The thing I love most about travelling is that it’s always a surprise. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking an epic journey across a continent or pottering on the other side of town, it’s always the surprises that make travel so much fun. This is exactly why I love Stockholm so much… the surprises! … Continue Reading

When it comes to European cities to visit, it probably comes as no surprise that Stockholm is ranked rather highly on the list. Alas, like most Scandinavian cities,  it isn’t the cheapest to visit and so it tends to get overlooked for more Southern European cities (like Lisbon, Paris, Madrid… etc – I could go … Continue Reading

Scandinavian food is delicious but also it’s an incredible region of Europe to visit! It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Norway, Sweden, Denmark or countries like the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Finland – there’s a whole heap of incredible things to see do, and of course, gobble down! Of course, with everyone vying for the enviable … Continue Reading

Sweden is one of those countries that needs little introduction, packed full of amazing little towns, gorgeous regions and some delicious grub, Sweden gives us travellers some exciting places to see and an excuse to build a gazillion snowmen! ⛄️ You’ve probably realised by now that I tend to bang on about how much I … Continue Reading

From a country that has so many legendary kings (I’m shouting out the mythical Beowulf here) there’s not quite as many castles as you’d imagine but the ones you will find are pretty epic. I’ve got to be honest, when I first think of Sweden, I think of its pretty little towns, its amazing ice-hotel … Continue Reading

The likes of the big cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg are great but for a truly intimate Swedish experience these 8 towns and villages are definitely worth spending the time to explore when you visit Sweden.   1.) Ystad Located in the South of Sweden, Ystad not only boasts a 12th century monastery that is one of … Continue Reading

Okay, so I don’t mean one of those long-haul flights where you catch a few Zzzzzz’s in-between movies and airplane meals 🙂 but an actual hotel! Intrigued? Well, if that piqued your imagination, why not consider “Jumbo Stay” on your next adventure in Sweden. Based just outside Stockholm, Jumbo Stay offers a truly unique place to stay … Continue Reading

Ever wanted to stay a night in a beautiful and unique hotel? Well, look no further than the Ice Hotel In Sweden! Built from scratch (out of ice) every winter and open from December 11th, the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi is a once in a lifetime experience that I am craving to try! I love how … Continue Reading

Hi! This is gonna be a really quick post! 🙂 If you’ve been on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook lately then you probably have a sense of what we have been getting up to in our 48 hour challenge across the Nordics with Scandic Hotels. If you’re on SnapChat then you’ve probably seen the more random ‘behind the scenes’ stuff (our … Continue Reading

Next up on the Nordic Expedition, we head off to Gothenburg, Sweden – the land of ice and beautiful people! Okay, that’s a Swedish stereotype but to be fair, there was a lot of ice around and beautiful people so… Right… now, where was I? Oh yes, so we arrived in Gothenburg after a rather early flight … Continue Reading

Woohoo!!! It’s (bank) holiday time – you think of spending some time in Europe and the first places that come to mind are places like London, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and the like but there’s so much more to Europe than the obvious. Granted, like everywhere else in the world, Europe also has it’s own fair … Continue Reading