One thing that always stands out about Great Britain is our diversity! I mean, we’ve got some beautiful national parks, vibrant cities like Edinburgh and London, plus a shed load of unique things to see and do in Great Britain.

Now, being a Brit, I know I’m biased but I think everyone needs to spend some time exploring Great Britain.

Most trips around Great Britain will no doubt include some of the more popular sites of London, Stonehenge or Brighton but there are tons of pretty nifty things that you can do, wherever you visit across the land.

This is exactly why I wanted to share some of the most unique things to see and do in Great Britain for you to find a few you love. 

11 Unique Things To See And Do In Great Britain

Take a look, below, at some of my favourite and unique things to see and do in Great Britain. Have the best trip. 

1.) Hunt for sea shells on one of the tallest mountains in Great Britain

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Yup, you read that right! You can actually hunt for seashells on top of Mount Snowdon, the tallest mountain in England and Wales.

Without a big, boring history lesson, the area that makes up Snowdonia National Park was once at the very bottom of a prehistoric ocean. Forced up by tectonic activity, the ocean bed has now become one of the UK’s tallest mountains (after Ben Nevis).

Grab your walking shoes, head out onto the pathways and climb your way to the summit. Just make sure to watch out for any fossilised seashells (or sheep for that matter). It really is one of the more unique things to see and do in Great Britain. 

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2.) Discover (almost) tropical islands

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Ever wanted a little bit of tropical island life off the shores of Great Britain? Well, here’s the closest you’ll get. 

Now, The Scilly Isles are a very special place to discover in the UK, set around 30 miles or so from the coast of Cornwall, these islands benefit from the warm gulf stream air that heats the island’s waters and air. 

Pay a visit to Tresco Abbey Gardens to delve into a lush oasis of palm trees, exotic plants and flowers that can’t be seen anywhere else in the UK, it a truly beautiful and relaxing place.

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3.) Find London’s secret spots

There’s no trip to Great Britain without a little jaunt over to London. Plus, it’s got some pretty unique things to see and do in Great Britain all in one place. 

You see, London is a vast city with so many amazing neighbourhoods, beautiful palaces and amazing coffee houses. Yet, with so much to see if you’re looking for something a little different, make sure you take a gander at some of the city’s secret spots that are often hidden in plain sight.

From the secret noses of Covent Garden, a lookalike 10 Downing Street, and even a cave or two, there’s a whole heap of hidden history to find.

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4.) Find an English vineyard

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Our neighbours in France, Spain and Italy are well-known for their delicious wine. However don’t be fooled, you can grab yourself a tasty glass at one of England’s most amazing vineyards too.

One favourite spot is Tinwood Wines which has one of the best English sparkling wines around. Based in the south of England, Tinwood Wines is one of the tastiest around and well worth a visit.

It’s easily up there as one of the more unique things to see and do in Great Britain.

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5.) Find the Plague Village 

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A long time ago, when the plague ravished almost a third of the population in Great Britain, there was one village that tried their best to stop the spread.

Perched within the Peak District, Eyam is a tiny little village that totally isolated itself from the rest of the world in the 1600s.

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After a tailor came back to the village from London, it was discovered he had brought the plague back with him. Slowly, people began to die and succumb to the plague itself.

At this time, the plague hadn’t spread into the Peak District, so the village (collectively) decided to isolate themselves.

For many years, no one was allowed in or out, or even to speak with the inhabitants. Supplies were left in a field and markers were placed around the village. It was a total quarantine. 

Today, you can explore Eyam as part of a trip around the Peak District National Park. It’s so incredible to learn about and easily one of the unique things to see and do in Great Britain.

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6.) Join a festival of fire

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There are many festivals that happen all across the UK (we do know a thing or two about festivals 😉 ), with Up Hella Aa being one of the best! Based in the Shetlands, this festival of fire originated out of a Yule tradition around modern-day Christmas.

Nowadays, during the festive winter months, Up Hella Aa takes place with hoards of locals and visitors participating, lighting up the streets and dazzling the whole community. 😉

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7.) Go To A Burns Night Supper

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Robert Burns is one of Scotland’s most celebrated poets and is famous across the world for Auld Lang Syne (which you’ll probably have vague, wine-hazy memories of dancing to on New Year’s Eve).

Head to any Scottish village, town or city on the 25th of January and you’ll no doubt be invited or at least head to a Burn’s Night supper consisting of lots of poems, haggis, neeps and tatties (parsnip and potatoes). All washed down with gallons of whiskey and hot toddies.

It’s a great way to spend an evening and certainly one of the more unique things to see and do in Great Britain.

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8.) Explore an enchanted forest

Another of Scotland’s hidden gems is the Enchanted Forest which opens its doors every winter.

Within the forest, you’ll be able to watch a light show, legendary artists and world-renowned acrobats fly between the trees. This is all created to follow a particular theme for the year. It’s a magical experience deep in the heart of the woods and definitely one of a kind. 

Truly, more unique things to see and do in Great Britain if you love the outdoors. 

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9.) Visit a historic Roman bath

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One of the best-preserved Roman baths in all of Europe is situated in the gorgeous city of Bath (around 2 hours west of London). Take a tour of this beautiful historic site and see what all the Romans raved about back in the day.

Of course, you’re no longer allowed to bathe in the historic Roman baths but you can most definitely sip its ‘fragrant’ (sulphur) source.

I mean, why you would though, I have no idea… It doesn’t taste great at all! 

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10.) Stroke lockets of Winston Churchill’s hair

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Okay, maybe not to stroke, but at least take a good gander at! Especially whilst you’re in his family home at Blenheim Palace.

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Stepping into the wondrous Blenheim Palace, you’ll not only be blown away by its luxurious charm and grandeur, but you’ll also find yourself with expanses of beautifully groomed gardens and even a maze to visit and spend a charming British day in.

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11.) Discover some blush-worthy addresses

The UK has some places with brilliant pretty rude-sounding (i.e. funny, to me) names. From Dicks Mount in Suffolk, Happy Bottom in Dorset, Lacock in Wiltshire, Butts Wynd in St Andrews (replace the’y’ with ‘i’) and Tarts Hill in Wales – there’s a whole heap to explore and snigger at as you pass through.

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We recently visited the beautiful village of Lacock, a sleepy little place that’s full of picturesque charm and some tasty English scones and tea! Where else can you say you’ve had a proper English tea from Lacock? Don’t answer that!

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