The likes of the Swedish cities, like Stockholm, is totally amazing but there’s so much more to the country than just its capital city. Not only is there a heap of the best towns in Sweden, but there’s also a heap fo stunning places in Sweden that you kinda can’t miss.

Plus, if that wasn’t enough reason to drag yourself over to Sweden, there’s also a heap of iconic Swedish castles that are too good to miss. They’re totally impressive and pretty easy to visit if you’re travelling around on a road trip across Sweden. 

Oh yeah, and that’s before we even get into the tasty Scandinavian dishes to try. Honestly, you’re going to leave Sweden totally stuffed.

With all this being said, there’s a heck of a lot of reasons to get yourself over to Sweden! It’s totally diverse, regionally and seasonally, and it’s well worth planning a trip to include some of the best towns in Sweden, too.

Just make sure to plan ahead, especially in the winter months. The further north you go, especially within the Arctic Circle, extra care will need to be taken and planning is a total must. We made sure we had everything in place (and emergency numbers) when heading out in the darker and much closer seasons up north. 

Anyway, totally rambling away but I wanted to share some of the best towns in Sweden to visit on your next trip. I’ve included a fair few all across the country, too. 

This way, there should be at least one you can pop into that’s close by. 

 towns in Sweden

Have an epic trip exploring some of the best towns in Sweden. 

1.) Ystad

Sweden To Visit (5)

Located in the South of Sweden, Ystad not only boasts a  stunning 12th-century monastery that is one of the best-preserved in Sweden, but it’s also known for its pretty cobblestone lanes and pastel-coloured houses.

It’s a totally gorgeous little place to visit and easily one of the best towns in Sweden to explore whilst driving in the south of Sweden. 

Plus, it’s also the town where Henning Mankell based his famous Kurt Wallander novels in. Perfect for any bookworm! 

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2.) Visby

Sweden To Visit (16)

If you travel to Gotland, Visby will automatically be on your itinerary, which is a good thing. 

The whole town is so picturesque your camera trigger-finger will probably end up aching from all the photos you’ll take.

Visby still looks like it’s in the Middle Ages and is understandably a UNESCO World Heritage Site that you kinda can’t miss. Just make sure to spend some time exploring and seeing one of the best towns in Sweden. 

Plus, it’s a great starting point to explore the rest of Gotland, too. Just make sure to explore the largest cave system in the whole of Sweden that’s hidden within the island at Lummelunda.

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3.) Sigtuna

Sweden To Visit (12)

Sigtuna prides itself with being the oldest town in Sweden.

Founded in the year 980, Sigtuna still has a lot of historical sites, like the ruins of St Lars Church and St Olof’s Church.

If you decide to go on a more nature-based experience, the beautiful Lake Mälaren awaits to be explored by boat. It really is one of the best towns in Sweden to explore. 

4.) Mölle

Sweden To Visit (6)

Mölle has a very nice-looking harbour but the real draw to this village is definitely Kullaberg Nature Reserve.

It’s a birdwatcher’s haven and pretty fantastic for hikers, too. It’s a whole gorgeous region that you can’t miss whilst in the area. Though, as with any kind of hike, always act responsibly. No one likes a careless hiker that takes unnecessary risks. 

The area also has a lot of archaeological sites (like ancient stone circles that date back to the Stone Age).

5.) Kiruna and Jukkasjärvi

Here's What The ICEHOTEL Looks Like Inside (9)

The northernmost town of Sweden is located in the Swedish part of Lapland and therefore very popular with winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Not only that, but it’s also home to one of my favourite spots in all of Sweden; the Ice Hotel

We arrived into Kiruna by plane (either directly from the UK in winter, or via Stockholm). Though, you can get here by train too. After arriving, make sure to book yourself into the Ice Hotel that’s about 20-minutes from the town itself. 

Oh, just make sure to book yourself into one of their art rooms that are designed by artists every year. 

Honestly, they’re stunning. 

After settling in for the night, head out to carve up some of your own ice creations, go watch the northern lights or head out on an expedition beyond the frozen lake. The whole area is incredible and you really should visit at least once. 

Oh, and before you leave for the airport, stop off at the Kiruna Church, too. It’s totally unique. 

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6.) Kalmar

Sweden To Visit (20)

If you thought only central Europe has renaissance castles, you will not believe your eyes in Kalmar. Honestly, it’s got one of the best castles to see in Northern Europe and it’s really easy to see. 

The castle of Kalmar is a breathtaking view, and only one of the many cool things to see in one of the best towns in Sweden. 

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7.) Östersund

Sweden To Visit (7)

Östersund is home to the Swedish version of the Loch Ness monster.

Located on the shore of Lake Storsjön, it has an entire museum dedicated to the history and strange sightings of the monster.

The biggest drawcard is the Jamtli Open Air Museum. Here, you can explore a village full of people reenacting Swedish life in the 19th century; which is totally kitsch. 

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8.) Rättvik

Sweden To Visit (3)

the areas around Rättvik is one of the most gorgeous spots in Sweden to visit; especially in the summer.

You see, it’s perched right on the shore of Silijan Lake and is well worth visiting whilst inland. It’s the centre of Swedish Folk music and hosts the annual Musik vid Siljan Festival.

Also, you can walk out onto the lake on the 625-meter long pier. Just come prepared for stunning scenery and don’t forget your camera. It really is one of the best towns in Sweden to bases yourself at whilst exploring the much wider region. 

It’s totally perfect for nature lovers and I’mg really hoping you’ll love it, too. 

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12 Best Places In Sweden To Visit

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