Perched right in the North Atlantic, the stunning country of Iceland is an incredible place to visit! Not only for its beautiful places to see and the gorgeous towns to visit but also for the best restaurants in Iceland where I guarantee you’ll gorge at! And that’s the thing that makes Iceland so special if I’m … Continue Reading

A trip to Iceland is almost incomplete without a visit to it’s capital city, Reykjavik and to be honest, you’re probably going to be flying into the airport nearby anyway so you might as well pop into the city. Iceland’s many natural wonders attract visitors throughout the year but Reykjavik is easily one of the … Continue Reading

First things first, make a booking with Special Tours! They’re pretty much the top people you can go with in Iceland and they’re uber-helpful and so friendly too! Our whale watching tour was originally meant to happen on the day after we arrived in Iceland but there was a storm and all whale watching tours … Continue Reading

We arrived in Iceland to find that there was a storm warning (which we chose to ignore) but the next day, we woke up to find a couple of distressing emails. Activities we had booked for the weekend had all been cancelled due to the storm! Turns out, the storm was going to be one … Continue Reading

Iceland is home to some amazing waterfalls and seeing as the capital is Reykjavik, chances are you’re most likely going to be flying into Reykjavik when you arrive in Iceland so you might as well see 3 of the most impressive waterfalls in Southern Iceland (where Reykjavik is). I promised myself I would have this post up before … Continue Reading

The Northern Lights probably need no introduction. The images of them are so iconic and they are a natural wonder that is even more amazing to see in real life. Seeing them in person is an experience I cherish so much and would recommend to anyone anywhere to try to do! The day I saw … Continue Reading

Now I promise to keep this post relatively brief, but there are so many things I want to share with you about Iceland.

One of the best pieces of lamb I have ever tasted. I will be working on replicating this dish and sharing it on the blog very soon but for now, I figure I could leave you with a little taster. This was in Reykjavik in Iceland and I always assumed that Welsh people had the best … Continue Reading