Sweden is one of those countries that needs little introduction, packed full of amazing little towns, gorgeous regions and some delicious grub, Sweden gives us travellers some exciting places to see and an excuse to build a gazillion snowmen! ⛄️

You’ve probably realised by now that I tend to bang on about how much I LOVE Scandinavian countries, with our most recent trip being to the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway (which, by the way, blew my mind). From island nations like the picturesque Faroe Islands, the charm of Denmark (and the amazing city of, Copenhagen) to breathtaking countries like Iceland – Scandinavia has it all!

If you’re thinking about visiting Scandinavia, make sure to consider visiting some of Sweden’s most beautiful places. Some are obvious, some a little more unknown but I guarantee you’ll love them all (especially if you love a snowflake or two). Take a look at 9 things you need to see when visiting Sweden. 🇸🇪

1.) Explore the historic Gamla stan, Stockholm

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Stockholm is a vibrant and colourful city that is the perfect city break in Scandinavia. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s one of the best (shhhh, don’t tell the others). Make sure to wander around Gamla stan and head over to Operakallaren for a tasty, Michelin star, treat.

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If you’re thinking of visiting Stockholm, make sure to visit some of these gorgeous towns across the country and even book yourself into a jumbo jet hotel where you can even book to sleep in the cockpit!

2.) Stay at the Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland

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When thinking of Lapland, it’s likely that our minds go straight to northern Finland, with all its association with Father Christmas, bundles of snow and reindeers… but that’s not the only place where Lapland (and Sami culture lives), with its influence and culture stretching across 3 different Scandinavian countries; Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Visit in the winter months to get a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights and don’t forget your gloves! Building snowmen often give a frosty bite! If you’re looking for an extra special experience, head over to Sweden’s stunning Ice Hotel that is a pretty unforgettable place to rest your head.

3.) Explore a little bit of Norrland

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There’s a whole heap of things to see in the relatively large area that is Norrland, which makes for some exciting experiences for us visitors. Make sure to wander across Isbanan the frozen lake that’s around half a mile from Bistro. Obviously, make sure to listen to local safety guidelines and never venture out unless the ice is thick enough. No one wants to fall in an icy lake!

If you’re less interested in walking around the icy tundra or frozen lakes, make sure to visit the quaint little Gammelstad Church Town that is so picturesque at sunset.

4.) Find some of Sweden’s castles

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Sweden has a whole range of pretty amazing castles that each of us should definitely visit on our trips to Sweden. From grand palatial like castles to remote outhouses that guarded Swedish territory, the whole country is scattered with loads of gorgeous castles that you’ll want to explore. Make sure to visit Läckö Castle and check out these other amazing castles that are scattered around the country.

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5.) Visit the small locality of Sundborn

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Perched in Dalarna County, Sundborn is a gorgeous little town that is well worth a visit, especially if you’re already in the area. Don’t forget to visit  Carl Larsson’s house. One of the region’s most famed artists. Around 160 miles inland from Stockholm, it’s a great place to experience a little piece of old Sweden.

Don’t forget to drop on by Korsa Herrgard for some traditional cakes and has some gorgeous rooms to stay in. A true home away from home.

6.) Find Skellefteå, the lakes and its rivers

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Skellefteå is one of Sweden’s smaller cities but that doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting. Perched just at the start of Swedish Lapland, Skellefteå is a gorgeous place to explore, especially in the summer. Make the most of the midnight sun, hike the gorgeous parks around the city and canoe down it’s winding rivers and it’s beautiful lakes. It really is a special place.

7.) Explore Kalmar and the island of Öland

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Perched on the edge of the Baltic Sea, Kalmar is a gorgeous city that is home to one of the country’s most iconic castles and Kalmar Cathedral. For a little jaunt out of the city, drive over to the island of Öland and discover some of the small villages and towns that line its shores.

For a tasty and city renowned coffee, head over to Balck Coffee and choose your blend for the perfect brew.

8.) Learn to sail in Öregrund

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Nestled within Uppsala County, Öregrund is one of Sweden’s smallest cities, with under 2,000 people calling it home. Make sure to visit in the summer months and rent a small sailboat from the historic harbour. Still considered one of  Uppland’s (and Sweden’s) best preserved wooden cities, it really is a great place to experience the historic charm of Sweden.

9.) Find the Botanic Gardens in Gothenburg

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Perched on the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s most westerly cities that’s well worth stopping by. Spend a long weekend exploring the coast in and around the city, chow down at Feskekôrka where you’ll grab some fresh shellfish and don’t forget to head over to the iconic botanic gardens. It’s a surreal experience being in a relatively hot glass house in the snowy winter months.

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9 Things You Need To See When Visiting Sweden

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