The thing I love most about travelling is that it’s always a surprise. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking an epic journey across a continent or pottering on the other side of town, it’s always the surprises that make travel so much fun. This is exactly why I love Stockholm so much; the surprises! With the Stockholm metro art being one of the coolest things to see whilst travelling around the city.


Now, although the metro isn’t as big as cities like New York or London’s Tube, it has a pretty hefty mix of stops (about 100, actually) and lines that crisscross the city that I’m sure you’ll love to see.

Someone told me whilst in the city that Stockholm’s metro art is actually one of the world’s longest art galleries in the world with almost ninety per cent of all Stockholm’s metro stations having some sort of art installation inside.

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (16)

With that being said, on our last trip to Stockholm, we decided to make it our goal to find some of the best of Stockholm’s metro art.

I’ve also popped them onto a map that I’m hoping will help you locate them on your visit, too. Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (6)

Take a look at some of the very best stations to visit for Stockholm’s metro art. ūüé®

1.) T-Centralen Station

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (11)

Possibly Stockholm’s busiest station, the T-Centralen metro stop is smack bang in the city with quite a few lines running through it. To find Stockholm’s metro art at T-Centralen, you’ll need to go down a few floors to the Blue Line.

It took me about 10 minutes to find it (there are lots of tunnels and escalators), but just ask if you’re not sure. One of the safest ways to know you’ve reached the right line is once you see the blue walls and cave-like tunnels.

Once here, you’ll spot the impressive work of Per Olof Ultvedt which literally covers the cave walls with beautiful blue leaves.

Oh, and If you’re looking for a gorgeous hotel to stay at in the centre of Stockholm, make sure to check out ‘At Six’. It has a really cool rooftop bar next to it, too.

2.) Stadion Station

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (1)

So Stadion station is possibly one of my favourite of Stockholm’s metro art that appears across the network.

Just a few stops from T-Centralen, it’s relatively easy to reach and is perched on the Red Line. Once you get off the train, the rainbow archway is positioned between the two platforms.

You can’t miss it.

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (20)

From T-Centralen, the journey will take you around 10 minutes and it’s well worth it to see the gorgeous art that √Öke Pallarp and Enno Hallek created.

3.) Solna Centrum Station 

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (2)

Situated on the Blue Line, Solna Centrum is possibly one of the easiest pieces of artwork to find (well, in my opinion at least). Originally, the artist designed this space to be solely green and red, but the artists continued to add little new details over periods of time. Little houses, trees and even rivers were added.

If you’re joining the metro at T-Centralen, it’ll take you around 16-18 minutes to reach Solna Centrum via the Blue Line.

4.) Tekniska H√∂gskolan Station

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (3)

Created by artist, Lennart M√∂rk this is one of Stockholm’s metro art installations you’ll wanna see. Based in Tekniska H√∂gskolan, that’s just shy of the
Stockholms √Ėstra train station.

Based on the Red Line, Tekniska H√∂gskolan is a gorgeous station that showcases scientific advances within the art itself. I mean, it’s pretty apt with it being so close to the Royal Institute of Technology.

5.) Tensta station

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (13)

Apparently, Tensta Station took over a year to paint and design and is easily one of the most recognisable of Stockholm’s metro art. One of the things I love most about this station is it’s showcasing of acceptance, equality and love.

Tensta has, traditionally, been an area where lots of new citizens would live, with the artist wanting to leave a welcoming message to all. What a lovely welcome to Stockholm!

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (18)

To get to Tensta, you’ll need to take the Blue Line which takes about 20 minutes from T-Centralen.

6.) Kungstr√§dg√•rden Station

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (21)

Based on the Blue Line (only a few minutes from T-Centralen), Kungstr√§dg√•rden Station is pretty easy to find.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy hopping on the train, you can walk the 8 minutes from T-Centralen, too.

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (14)

Kungstr√§dg√•rden Station has been designed around what’s above the station itself, with the colours being a throwback to the old French garden above.

As with all the stations, you will need a travel ticket to access these.

7.) R√•dhuset Station

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (7)

Located on the Blue Line between the stations of T-Centralen and lFridhemsplan, it’s an easy station to spot if you’re travelling in this direction.

It’s a great spot to visit if you’re heading to Solna Centrum, too.

8.) Akalla station

Best Stations Stockholm's Metro Art (9)

Perched at the very end of Line 11 on the Blue Line, Akalla Station is another vivid and bright station to see. This green station is a sight to be seen.

To get to Akalla Station, it’ll take you about 21 minutes from T-Centralen.

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