A trip to Iceland is almost incomplete without a visit to it’s capital city, Reykjavik and to be honest, you’re probably going to be flying into the airport nearby anyway so you might as well pop into the city. Iceland’s many natural wonders attract visitors throughout the year but Reykjavik is easily one of the most charming cities in Europe and well worth a visit.

When you’re in the city, there’s a lot of good food on offer here (seriously, Icelandic food is pretty good) and here are 5 unique places you need to eat in when you visit the city!

5 Unique Restaurants To Eat In Reykjavik, Iceland

1.) DILL Restaurant

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DILL is all about locally sourced ingredients cooked in traditional Icelandic ways. This is the place to go to if you want a modern take on Icelandic cuisine. Combined with perfect service, an extensive wine and cocktail list as well as chef Gunnar Karl Gislason’s homemade birch schnapps, DILL is a heartily recommended first stop in Reykjavik for foodies (local and international). Try to make a reservation before visiting!


Address: Nordic House, Hverfisgötu 12, Reykjavik, Iceland

Phone: +354 552 1522

Website: www.dillrestaurant.is

2.) Baejarins Beztu Pylsur

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I know what you must be thinking? A hotdog shack???

Everyone knows, a Nordic foodie experience is incomplete without trying out hot dogs (doesn’t matter if you’re in Copenhagen or Oslo, you’ve gotta try a hot dog) and Baejarins Beztu Pylsur is not just your average hot dog place. This stall has been serving hot dogs in Reykjavik for over 79 years now and will have you queuing around the block! It counts people like Bill Clinton and Metallica’s James Hetfield amongst it’s famous patrons and every time we’ve been in Reykjavik, the queue for this goes around the block!


Address: (There are several now but this is one of the more central ones). Austurströnd 3, Reykjavik, Iceland

Phone: +354 511 1566

Website: www.bbp.is

3.) Snaps Bistro

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French cuisine with an Icelandig twist, anyone? If that sounds right up your street then Snaps Bistro is the place to get it. Local seafood like mussels gets a delicious French makeover in this cosy, stylish brasserie. It was awarded “Best goddamn restaurant” two times by Reykjavik’s Grapevine magazine and it certainly lives up to its hype!


Address: Porsgata 1, Reykjavik, Iceland

Phone: +354 511 6677

Website: www.snaps.is

4.) Kex Hostel

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Yup,  you read that right. It’s a hostel but bear with – this stylish industrial building (an old biscuit factory which is where the name comes from) not only caters to globetrotters on a budget but also serves fantastic local beer, infused with local herbs like angelica and thyme. Food is equally amazing, with hearty staples such as lamb burgers, seafood options and mouthwateringly delicious creamy desserts.


Address: Skúlagata 28, Reykjavik, Iceland

Phone: +354 561 6060

Website: www.kexhostel.is/saemundur

5.) 3 Frakkar
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If you are interested in Icelandic traditional food you’ve probably heard of the infamous fermented shark. Well, 3 Frakkar is definitely the place to sample some!

This family-run restaurant has been open since 1989 and serves Nordic specialties like horse, pickled lamb brain or smoked puffin breast. This is definitely the most adventurous restaurant of the lot and one you have to visit in Iceland for a culinary experience like no other.


Address: Baldursgata 14, Reykjavik, Iceland

Phone: +354 552 3939

Website: www.3frakkar.com

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