It’s almost Halloween, that time of the year when you can pile on that fake blood, wear the most outrageous clothing, spray paint your hair green and party like it’s 1999!

If you’re looking for an exciting evening of horrifying tomfoolery where you can embrace the scare-fest of the spookiest night of the year. This year Halloween (October 31st) falls on a Saturday *cue an almighty cheer from every working Londoner*

London has some of the most horrifying Halloween parties around – with this year being no exception. Whether you are looking for some frolicking fun on the Thames or a fright night of ghosts and ghouls, London has it all.

7 Must Visit Spook-tacualr Halloween Parties In London (10)

Best Halloween Parties In London

So, bring out your inner ghoul at one of these spooktacular parties!

1.) Get Chilly In A Chapel

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (15)

Start the night out with a bang! Head to the spooky Union Chapel. Chills In The Chapel is a gore-fest of scary horror films, live scores and an after-show ball filled with the most gruesome cocktails. Expect lots of demand for this event.

2.) Eat A Deadly Supper At A Museum

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (12)

Why not partake in the tradition of a ‘dumb supper’ on the eve of Halloween.  Not only does this supper take place in the rather spooky Barts Pathology Museum – your supper will be served with no talking allowed – but don’t worry, you will have a rather chilling jazz quartet to break the silence.

The supper will also be eaten in the wrong order – beginning with dessert in what they call an ‘inversion of the living meal ritual’. This most unique of London’s events start with a spooky talk on the rationale behind honouring the dead during Halloween. Dress to impress!

3.)  Party At A Sinister Circus

7 Must Visit Spook-tacualr Halloween Parties In London (2)

All the gore comes out for this year’s Sinister Circus at Shapes this year. Expect lots of blood-curdling clowns, distressing acrobats and chilling music. Embrace the circus and gore – this event will be a freak-show of fun.

4.) Attend A Funeral At The British Library

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (6)

This dark evening is a funeral-inspired experience with ghoulish performances, creepy music, live DJs, cocktails and a late night opening of a funeral parlour that will make you shiver!

5.) Terrorise Yourself On The Thames

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (11)

London’s boat parties always seem to be so much fun. Head onboard a boat party that offers no escape! Dress as gory or sexy as you want while sailing past the sights of London Town.

6.) Join A Twisted Circus For A Night

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Head east to The O2 in Greenwich for a scare-fest like no other. Dress down to a zombie-like status or up to the gory costumes of circus performers – just don’t forget the fake blood!

7.) Do The Monster Mash In Brixton

Things to see and do in Peckham, London (6)

Head to The O2 Academy in Brixton for a good ole’ ‘monster mash‘.

This party embraces all things gore! Start the night with a ‘Bloody Mary’ and the awesome film, Beetlejuice – then dance the night away with the rest of London’s resident monsters until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Don’t Forget

Dress to impress. Go the whole-hog, create your own character and own the night. Just don’t do what I did last year… I decided to put some Ivy in my flowing wig – I loved it (as you can see from my pic below) but the next morning I was covered in a rash all over my face and arms… poison ivy does not like Halloween! 

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit

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