London is a big ol’ city and one that’s forever changing, making it a great place for a layover some amazing London travel and even a Layover in London.

It really doesn’t matter how long your layover in London is, you can’t fully see it all in 1 day, 5 days, or even 7 years (trust me, I’ve tried the latter).  Though, you can sure as heck get a decent taster of our wonderful city, no matter how long you visit!

The beauty of London is that you can literally cram a whole heap of amazing, London travel-related, things into a relatively short space of time. Whether you’re in the city just for a connecting flight, a day trip or even a weekend, there’s most definitely time to explore and experience London, with a layover in London being the perfect opportunity.

Things To Do In London For A Day

Below, I’ve created a complete Layover in London itinerary detailing the best things you should do on your jaunt around the city. As the Itinerary is pretty detailed, I’ve separated each period into its own post, making it easier for you navigate and plan your time.

Make sure to click o the below tabs for your ultimate guide.

London Travel 6-hour, 24-hour or 48-hour trip!

Stopover In London Visiting Guide 1

Stopover In London Visiting Guide 2

Stopover In London Visiting Guide

Also, if you’re planning to visit more of the city during your layover in London, make sure you check out some of our other guides on the best places you should eat, the most incredible viewpoints in the city, the coolest places to shop and some of the secret London spots you’ll definitely like.

Alternatively, if you’re whizzing around the city on the tube, make sure to take a look at our interactive tube map that shows the best spots at each stop in Central London. You’re going to love our amazing city so much!

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