My friend recently uploaded a new Facebook photo. It was effectively a photo nice photo on the beach and she was meant to be on it but all you could see was about 1 third of her. Considering that her arms were open wide, all you could see was an arm, a leg, part of a backpack and a whole lotta beach! I had to ask what was going on. Turns out she asked her better half to take a photo of her on the beach and that’s what he ended up taking. In defiance (or solidarity), she decided to put it up as her Facebook profile photo and I absolutely love it!!! It has made me laugh so much – especially so knowing the context! I figured I would have to trawl the interwebs to find some of the worst travel photography – photos so bad, they’re good!

N.B.: This is a light-hearted post and not meant to be taken seriously! I am guilty (as is Lloyd) of taking many a rubbish photo – the worst part is that they look good on the DSLR screen (not even okay or just average – they actually look good!) until you get home, check them out properly on a computer and slowly realise that masterpiece of yours is no better (perhaps even slightly worse) than a blurry drunk dance-floor photo on your iPhone you didn’t even realise you took…

But I digress… Here are the 7 photos we found on the interwebs.

1.) The ‘almost’… (so close…..saaaaaah close!)
7 Of The Worst Travel Photography (3)
2.) The secret narcissist. Who needs the pyramids when you have this view, eh? (Hehe!)7 Of The Worst Travel Photography (5)
3.) 4.) and 5.) The blur effect. Part art, part ‘I-forgot-it-on-manual-focus’ but mostly crap.7 Of The Worst Travel Photography (1) 7 Of The Worst Travel Photography (2)7 Of The Worst Travel Photography (4)
6.) The ‘gotta-have-that-photo’ one… Great idea. Poor execution.7 Of The Worst Travel Photography (6)
7.) The party one… Just put the camera down. You’re waaaay too drunk to be taking photos anyway.
7 Of The Worst Travel Photography (7)

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