eruption, head to the nearby Strokkur which almost erupts every 8 minutes or so.

20.) Krafla-Viti caldera and lake

Best Things To Do In Iceland (31)

Perched near Lake Myvatn, Krafla is a huge caldera that’s around 10 km in diameter.

This whole landscape is not just a geeky site for geologists, it’s a really breathtaking landscape that any traveller to northeast Iceland should see.

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21.) Gullfoss

Best Things To Do In Iceland (20)

perched within the deep canyon where the Olfusa river flows, Gullfoss is a stunning waterfall that is amazing to see in both summer and winter.

A few hundred metres from the main road, it’s a gorgeous site that you have to see when driving the Golden Circle.

Best Things To Do In Iceland (17)

If you’re visiting in the winter months, just be aware that some of the paths might be closed for safety.

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22.) Reykjavik 

Best Things To Do In Iceland (4)

There’s a whole heap of things to do when visiting Iceland’s largest city, Reykjavik.

Make sure to gorge at one of the capital’s tasty restaurants, head over to the Reykjavik Grapevine for some epic live bands and visit the Hallgrímskirkja church for some great views over the city.

It’s a gorgeous little capital city to explore. 

The Complete Guide On Things To See And Do In Iceland (20)

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