As promised, here’s the second part of the Budapest post! It pretty much carries on from where we left off so grab yourself a cuppa and a bickie and let’s off on the remainder of our exploration of Budapest! Now where did we stop? Yup – that’s right, it was raining quite heavily and we trudged along. Fortunately or unfortunately, this part of the sightseeing involved a huge walk up hill to Fisherman’s Bastion which was worth it by the time we actually got to the top as the views over Budapest was spectacular!

Budapest at Night! (1)

Fisherman’s Bastion itself was pretty grand to look at! (As per the previous post – look below for pictures of anything I am referring to… 🙂 )

Budapest at Night! (2) Budapest at Night! (3) Budapest at Night! (4)

Told you Fisherman’s Bastion was quite impressive. Oddly enough, it feel even more mythical and mystery shrouded in the shadows that night time offers! Plus it was raining outside so it was nice to be able to stay a bit dry! Next to it though it Matthias Church! Another rather impressive sight at night!

Budapest at Night! (5) Budapest at Night! (6)

Finally, we bade the top of the hill farewell and started to make our way down slowly! The rain wasn’t too bad at this point (in fact, halfway down it pretty much stopped) so it was quite a pleasant amble down to the city. We ended up near the end of the Chain Bridge…

Budapest at Night! (7)

With views of Buda Castle looking over the Chain Bridge…

Budapest at Night! (8)

Finally made our way to the Bridge and as we headed over to our hotel..

Budapest at Night! (9)

…we walked past St. Stephen’s Basilica again. Pretty great at night too. I think more impressive looking than during the day to be honest. 🙂 The outside anyway…

Budapest at Night! (10) Budapest at Night! (11) Budapest at Night! (12) Budapest at Night! (13)

Finally back at hotel, we just quickly changed into dry clothes and headed right back out again! This time, food was definitely on the agenda!

Budapest at Night! (14) Budapest at Night! (15) Budapest at Night! (16)

Thankfully, I suggested a detour as this took us straight to Heroes Square!

Budapest at Night! (17)

Flanked by the Palace of Art…

Budapest at Night! (18)

… and the Museum of Fine Arts!

Budapest at Night! (19)

We meandered through Heroes Square…

Budapest at Night! (20) Budapest at Night! (21) Budapest at Night! (22)

Before we came across Vajdahunyad Castle which looked so eerie in the distance!

Budapest at Night! (23)

Finally, we headed back in another direction searching for food, this time, with no distractions as the hunger in our bellies had turned quite fierce! On the walk over, we walked past the House of Terror (which is actually a museum)

Budapest at Night! (24)

And headed towards a main square of sorts! I should have been paying more attention but we were too hungry at this point to try to figure out where we were! We just needed food!

Budapest at Night! (25)

Finally, we found ourselves some food! (More details of which can be found in this post here)

Budapest at Night! (26)

Hunger monster sated, we headed back to the hotel, this time for a much needed (and indeed much deserved) good night’s sleep!

Budapest at Night! (27) Budapest at Night! (28)

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